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Free Partnership Opportunity for Natural ethical skincare

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Description: A well known fair-trade natural skin care manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler is very pleased to offer you this fantastic partnership opportunity. If you are a charity organization, a business, an individual, a group etc and you are interested in raising funds for yourself or for your organization then this is just for you. The company has been manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling a natural and fairly traded range of shea butter natural skin care products which includes, body butters, Hope oil, body oils, handmade soap, body scrub, liquid soap, black soap, foot care, lip balms, hair oils and more.

We are offering you the opportunity to make up to 30% commission on the sale of our products by referring your customers, members of your group or simply your friends and family to our website.

Once you have decided to join our partnership program, you contact us for registration which is absolutely FREE. We will register your details on our database of partners and we will create your PARTNERSHIP CODE and send it to you by email.

In order to earn money, all you have to do is send information about our website to your mailing list or promote us on your website or social networking sites or other groups you belong to. You can decide to promote a particular product of your choice which you think will be interesting to your contacts or just our site address. If you send regular messages to your mailing list/contacts. How many times you do this is up to you. The most important information you will send to them in your message is your PARTNERSHIP CODE.
Your partnership code is also the promotional code for your readers. When they make a purchase from our website and key in your code, it will automatically earn you 25% commission on the total value of their purchase (postage not included). It will also give then up to 15% off the value of their purchase. Every body gains!

Veronica, who works in a bank in the City, has a large number of friends that she keeps in touch with on a regular basis. She is looking to earn extra money without stress. She signs up for the Partnership program and she gets her partnership code which is VERO. She emails 30 of her friends in her contact list and her facebook network and tells them about the range of lovely shea body butters in various fragrances (her favourite range). She also tells them that when they purchase from us, they should type in their DISCOUNT Code which is VERO.
15 of her friends visit our website that week and purchase the body butters as well as the other lovely products there. Each person spends an average of £20 including their 15% discount code. The total value of their purchase is £300. We then pays Veronica 25% commission on £300 which is £75.
From one email , she has earned £75. If she sends out emails to all her numerous friends on a weekly basis and recommend our products, she will be earning herself a nice tidy sum every month from the comfort of her desk.

In order to qualify, you need to have a mailing list of people you contact on a regular basis. This can be your face book friends, your family, your email contacts, your fans etc. As long as you have up to 10 people you contact on a regular basis, you can participate.

Your commission is paid on a weekly basis so you do not need to wait till month end to get your money. On the Monday of each week, we will send you a statement of the total number of sales made with your partnership code and the total value of your commission. We will then send you a cheque or we can pay you by paypal.

Charities are offered a 30% commission partnership and 10% discount to the customers they refer.
Businesses and Individuals are offered 25% commission partnership and 15% discount to the customers they refer.
The company has been manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling a natural and fairly traded range of shea butter natural skin care products which includes, body butters, Hope oil, body oils, handmade soap, body scrub, liquid soap, black soap, foot care, lip balms, hair oils and more. Please visit our website today to find out more.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
To register your interest:
Registeration is free. You need to have a contact list, an email list, a newsletter, a website or any other means of promoting your partnership code. This is all you require to join.
You could also refer other people to sign up for our partnership program and get some more incentives like further discounts or free products from our range.
Author: ekicago from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 676 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 06 October 2009
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3082
Business Sector: cosmetics Image: organic skincare
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