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Description: The “Gift Map” and “Gift Mark” are concepts I came up with for presenting gift cards in a new and unique way. A few years ago, having absolutely no idea what to give my wife on her birthday, I decided to buy gift cards. I bought five of them but did not want to just tuck them in her card. After a long session of brain-storming, I finally just drew a map of our town and attached the gift cards to it where those stores were actually located. She loved it. This became the Gift Map. The Gift Mark is a simplified version. It is basically what looks like an over-sized bookmark, with a design on one side and the gift cards on the other- placed one above the other.

Officially, for the purpose of a patent, a Gift Map is a computer generated, not to scale, map of a genuine geographical location, such as a county, city, or town. This roughly 12X28 map, folded accordion style, contains multiple gift cards with monetary value for various businesses. The gift cards are positioned on the map with a temporary adhesive, relevant to their actual locations in that specific geographical region. In less technical terms- a Gift Map is just a folded map with five gift cards attached to it- designed in a unique and fun-looking style.

My plan is for Gift Maps and Gift Marks to be themed, using specific combinations of businesses on them. This makes it possible to buy one for a specific person or occasion. There are unlimited possibilities. Here are some of my ideas: An all restaurants version, one for men (electronics, sporting goods, home improvement, etc.), one for women (clothing, restaurants, salons, etc.), children (toys, electronics, fast-food restaurants, etc.), teens, newlywed couples, retirees, new homeowners- the list goes on and on.

The sales of Gift Maps and Gift Marks will generate revenue in the same manner as retailers selling their gift cards in other businesses than their own. It is common to see various gift cards offered in grocery stores, department stores, and other establishments everywhere. In keeping a percentage of these sales, as the retailers involved in this third party practice do, significant revenue is created. Since printing and assembly costs are fairly inexpensive, keeping a small percentage of each Gift Map/Mark sale would make a very decent profit. A small fee of about five dollars will also be charged for the
Map (three for the Mark) as well. My plan is to offer $50 (five ten-dollar gift cards) and $100 (five twenty-dollar gift cards) versions. They could conceivably be uniquely made for any city and/or town, making it possible for the Gift Map and Gift Mark to spread throughout the U.S.
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Author: ripabic from United States  Posting reviewed by: 2126 users
Country of business: United States  Published on: 28 April 2010 history
Last modification on 18 July 2011
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3249
Business Sector: giftware Image: gift map
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