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Partner to establish German-French cuisine in New Zealand

Description: We are a young couple from Germany and we would like to establish our own cafe here in New Zealand with you.
It is our wish to execute a successful and steady business model along with you which is one step ahead of the competition, appeals 100% to the customer and sticks to its own principles.

It’s our aim to establish German-French cuisine in New Zealand and to offer our customers high quality taste experiences; not only typical products from Germany and France already familiar, but also lesser known and especially self-created delicacies.

We would like to start with a combination of a bakery, confectionery, bistro and delivery/catering service (geographically we are not bound to one special city in NZ). Later on we could become an affiliate of a restaurant. Our whole product range would be available for take-aways as well as eating-in at the bistro.
New Zealand, especially big towns like Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, is littered with cafes and restaurants, but where’s the diversity, where are the highlights, where is the quality?
You find Asian snack bars, fast food, sandwich and kebab stores and lots of cafés on every corner. But doesn’t a metropolitan city like Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington offer more than that? Much more?
You have to look closely to find a real French “boulangerie” or a real German baker.
It’s the same with bistros and catering services. Customers actually desire something like that. If we just listen to the local people, our chances of success would be over the top.
People don’t want the 1000th Asian snack bar, the 1000th fast food store, and they don’t want the 1000th sandwich store either. They are tired of all that and are yelling for something different.
Handmade products full of love, not mass-produced stuff--that is what people are looking for.

And all of this in a warm, harmonious and pleasant guest-orientedd atmosphere. What always counts is:
what you sell, how you sell and where you sell.
This means that the location is very important as well. And right here is where we see a massive deficit because the first impression, as it is known to count, usually comes from the interior.

The delivery service side is another important branch of our business as we see it. Apart from pizza home delivery services, there is hardly any competition for other types of cuisine in the Christchurch region. We believe that the potential for a catering service with home delivery is huge.
A breakfast home delivery service would offer a highlight in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, given the overall lack of competition in business and corporate catering or dinner home delivery sector.

New Zealand is the perfect platform for our business plans because there are many factors speaking for this kind of business, particularly in NZ.
Most importantly, the lack of specialization is big, although there seems to be a surplus of businesses in the catering trade.
What the customer wants is variety, selection, above all, good quality.
It makes sense in all respects that we just name the main aspects of our business at this point. We are glad to discuss our plans in detail during a personal meeting with you.

We are certainly open for all kinds of changes, additions and rearrangements to our plan. We are also happy to consider other locations within New Zealand, aside from Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Here is why we are looking for you
Merely developing a business idea is never the same as truly setting the business itself up.
Especially for the implementation you need to consider the following:
Sound knowledge of all local factors such as governmental institutions, laws, guidelines and preconditions would be necessary.
Additionally it would be helpful to have local connections and networks, which we haven’t had the chance to, build up yet.
Unfortunately, the obstacles for foreigners wanting to set up a new business in New Zealand are disproportionately big. And what’s more: success is never guaranteed – even if you can manage to overcome these hurdles.
We would be happy to assist you in realising our culinary business idea together, and take over management charges.
This means we are looking for a person with industry knowledge or someone who is willing to get trained up in this field.
Someone who :
A) Is already self-employed and looking to extend her/ his business…
B) Wants to start up her/ his own business right now…
...based on our hospitality concept and with us in leading roles.
Please note that we don’t want to become associates, shareholders or co-owners of this new business at all. We are not looking for investors.
Quite on the contrary, the person we are looking for is already self-employed or will be soon, which means he/she will always remain the sole owner.
Our contribution in return: You would have our business plan, our service as executive employees, our fundamental expertise, motivation, experience and organising skills at your disposal.

Feel free to contact us for further information, background or feedback, we are glad to hear from you!
Author: upygasa from New Zealand  Posting reviewed by: 566 users
Country of business: New Zealand  Published on: 15 October 2008
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2703
Business Sector: restaurants bars hotels Image: german french cuisine
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