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Description: Steve Miller founder of first instinct was to heckle his brother about his speeding ticket.
He saw a business opportunity in his brother's reckless-driving habit. In California, a process called "trial by written declaration" makes it easier to get a speeding ticket dismissed or the charge reduced without a court date.

The "trial by written declaration" is on the back of every ticket, but few people notice it, said Miller. "We really took something that anybody can do themselves and built a business around it," said Miller, 46. coaches California drivers in this little-known method to fight traffic infractions, such as speeding tickets, sign violations and blowing red lights.
In 2004, he launched in Westlake Village, Calif., as a one-man operation. Today, the company has now 10 employees. Customers e-mail details about their ticket. Then they send the company three signed copies of the Trial by Declaration form and pay $249 to have those forms mailed to the judge or another officer of the court. They also receive a copy of Miller's book: "Traffic Tickets: Don't Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed."
There is a money-back guarantee that the ticket will either be reduced or dismissed. The key to getting the ticket dismissed is the skill which each case is presented to the court: has assembled a crack team of consultants who know the court rules and typical case scenarios inside and out.
In October of 2010, passed over the $1 million in revenue mark. "One of our goals was to hit that mark.

Other countries around the world might have similar rules to get easier a speeding ticket dismissed.
There are certainly many budding entrepreneurs who might be interested to explore this opportunity in their countries and possibly replicate this business idea.

Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 28 December 2011
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3762
Business Sector: automotive Image: ticket dismissed
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