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"Aircraft Rental" Business Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
1.3 Critical Success Factors
2.0 Company Summary
3.0 Services
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
5.0 Management Summary
6.0 Financial Plan


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1.0 Executive Summary


Lansing Aviation is being formed as a private company offering services to student pilots. Lansing Aviation will offer well-maintained aircraft for individual rental and for flight training. Lansing Aviation will also provide primary and advanced flight instruction through the use of independent flight instructors possessing corporate and airline backgrounds. Lansing Aviation will offer professional aviation consulting for corporate, airline, and individual aviation needs.

The Company

Lansing Aviation, LLC has been created and legally organized as a Michigan Limited Liability Company based in Lansing, Michigan. The principle investors and operators will be responsible for all airplane acquisitions and company decisions.

Lansing Aviation will operate its aircraft out of Capital City Airport (LAN) in Lansing, Michigan. The aircraft records, scheduling, and office will be located at an off-airport location 15 miles north of Capital City Airport.


Lansing Aviation offers services in three primary areas; aircraft rental, flight instruction, and aviation consulting.In order to do so, Lansing Aviation will maintain a Cessna 172 Skyhawk updated with the latest avionics.

Our competitive differences include professionally maintained aircraft, renter/instructor insurance, and our 24-hour scheduling service that will allow greater flexibility of our aircraft flight times.

In the future, Lansing Aviation plans to enhance their aircraft rental position by acquiring complex, high-performance, single and multi-engine aircraft for commercial and airline transport pilot training and rental. We also plan to conduct up-to-the-minute aircraft scheduling through the use of the Internet and an online business website.

The Market

The airline pilot shortage has created an immense demand for increased pilot training. The previous aircraft rental company in Lansing ended up needing additional aircraft to meet the increased demands of new students in the area. Mackinac-Great Lakes Airlines Systems is the largest employer in Lansing, with 19,000 employees, and we feel that these employees are aware of the excellent careers held by M-GLAS pilots. We hope this awareness will generate interest in flying. Additionally, many M-GLAS pilots and M-GLAS mechanics fly small airplanes for fun and to transport their families to vacation spots.

There are several students currently flying at Capital City Airport that are unhappy with either the quality of their current instruction or the poorly maintained aircraft they are renting. A flight with our instructors in our well-equipped Cessna 172 Skyhawk will confirm their displeasure with our competition and generate new business for us.

Lansing Aviation will be focusing initially on students interested in obtaining their private pilot certificate. These students will primarily come from word-of-mouth-advertising from our instructors, students, and other contacts at Mackinac-Great Lakes Airlines System (M-GLAS). We will attempt to continue teaching these students through their instrument rating course with us, upon completion of their private pilot package.

Financial Considerations

The start-up costs of Lansing Aviation, LLC are approximately $6,850 which includes hanger and aircraft down payments, office equipment and various small start-up fees. We expect our monthly break even will be approximately $2,600 based on 40 flight hours of our aircraft. Based on these aircraft hours, the company expects to earn approximately $13,000 in profits on $48,000 in sales by year 3.


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1.1 Objectives

  • Form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) for liability protection of personal and company assets.
  • Acquire a Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft for rental and flight instruction.
  • Operate the aircraft for at least 50 revenue flight hours per month.
  • Aircraft revenue to exceed hangar, insurance, fuel, maintenance upkeep and loan expenses resulting in a net income/profit.

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1.2 Mission

Lansing Aviation offers an affordable, professionally-maintained aircraft for rental and flight instruction. We will provide a safe and effective learning situation for our students while adhering to safe practice and to applicable federal and state aviation regulations. Lansing Aviation will provide students with an excellent aircraft for flight training and an aircraft to fly upon successful completion of their training.

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1.3 Critical Success Factors

  • A 24-hour aircraft schedule will provide students and renters with better schedule planning.
  • Marketing the aircraft to the 2,100 Mackinac-Great Lakes Airlines System airline pilots, their family, friends, and neighbors in Lansing to generate more exposure and word-of-mouth advertising resulting in more revenue flights.
  • Preventative aircraft maintenance to eliminate aircraft downtime.
  • Thorough and safe training of students and selective aircraft checkouts for rental customers to insure the aircraft is operated carefully, safely, and respectfully.

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