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Promote your business by means of printed messages

Description: Promote your business effectively and to the target

Dear Sir / Madam,

E-business become less and less effective as there are too much information floating around and people simply don't have time to dig out from the emails, social media, instant messaging etc...

Most worth mentioning is that the decision makers in China do not use the electronic message as often as those younger generation and most of them only understand Chinese. They only read the printed media.

Technically speaking, it becomes more and more expensive if you want to be stand out in the mountains of information that keep coming in minute, in second, even in millisecond.

It is especially true in China where over 1.5 billion people reside and over billions of internet, mobile users live. And they are sending out messages daily, in minutes, in seconds etc... And only those with no decision power at all who read those messages, not the decision makers.

Therefore, the traditional marketing methods become more effective and less expensive in comparison with the electronic methods nowadays.

So here is our opportunity:

I can send out the printed message to the physical addresses where the potential clients are located for the company with a plan for the China market.

We can liaison together to form a partnership and share the expense and profit.

The print media can be name as the Western Opportunities. I have a data base of over million addresses and contact information that can be used in this business.

As the email is less effective so I would recommend to mail out your promotion material in printed copy to the potential clients.

I can created a mail list directly mail to the other potential individuals (I am not offering the list. I only mail the brochures on their behalf at a fee).

I have collected as many as over 1,000,000 VIP contact list (I can hand pick the most relevant persons to mail out for the clients).

To begin with, I charge US$ 2.00 each address for handling plus the cost of the brochure, envelop and postage. (The clients can pick 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, addresses with their specific projects then I can search and consolidate the list and mail them out for them)

I am not selling the list as it is through my years of accumulation that is very valuable. I only send out the promotion through the listing for our clients.

I think this is an effective way to approach the Chinese market for any kind of business. I trust this is a practical way for their business promotion in addition to their regular marketing plans.

I can send you a screen shot of my computer, in which you can find that I have almost 2 GB of file in my search 2 folders and there are over 40 folders in my computer.

I have served over 20 companies to develop the Chinese market in the past 10 years. For each of the companies I have served I have to develop a contact list of tens of thousands of companies / persons in charge in order to generate the possible clients.

Actually, I market my services using the contact list I have accumulated in the past almost 10 years. For the foreign companies I can use email as to make foreign contacts through phone call, fax, and mail are very expensive.

For the Chinese domestic contacts it is much cheaper to make contacts through mails, phone, and fax. In those three communication methods, mail is the most inexpensive method.

Instant messaging is also very fast, but it only reaches those young people with no decision power. Occasionally, I also use the instant messaging for market research purpose.

The clients can use me as a local contact person too. And we can discuss a reasonable fee for this service too depended on the work load and requirements.

My potential customer data base is of high quality as it is through my personal research over a time of 10 years. And I have also reserved the best contacts that I actually made through in the separate files in different categories.

I don't sell the list, but I can use the list to generate the leads for the clients.

If there are enough clients, I can publish a regular magazine and they can place their advertisement in the magazine and sent out through the selected list I generated from my database.

I am thinking to entitle the magazine as "the America Opportunities". The magazine has to be a printed version as they will be sent out to the decision makers who only use to the printed media.

What do you think?

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Haiqing (Oliver)
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An effective idea to promote your business
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