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Unique website shortcuts technology needs investors

Description: The company website gives a unique technology, which is being used world-wide. 75% world has problem with English alphabets because world has 35% illiterates and 1000 languages approximately. These shortcuts overcame the barrier of languages completely & bring new internet technology at the door of net surfers.

Main strength of company is that we can provide search engine to non-English individuals and illiterate persons who want to operate computers and Internet. We have strong faith that our technology has the potential to match the market leaders if we get into a partnership with a high acumen marketing and software company. We have a new concept of business. Our new invention has the potential to earn huge money and can bring the revolution in the search engines. Our investment opportunity is best from other investment opportunities. We have new marketing concepts. Investors can take huge benefits from new discoveries by our entrepreneurs. Our business idea will make a new Microsoft in near future. Good entrepreneur ideas makes history. Good business opportunities come once in a life time. A link of business planning

The main share holders are not selling all the shares of the company because they believe that it will be a big hit in near future as it has a unique keyboard angle theory and shortcuts concepts, which will bring a revolution in search engine technology. The calculation is that 1 share of will be 20,000 INR or 450US$ after five years. And for future development of the company they want to bring investment through 5000 shares. Today's price of 1 share is 2000 INR (45US$).
Why you should invest with us?

Key Points:
Your investment can have multifold growth.
Good opportunity comes rare in life.
We are leaders of technology for non English individuals.
Recession free business.
We are a company having world wide reputation and our ranking is increasing day by day.
This concept has tendency to grab the customer base of Gaming websites, Videos, web search engines etc.
Growth of internet world in future will generate extra income for our company.
Conceptually we can generate income matching to the income of Google. Our income can cross Google's income with in a very short span after getting a suitable business partner.

Select quantity of shares:

New business plan

1. 85% net users are surfing Internet for entertainment only. 35% of the world still think that computer's and Internet surfing is only for literate. But our company has the potential to change the mind set of this section of people.

Let's take an example:-

Suppose a young guy wants to surf gaming sites on the Internet. Now he can open directly different gaming sites without remembering their long difficult names through our easy shortcut angle theory. e.g. mmjjnn Ctrl+enter, nnhhbb Ctrl+Enter,, etc.
See our previous posting at:
Unique website shortcuts technology needs investors
(Opposed A Angle for Games)
Ideas for business

2. 35% are illiterates in this world. Maximum illiterates are poor. But 10 % illiterates wants to enjoy the cyber world. If they will operate with our technique then they will be very comfortable with it.

3. This method will be grab 50% net users out of 23% current internet surfers because of it's simple and easy use.

4. It will get 100% illiterate and non English users and it will also get a suitable share of literate users because only our company can provide this facility for net users.

5. has 60,000,000 visits per day and earning of is 2 Billion US$ per month. 23% of the world is surfing net. ( has 55,000,000 visits and has 50,000,000 visits per day). Value of 1% of Google is not less than 2 billion US$. Total visits of top 100 websites are 1000,000,000 per day.

6. If we can get only 3.3% of the total net users and will get visits up to 143,400,000 per day. According to this data, our company will get 143*0.033 = 47.6 Million US$ per year.

7. Any other company can't copy this technique because this is domain based technology. It has been booked all angles like The company has been booked all domains of 'Angle Theory'.

8. By all this value of 1% of the company will 47.619 Million US$ after having a suitable business partner. Now we can tell that value of the company's 1% is at present 4.7 Million US$.

9. We can get these numbers as we have a full business and marketing plan. We need only 1 Million US$ to 10 Million US$ for marketing and development of this product.

Video presentation: innovative business idea for smart businessman pdf presentation: innovative business idea for smart businessman

We specified some strong key points associated with our concept, now if you still do not grab this opportunity of our company. Can you give us only 1 excuse for not investing?
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
Only 5000 shares are available for sale. 2000INR (45US$) = 1 Share.

Note: Investment option will be on first come first basis. Share holders will get a bonus 10 shares against each share after tie up with Microsoft, Yahoo or Google.
Author: pigedot from India 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 23 May 2010
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Unique website shortcuts technology needs investors

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