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"Engineering Consulting Business" Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
1.3 Critical Success Factors
2.0 Company Summary
3.0 Services
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
6.0 Management Summary
7.0 Financial Plan


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1.0 Executive Summary

StructureAll Ltd. will be formed as a consulting firm specializing in structural engineering services. A home office in Yellowknife, NT will be established the first year of operations to reduce start up costs. The founder of the firm is a professional engineer with eighteen years of progressive and responsible experience.

Initial start up costs amount to $20,000. Of this total, $13,000 is required for start up expenses while the balance is to to be placed in the company accounts as working capital. The founder, Philip Nolan,provided an initial investment of$20,000 towards start-up costs.

Projected sales and profits for the first three years of operation are summarized below:

Year Sales($) Profits($) Sales/Profit(%)
1 118,000 9,150 7.8
2 130,000 12,650 9.8
3 138,000 15,100 11.0

The firm will specialize in providing three dimensional modeling and visualization to our clients. State-of-the-art analysis and design tools will be an integral part of the business plan. Implementation of a quality control and assurance program will provide a focus for production work.


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1.1 Objectives

  • Revenues of $118,000 the first year, approaching $138,000 at the end of three years.
  • Achieve 20% of market value at the end of the third year of operation.
  • Increase gross margin to 80% by the third year of operations.

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1.2 Mission

Our mission is to provide clients across Canada's North with structural engineering services for all types of buildings, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.

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1.3 Critical Success Factors

  • Provide professional quality services on time and on budget.
  • Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients.
  • Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.
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