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Plant an olive tree

Description: Many of you would like to have their own olive tree, but because of some reasons they can't fill their wish (unfavorable clime, land, lack of free time for maintenance...).
We have come up to a special program for You – unique in the World – in which you become the owner of one or more olive trees. It's enough to wish, let us know how many trees you'd like to have and the rest is on us.

For You we will:
Prepare land for planting the olive tree. Buy a seedling that gives the best fruit Plant an olive tree. Regularly maintain it every year. Pick the fruits. Make the best olive oil. Take care of the oil for 4 months (that's how much it needs to stand before consummation). Bottle the olive oil into bottles. Send the oil of Your olive on Your home address or if you wish – we will sell it for You and allocate the income of sale on Your account

Here are some examples:
You love olive oil, but the one from the market doesn't seem of good quality to You.
Planting of Your own olive tree in 4-5 years You will enjoy in the finest olive oil (*Olive oil made of olives planted in Croatia is regularly served on the royal court in England)
You want to present something special, something different to a dear person – a memory for a lifetime.
Plant the tree and present the ownership certificate of the olive planted in Croatia. That kind of gift can be compared with giving 4kg of pure gold every year to someone – olive oil = gold

You've got children who need to go to school?
Plant 10 olive trees which we will take care of and after five years You will have safe resources with which Your kids can go to education.
We enable You that the olive oil, which is made of Your olive trees, is sold and the money will be sent on Your account.
There is no such safe fund in which you can be so sure of your income.
You have extra financial resources which you'd like to invest in a profitable job?
Plant a few olive trees. The calculation is very clear – For eg. 10 olive trees You invest 1500 EUR and after 6-7 years You have already returned Your investment and every year You earn at least 400 EUR... and that goes on as long as You want. You can sell the olive tree in every moment (to us or some third person) or gift it.


40 years ago, my father and I went to a walk in the near historical Istrian town. In that exact moment some people were planting olive trees. I was admiring to those people who, with so much love, were preparing holes in the hard red ground in which they were going to plant the olives. Seeing how interested I was of their work they let me plant one tree. Now the tree is big and fertile and my children enjoy while we visit it. I'm not the owner of that tree but with proud, every year I take my sons to visit the tree that I, 40 years ago, have planted with my then small hands.
Inspired by the story in my family, we wanted to offer to all the people the possibility of planting their own olive tree – a symbol of peace, fertility, strength, health and softness. Become a part of our project – planting of 5000 olive trees in Istria – International plantation of olive trees.
You can visit your tree at any time of year, give it some love, photograph Your wealth... Or we can do that for You.
Soon join us in our forum and publish pictures of Your trees which we will send to You once a year – when the trees is in its best.
Visit us on FB ''Plant your olive tree in Croatia''
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Customers Need Customers
This is an example of planting one olive tree: After you express Your desire of planting olives we make a contract for planting. While making the contract Your expenses are:
- 150 EUR for:
Preparation of land for planting the olive tree. Buying a seedling which gives the best fruit. Planting of the olive tree. First fertilization, Irrigation and protection from disease of the tree
- 50 EUR a year for:
Routine maintenance; circumcision, irrigation, disease protection, picking fruit. Making of the olive oil. Care of the oil for 4 months (that's how much it needs to stand before consummation) Bottle the olive oil into bottles
Additional costs:
For sending the oil of Your olive tree on Your home address or if you wish – we will sell it for You and allocate the income of sale on Your account.
Author: onesypa from Croatia  Posting reviewed by: 1221 users
Country of business: Croatia  Published on: 06 June 2011
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3613
Business Sector: agriculture Image: olive tree
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