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TEJJ Constant Torque IC Engine

Description: The business idea is about...

1) My customers are…IC engine manufacturers and I can reach them by...e-mails.

2) My competitors are…NONE

3) My idea is unique because of… This is the only IC Engine which gives maximum possible torque continuously just like an electric motor and the competitive edge is…work dpne per power stroke of the piston is about 55% more than in existing engines.

4) I want to promote the business by…Selling or Licencing my patent.

5) My experience in this type of business is…I have invented this engine. No one else has any experience in this new technology.

6)I estimate that it will cost …EUR to start the business. 10000 Euros for making a prototype & testing it.

7) I am ready to commit …EUR to start my new business. NIL

Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
I have applied for the Patent in India. I need a collaborator or partner who is capable of manufacturing & testing a prototype Engine. The results from these tests WILL BE OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE.
I am ready to offer 20% of profits to partner manufacturer if he is ready to do all selling to others on my behalf after commercially establishing the new product.
Partner should be ready to file joint patents in other parts of the world based on my invention.
Author: semevik from India  Posting reviewed by: 247 users
Country of business: India  Published on: 19 September 2012
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 3899
Business Sector: automotive Image: Not available
Business Plan
or Presentation:
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