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Looking for an investor to invest 50,000$ in trading account

Description: Im a day trader that spent the last 3 1/2 years working on my profession. I’ve been trained by the best in the industry, Oliver Velez and the Online trading academy. I have over three years of practical experience. I recently parted from my business partner which is my brother.
I’ve managed his 2 million dollar buying power account. with my guidance have made his portfolio over 280,000 in a 2 months’ timeframe. This was a mix of some day trading but mostly overnight longer term swing trading.
Due to difficulty of working with family, my brother that is a excessive micromanager has left me no choice to part from him as the difficulty of working with him has become too much to bare. We have dissolved our partnership on good terms but can no longer work with each other, there were no loses on each of our parts as this business model consisted of this, he was to supply the education and capital needed to succeed in day trading and I was there to devote my time by leaving my regular career as a computer systems engineer and live and breathe and educate myself professionally in the market for the past 3 1/2 years. It was a fair deal.
Please note in order to be a professional day trader it takes a minimum of 3 years before you can consistently make money in the market. I have put this time in and have succeeded. Before parting with my brother I was making consistent gains in my day trading account for about three months, which was separate from the long term swing trade I managed which took about 3 months to make 280,000.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
I am looking for someone to invest about 50,000 to give us 2 to 1 buying power in a day trading account, I am looking to put up 5,000 of my own capital which is all I will be able to afford to invest. There will be very little risk on your money as the capital will only be used for day trading only and no overnight trades. I will invest 5,000.00 which will be the amount of maximum risk that will be used in a day. Your investment will be completely safe as I won’t allow losing much of my money let alone my investor’s capital. I am capable right now of consistently making 200-300 per day with this size investment, this is consistent safe trading only risking a small portion of the capital per trade. Over time I will push up the risk level as I build up money in the account and showing a constant record of return on our money. This will be a building process using the existing capital we both invest to build a larger account with the money earned on the account each day. I can earn about 4,000 per month so after about 3-4 months the account will be built up a good 15-20,000, during this progression the risk load will be increased daily to yield a higher profit. I continually work with my mentors daily by web conference that make as much as 1 million per year which is what I would like to built this up to. This of course I would build up over 2-3 years to get to this level. I’m looking to share in these profits with an investor that will give me a chance to prove my trading capabilities. I’m willing to give 20% return on the profits for no participation at all. This is a low risk high reward return on your money. This is a great venture for someone looking to get a much higher return then just letting their money sit in the bank collecting a very small percentage.
Author: sukimam from United States  Posting reviewed by: 1136 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 18 January 2011
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3492
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Looking for an investor to invest 50,000$ in trading account  by sukimam , 18/01/2011 , 1136, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Looking for an investor to invest 50,000$ in trading account  by movesuv , 07/02/2011 , 374, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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