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Memorable 3 letters logo trademark concept

Description: Trademark , an easily recognizable - 3 letter logo, which is memorable, (catchy) , ATTRACTIVE , and creates curiosity in products which carry it. Motivates investigation. Logo PERFECT for sports wear , childrens wear , ladies wear , sleep wear , energy drinks , and MORE !! These 3 letters are pre-fix abreviations for 15 different product slogans, which each of themselves create and stimulate interest , IMMEDIATELY. ALL BUZZ words. ALL generate positive imagery, and stimulate investigation !! I personally have no business experience. The products described are sought in all 50 states, and purchased every day under far less memorable trademarks. Ladies and children, are the strongest prospective groups, but men are included closely. This logo is only THREE letters, and recognition coupled with quality , would make THIS idea , multi-billion $$ potential , readily attainable for already established company , or any smart business oriented individual. I would be willing to invest , with the limited resources I have available -- if a qualified party expresses believable interest and achievable plan for developement.
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Business savvy, and -- honesty.
Author: winyvaf from United States  Posting reviewed by: 905 users
Country of business: United States  Published on: 05 July 2011
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3643
Business Sector: advertising marketing Image: Not available
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