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Dissolve The Box and Reposition Management

Description: We met with corporations and individuals across the globe and found out the majority of critical issues concerning them are:

Coping mechanisms are on the decline
Growth is under tremendous pressure
People are yet to express their inner intelligence
Organizational culture lacks fertility to unlock real value
Decision makers fail to see deeper, wider and faster into situations

Most individuals and organizations across the globe think traditionally “from the box” and keep struggling. Some who presently lead do so by thinking differently. They “think outside of the box” to innovate, compete and grow smartly. New management and leadership styles and different strategies have added value to the traditional organizations. But the big question is - Is it enough for tomorrow’s leaders and enterprises?
Let’s understand through this famous case:
If you ask a thief to “think outside of the box” what will be the effect? Probably he steals better than before to become a better thief by manipulates things even better (as he continues to think from the platform of the thief only).
But if the same person “Dissolves his box” he realizes he is not really a thief and at the same time he also gets the designing intelligence to reposition himself.
It’s not just an incremental but a radical or a structural shift.
It’s the same with us or with organizations around us. When we think outside of the box we are able to think outside of only the superficial boxes. Our deeper boxes still dictate. We still respond from our limited, polluted and infected mental images or self-understanding which are picked up as we grow. When we think outside of the box we only move further in that earlier chosen direction caused by deeper boxes, just like the thief who could only become a better thief.
It’s time for individuals and organizations to “Dissolve the Box and Reposition” to lead the hot, crowded and the dynamic flat world.

At this juncture one must answer the core question.
Are you “really free”?
The response of business and political leaders, professionals, scientists, students, homemakers, entrepreneurs and farmers from different parts of the world coupled with our own experience made us strongly believe that the inner intelligence of individuals and organizations has not been able to express itself as we are boxed.
What is more surprising is that our mental traps are limiting, infecting and polluting everything we do. We are not “really free” and so we have no or very little choice. We respond through “stereotyped thoughts” which come automatically and compulsively. Our decisions, strategies and execution capabilities therefore have inherent designing limitations. This has lead to companies failing, economies sinking and families breaking.
Thinking outside of the box is not enough as the box still remains the reference point. This only allows us to think out of some of the superficial boxes just like majority of the present day leaders. We still continue to respond from our “deeper traps” which are actually holding us back from really growing. This is guiding us for a very narrow growth, restricting to only a few aspects; and unfortunately these aspects are also infected.
It’s time to take the Universal leap.
Dissolve the box completely and reposition to lead the hot, crowded and the dynamic flat world. This will make the objectives, strategies and processes more integrated with the Universal Intelligence which has created and which manages the entire Universe. They’ll get the designing capabilities to incorporate finer, intelligent and relevant aspects or variables into their existing decisions, plans and execution processes.
Need from others:
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We need to propagate this concept and also need partners to take it forward in the industry.
Author: jipafyw from India 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 15 January 2012
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