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Nanotechnology in Dubai

Description: Dear Sir,

We are honored to seek an opportunity of doing business with your prestigious company. To further explore the possibility, I would like to give a brief description of our field of happiness.

We are a leading Egyptian trading company, and we resolved as part of our diversification objective, to seek out an international business partner, eager in launching its brand and products in the Middle East, and particularly in Egypt for maximum brand name and product exposure in this new emerging local and regional market.
Need from others: We are interested in Nano Technology, particularly Nano TiO2 products portfolio.

We could start by ordering few containers, as a Market Test Proforma and as product positioning.

We also need to know what it takes to request some samples to test in our laboratories.

You are also welcome to show us any other products available.

We could expand our business partnership in a while by representing your company domestically and regionally as a Distributor, Agent or Partner.
We are however impressed of our ability, credentials and marketing experience in facilitating and promoting, through sales representation using our marketing and business expertise through our local network of affiliates in the Middle East region where we have particularly strong experience and an extensive network of business associates and contacts.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, as we can help reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success in partnerships and business synergy.
Author: teryban from Egypt  Posting reviewed by: 701 users
Country of business: United Arab Emirates  Published on: 08 September 2008
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2662
Business Sector: chemicals Image: Not available
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Nanotechnology in Dubai  by yfyvopo , 27/05/2008 , 524 Picture in the Posting , 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Nanotechnology in Dubai  by teryban , 08/09/2008 , 701, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Nanotechnology in Dubai  by acadyme , 27/09/2008 , 260, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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Nanotechnology in Dubai

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