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A music place that begs to differ

Description: The business idea is about a gathering place for people who love to listen to and play music. The idea is to provide experience.

1) My customers are people who love to listen to music, those who play music commercially & those who love to just hang around and jam with their friends or alone (try out different instruments). At present these 3 categories of people don't have a place to mingle with each other or to network or to showcase their talent to a captive audience. I intend to reach them by opening up a place which will give those who love to just sit and jam a place to do just that; those who want to perform in front of an audience a place to do just that; and those who love to listen to music or to the first two categories of people jamming, a place to do just that! Plus there will be food and drinks to go with all of the above.

2) Competitors - At present this concept has not hit off in India. There are a few places, which have tried to implement this concept (but in bits and pieces). They have tried to copy paste the 'open mic' concept from other countries, but, in the process have forgotten that a place has to provide an end-to-end solution to a music buff! For this concept ... there are no competitors yet in India.

3) My idea is unique because I am giving budding artists a place to showcase their talent (they might have to book their slots to perform on a given day), I am also giving those who love to listen to music a chance to experience live and recorded music (only rock, jazz, blues) and those who love to play (but not to an audience) a chance to try out different instruments that will be provided by us (source them from a store like Furtados, allow them to brand my place in turn. Any enquiries coming in for any instrument will be directed to them with us getting some commission). Also people get to use / experience instruments that they might never get a chance to use in their entire lifetime. When a person is going to think of music, he is going to think of this place! I will be selling experience and not a service or a product. Later on the place can become a brand in itself, people from music fraternity might start frequenting the place to look for upcoming talent, etc.

4) I want to promote the business by firstly seeing how many people think the concept is good. I do have a few partners but am looking for funding, hence, working on a business model these days.

6) The costing should not be much, only renting the place might be an obstacle. Else it is a low cost concept.

If anyone is familiar with India / Maharashtra / Pune ... he will know how good this concept is. People here are crazy about good food & good music and they will go to any length to be at a place like this!
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I am really looking forward to views / suggestions / partners / funding.
Author: yfebela from India 
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Country of business: India  Published on: 04 March 2009 history
Last modification on 04 March 2009
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2855
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