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Avoid chemical sensitivity and toxic products

Description: What “YOU” Don’t Know Could Be Harming You, Your Family and the Environment

Did you Know?

● There are more than 3 million poisonings every year.


● Household cleaners are the #1 cause of poisonings in children.
● Regular shampoos often contain formaldehyde as a preservative.
● Since 1980 asthma has increased by 600%

Your Family &

● Common household products have been identified as triggers of asthma
● A 15-year study found that women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who had jobs outside the home.
● Manufacturers ARE NOT required to list the exact ingredients on a label.
● Chemical names are often disguised by using “trade names”, so you may not recognize the chemical for what it truly is.
● A women’s fertility has also been negatively affected by the increase use of chemicals. In 1934 only 21 cases of endometriosis existed in the entire world. Today over 5 million women have this condition, which causes infertility in the US alone.
● Formaldehyde is in Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. Would you use it on your child?

Why Should We Worry About Household Chemicals?

● According to the EPA, most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous chemicals that are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.
● According to the EPA, toxic chemicals found in the home are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor airborne pollutants.

Celebrate Wellness!

● The Consumer product Safety Commission connects 150 chemicals commonly found in our homes to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.
● The National Cancer Institute has a list of twenty known carcinogens and over 2,200 chemicals that are probable carcinogens.

What Can You Do?

If up to this point, you haven’t done much research on toxic products, stop what you are doing! You really need to be informed for your family’s sake.

● Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
● NBC report on toxins in the body

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Country of business: United States  Published on: 03 July 2006
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