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11 August 2014        CONSULTING SERVICES

Search and contact with business partners worldwide

Since 2006 our translation agency has been offering linguistic services of different kind, including cooperation in search and contact with business partners worldwide. We cooperate with many native speakers in most countries of the world and with certified translators at competitive prices. We're looking for companies interested in business cooperation / export / import and offer them help in contacts with partners abroad; details of cooperation can be discussed.

14 July 2014        HOME BUSINESS

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News

Often times the idea of remodeling or renovating your home or even just one or two rooms in your home can be a terrifying idea because of the cost and the work behind the task. It seems impossible to put together your dream home without draining your bank account, and how many horror stories are there about unfinished home renovations! Sometimes the very idea of remodeling or renovating can be exhausting. What most people do not realize is remodeling and renovating projects do not have to strain you and your wallet. There are several ways to achieve the home of your dreams and still have money in your bank account.

Affordable remodeling and renovating techniques
It is common for everyone to want to make big changes when remodeling, renovating, or changing up home décor, but you cannot go wrong by sticking with simplicity. Never start a project that seems too big to finish – meaning do not try to remodel your entire house at one time. Start with one room at a time. Not only will this curb any overwhelming feelings, it will also help you stick to your budget. Before tearing out cabinetry and ripping up floors, Family Handyman suggests making little upgrades that make big differences such as rollout shelving in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Simple changes such as this one not only give rooms an upgraded feel, they are also affordable! If you are itching to make changes in your home, consider switching up the paint color in certain rooms. Painting might cost $50-$200 depending on the project, but it is a lot cheaper than knocking out walls for expensive add-ons. Sometimes all one needs is a color change to feel like they have upgraded. Painting projects do not take a long time either. In 1-3 days, again depending on the size of the project, you can have a completely made over room where remodeling can take months. If the paint color is not enough of a change, be creative by adding wall trim in unique ways. Storage and organization can go a long way when it comes to making home changes. Many people feel like they need to add on to their homes when space becomes limited. What they do not realize is that most of the time the solution is to de-clutter and organize. Closet organizers are an inexpensive way to save and open up space in a home, and just like rollout shelving in the kitchen, it gives an upgraded feel at a little cost. There are several ways to upgrade your home without going bankrupt. All it takes is a little creativity!

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News brought to you by
All about Interior Decorating and Remodeling News.

02 July 2014        MANUFACTURING

Tissue paper converting machines

We are one of the leading manufacturers in the tissue converting machineries industry. Operating since the early 90's - The experience gained over the years has led us towards specializing in the manufacturing of complete tissue converting lines.
We supply economically priced equipment for existing plants to increase capacity or to replace obsolete equipment.
We are looking for companies and entrepreneurs interested in setting up compact toilet paper roll, and paper napkin manufacturing plants.

Entrepreneurs with capital of 100 to 250 KUSD, that would like to establish small factory and earn money

25 June 2014        TRANSPORT

Glass bottom boat business

We are the shipbuilders from Russia.
We produce the unique and hi-tech glass bottom boats with the hydrofoil.
These boats are being used for about 20 years already in different places of the world.
The owners of our boats made very good business and gained significant profit once started a Glass Bottom business.

We have a huge experience in this sphere and ready to share our knowledge with you. Please contact us if interested.

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