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Working with foreign businesses in Vietnam

Description: First, I work as an individual entrepreneur to help foreign business people to establish their business in Vietnam, find supplies or find people.

My job here is to help you to find information, people, places, resources and to give you ideas, for you to make great decisions/selections.

Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers

# Help you to find people:

+ IT developers, programmers, logo designers, photoshop freelancers, 3D freelancers,

+ producers, suppliers

+ staffs

+ people to do redundant tasks, small tasks.

I know where to look for them, where to post an ad, and what to post in the ad, how to check them.

Sometime by just enrich your email/contents or simplify your email/contents.

i.e: sometimes you donít write much or clear about what do you look for, I will help you to make it clearer.
sometimes you write a lot of background stories, even together with your personal expressions, which may not very helpful to look for people, Iíll help you to simplify them

# Help you to find real estate property:

+ office for rent

+ buying hotel, restaurant, cafeteria

# Help you to connect with retailers, supply chains, supermarkets, hotels to sell your products

# Give you ideas or openings about possibility.

# Even small works, like: print business card, find people to do your website both English & Vietnamese

(to be updated)

2) How can I do it:

# I donít know everything and canít do everything.
But I know where & how to find people to help you with.
i.e: I can connect you with the lawyer I trust; or for small researches, I can pay for my lawyer as one part of my service to you.
I hire people to help me to do online research, collect information, visit actual places;
I just do tasks which others donít know how to do.

# Process:

You tell me whatíre you looking for? What do you need help?

Then I will help you with some small, initial help for free, then we can decide if weíre good to work together or not.

I will send you a proposal about what I can and want to help you.

# Bonuses:

I will send you updates about businesses in Vietnam which I get info about.

# When come into payment & prices, please answer my questions:

+ Are you willing to pay me? If not yet, you donít have to pay.
Just tell me what else I can help you with make you feel valuable, what other values I can add to you to help you feel Iím worth for you to pay.

+ What do you feel I can help you with? What problems I can solve for you? How difference it is if you would have me to work with you?

+ How much is your budget to pay me? Do you want to pay me time-based or job done?

# My work and what I can do for you is uncountable, sometime to find one person for you, I have to post ads on 10 different pages (thatís all I can find), email 20 different people, to just find one person. You never know what Iíve done, and you donít need to know, the importance is work result.

# I want to get paid, but I also understand the value of giving, building trust, building relationship, so I want to know better what I can do for you to make it worth your money.

4) My other profiles:

# I deactivated my FB account. I created another one, but just for posting ads purpose.

# My LinkedIn profile.

# My professional profile

# profile

# My Twitter account

5) My preferred communication methods:

# If we canít meet in person yet: email, Skype Ö and Viber (in case you donít use Skype).
I donít use whatsapp, Zalo, Kakao Talk and other apps

# If we can meet in person: meet up in person, email, Skype Ö and Viber.

A networking event Iíve attended:
6) Businesses Iím NOT in:

# Food (except healthy, organic food)

# Pharmacy, medical, drugs

# Something target low price & budget.

7.1. Ravi Pradhan Ė Nepalese American: Training and management industry based on Mindfullness:

I translated his ppt file to Vietnamese, went with him to Vung Tau to conduct (translate and facilitate) a two-day workshop about leadership and management training. Continue work with him sometimes in HCMc.

I got to know him via

7.2. Jason Avraham Ė Israeli American: bamboo factory

I drafted for them a basic drawing on AutoCad for their planning factory site. I went with them to Nha Trang and Da Lat for almost one week to find the source of supply, visited local government office to get contact and info. Went to local places to meet local people to find the raw materials. I created a project idea picture for them to put into their report. (The report is for them to look for investor(s) ).

Look for bamboo
Look for bamboo
I got to know him via

7.3. James Michael Kersherk Ė American: art-related entertainment business.

I helped him to work on business license, find a place to print his business card. Interpret between him and the logo designer.

He contacted me via craigslist

7.4. Ran Dotan Ė Israeli: a service for babies.

I collected all info about kids, babies Ė related services in HCMc, arrange a car for rent, then we went to visit all those places to get experience & ideas. I also helped him to find an apartment for rent, motorbike for rent. Connect him with people who can help him in the business, who can be his staff. Help him to find shipping company, finding a business place for rent for his store. Help him to find a business plan writer.

I got to know him via

7.5. Bio Cleaner Ė a US-based Filipino company.

They want to expand their waste water treatment business. I helped them to go to a factory in an industrial park to collect information and data about the waste water facilities and quality there.

I got to know him via introduction of Dwi Handaya

7.6. Frederik Maiziere Ė a French. He wants to open an agricultural farm in Vietnam to produce their own products.

I help him to research on land rental price. Iíve found a Professor in a University who have experience and have done lots of research in this field to connect to him.

I got to know him via

7.7. Julien Dutour Ė a Vietnamese-French (Vietnamese by blood, was adopted by a French family). He opens a business to sell machines from France to Vietnam.

I help him to work on the content of the website and brochure. i advised him to not totally copy the content of the partner company in France, but write everything on his own understanding and experience which can make prospect customers understand easier and better.

I met him in the post office in Thao Dien. He wanted to send a package and the post officer asked him to pack it in a carton box which he didnít understand. I helped him to get one carton box in a retail shop nearby and we exchanged contact info.

7.8. Hassan Zaki Ė Turkish. He wants to buy Rayon fabric in Vietnam.

I helped him to research and contact with potential supplier(s)

We havenít met in person, but he trusted me and sent payment via Paypal to me to help him do research. Even I made a mistake: provide incorrect Paypal email address at first, he forgave me and continued to work with me.

I got to know him via VCCI forum

7.9. Norbert Hirneisen Ė German: is being written in this post. (Dec 2015 Ė on going)

I got to know him via

7.10. John Suh Ė Korean American: help him to look for web & iOS developers. (Jan 2016)

I got to know him via

7.11. AG Ė American: acquiring pictures. (Jan 2016)

I got to know him via

7.12. Kyaw Thiha Lwin Ė Chinese Burmese: look for wholesale clothes in wholesale markets. (Jan 2016)

I got to know him via introduction of Monk Khoa at Phuoc Son meditation centre

7.13. Nuraddis Abdo Ė American: receiving and sending organic teas & moringa teas. (Jan 2016 Ė on going)

He contacted me via craigslist

7.14. Tony Soh Ė Singaporean: pass a letter to a staff of Vietnam Airlines. (Jan 2016)

I contacted him via craigslist

7.15. Russel & Ashish (British & Indian from Singapore) Ė visiting computer shops, look for furniture, bank office, electronic malls. (Jan 2016)

Look for furniture at Ngo Gia Tu street
Look for furniture at Ngo Gia Tu street
I contacted them via craigslist

7.16. Natsuki Tanaka (Japanese) & Brendan Rumball (British Canadian): they want to establish an INGO in Hanoi, Vietnam to provide free English courses. They are from I helped them to contact with INGOs in Hanoi to learn experiences, and English centers in Hanoi to have actual experiences of current English teaching situation. From my help, they can schedule meetings and actual visit when they will be in Hanoi on March. 2 of people who I introduced to them are my ex-classmates. (Feb 2016)

I contacted Brendan via Reddit


Beside, I also worked in a side business: money transferring service Vietnam Ė Philippines,
starting May 25, 2015 to Jan 25, 2016, Iíve done 128 transactions with 17 Filipinos in HCMc, Hanoi, Dong Nai, Quang Ninh and one Vietnamese in Binh Duong, total amount transferred is 4,107,781 php. Now, I resigned thoroughly from this business since I donít see myself as a money-transferring girl until the end of my life.

Currently, I have only one student studying Vietnamese with me.
Sheís Winifred Chan Ė Country Head of Consumer Care Department Ė Bayer Vietnam.
Weíve worked together via Global LT.
Author: bacopyr from Vietnam  Posting reviewed by: 593 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 09 March 2016
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