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Need investor for super phosphate fertilizer production line

Description: On Behalf of one on the main manufacturers of single super phosphate (SSP) in Central Asia, and which goals I have been selected to proclaim in Japan and South-East Asia, kindly let me introduce you the nature of this letter.

Who we are:
• The Chemical Research Laboratory, specializing in development and manufacturing of fertilizers
• The World's First Inventors of the "Know How" in production of single super phosphate (SSP)
• Located in Uzbekistan (the Research facility) and Kazakhstan (the Production line)
• The Co-Partner of the second largest of its type in Central Asia

What is our "Know How", "Offer", "Guarantee"
• Estimated at USD 5million in the World Market, our "Know How" - is Truly a Revolutionary formula of manufacturing the super phosphate fertilizer (contrary to the old fashion of phosphate production, which enormously becomes costly in each stage of its production, starting from the in-camera maturity, ammonization and drum drying process, whereas our "Know How" formula would save 70% of time spent for product to its full maturity.
• 30 minutes against 3 weeks. Yes, our new invention allows us to produce (SSP) in just 30 minutes, whereas normal time spent would be 2-3 weeks
• The given project has the 100% Profitability expectation – The Guarantee – comes from the demand in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Middle East markets which are covered only 35% of their need.
• Our Financial and Administration departments experts have put together the Technical Work Initiative Chart (the suppliers of main components are validated; equipment and production machines have been contracted; transportation routes (railways leading to Eastern Russia and Kazakhstan) under 'special chemical carriage permit' achieved
• Local Government Authorities agreement has been achieved (both in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
• Scientific part with formula and the details of (available upon further Expression of Interest)
• Manufacturing Plant Area reserved (Kazakhstan)
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Who we are after:
• The Co-Partner/Investor, Financial aid of which, we aim to establish a Modern Production Line of the World New Formula of producing the SSP ("Know How" system).
• Long term Partner - Main Goal - expansion of Production line in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan has massive territorial possessions to cover whose needs in fertilizers would demand at least 3-5 Chemicals Plants, even considering that only our "Know-How" invention is employed
• "Link" - to South East Asian Markets (current capacity of produced products are well exported to Eastern part of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, whereas the implementation of the new formula, developed by our Researchers would allow us to conquer the new Markets)
Author: viwokaw from Japan  Posting reviewed by: 1436 users
Country of business: Kazakhstan  Published on: 12 September 2009
Region of business: Chimkent Posting ID: 3060
Business Sector: chemicals Image: Not available
Business Plan
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Need investor for super phosphate fertilizer production line  by viwokaw , 12/09/2009 , 1436, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Need investor for super phosphate fertilizer production line  by iligega , 05/11/2010 , 369, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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