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Need a partner to produce protein for farmer industry

Description: An idea to produce protein from scratch wouldn’t be so dumb to have. I have developed an idea to produce protein both big and small and what is even more interesting is that it can be applied in a win / win situation where you get paid to produce and then sell the production.
My constellation can be applied as a tool for single farmer industry and up to a service plant serving big cities. The protein is ideal for fish farming, feather farming, cattle and pig and production-time, effort and costs indicate a decrease by at least 35-40% from current price range. This idea would mean an impact to such environments as underdeveloped poultries in terms of jobs and production of values not to mention food industries and in our western world a possible increase in income for farmers and still cheaper food.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I am a economical dwarf and this idea is to big for my own good so traditionally I would need assistance to set up a prototype plant or production. Big or small does not really matter. That would be up to my partner(s). I would need the opportunity to be able to work with this on an economical base and most of all I would need trust in relations. Rest is up to cooperation and work. This is a lot of work and it doesn’t come effortless.
Author: ylemufu from Iceland 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 05 January 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1162
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