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Child Car Alarm 2 protect R children from being left n a car

Description: HI,

Iíve been thinking about, all the deaths around the world because people forget & leave their kids in their cars, I have come up with some great ideas, but some would be too expensive & would only work with new cars. I will tell you later if interested. But the idea I came up with should be inexpensive & should be easy to program or make work or create. I was thinking since majority of cars have alarm systems I was thinking maybe we can create a alarm system that works the regular way, but the only difference is after 3 to 5 seconds after locking your vehicle with your alarm pad, that your car beeps or makes some type of alarm noise for a few seconds to remind you to go back & look in your car, truck, SUV or Van to make sure no kids have been left in the vehicle especially SUVíS & 8 thru 16 passenger vans & school or daycare vans or remind you did you look inside of the vehicle for children left in the car. Thatís what the beeps or the few second alarm will do just a reminder to think & check. Now I know everyone donít have children maybe they can program it their selves especially if you have a new car, if you want it to work or not so you can disable it if you would like. But if you have an 8 passenger or more SUV or Van you canít disable it. It will be automatic in those vehicles. Even if you forget to lock the door with your alarm or keypad after you turn off the engine after 3 to 5 seconds your alarm still gives the warning sound just for another safety option.
More expensive ideas, for new vehicles have a sensor that monitors the weight of your seats in your vehicle & once you lock the door, if the weight is not what it usually is or if the setting that you chose is not exactly how it needs to be the car will beep or alarm goes off to check your vehicle something is still moving, breathing or there is weight in the seats thatís not the normal weight of the car or seats. But this sounds expensive, or a scanner that scans your car & if something is left in your car breathing & if the windows are up & if the heat outside is over 60 or 65 alarm goes off or you can get a text or call, on your phone saying temperature is over 65 & windows are up someone is in the car go check or do you want to roll down the windows press yes or something of this nature, can add more things to this idea later this sounds expensive also. Just a few ideas to try & save some childrenís lives in this world, & I think the alarm system way would be the least expensive & the easiest to do. Idea Copy Writing already.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need someone to help me get this started to save some childrens lives, over 40 children died last year because of senseless deaths of being left in a hot car. Idea Copy Writing already.
Author: wojalis from United States  Posting reviewed by: 296 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 19 April 2012
Region of business: any Posting ID: 3853
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