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19 June 2014        AUTOMOTIVE

Used car for export

Used cars for export from Singapore. We export many makes and models of used cars. 50% deposit required before loading begins. Remaining 50% should be paid upon sight of scanned Original BL via fax or email. Once full payment is received we will air-courier the original BL and all required documents for customs clearance to you.

18 May 2014        FINANCIAL SERVICES

Lender / Investor Seeks Partners and Clients

We are an innovative investment company. We provide direct loans to small American companies. We provide the capital to investors provided they are willing to invest it in our projects.
There are no upfront fees of any kind. There is no personal liability. We are seeking:

1. Partners who have an interest in investing
2. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking capital

12 May 2014        EDUCATION

Looking for Partner for a personalized learning opportunity

Iím looking for Business Partners who can partner with a brand which uses technology mix with a human element thereby providing guaranteed improvement in the kidís performance is presently for K-6 grade.
It is about personalized learning by focusing on Point of Learning Analytic's
Gamification of Mathematics
Personalized report of students performance which is shared with the parents on weekly basis.
Teacher -parent interaction which helps in identifying and bridging the gap.

Who can do it:

Whoever is interested to do business and you can do it from your current work with spare time or
if someone staying at home they can do it in their free time. Don't ignore any simple idea thinking
it may not work, just give a try you never know.

High Level Simple Business Model:

Running the partner learning center wherein complete service support would be provided for which we will be training and will be proving the necessary modules.

Revenue Model:

You get paid for sourcing/ registrations based on agreed terms and conditions from the entire deal. This could be the alternative source of income for you. It would be a revenue share, 80% goes to you as a partner and 20% goes to us.

What kind of service/support you can provide:

Hardware support.
Tutor /coordinator support.
Backend support / Training and marketing support will be provided by us to make sure the business scales.

I have just listed few ideas here, whatever is possible and whatever is required,
We will work on it and we will see if it can be done.

General Terms and Conditions:

You are responsible for handling all your local clients request, accounts. The business must comply all national and international regulations, tax law and whatever is legally applicable and General
Terms and Conditions as it applies to each and every business.

If you are interested in the above proposal please write to me at Mayank @ Partner should be able run the center profitably for which training and support will be provided by Tabtor.

08 May 2014        AGRICULTURE

Agriculture waste and biomass pellets

Biomass / Agriculture Waste

We are a group of professionals trying to spread awareness in the Indian farming community the importance of Biomass in the coming century as we progress towards a BIO-ECONOMY.

Agriculture waste is one of the best resources being unused by the local communities of farmers world-wide. All plant based material ( roots, leaves, branches, fruits, flowers & shells) all have a energy / chemical value.

The best scenario in the current market of India is of collection, cleaning & logistics of agriculture resources. Mainly used for Energy.

We would like to know the opinion of this community as to what is happening to agriculture waste at the ground level, and are there any interest to produce a value add for the farmer, local community as well as the environment.

Best Rural based agriculture entrepreneur
Recently graduated young men & women
rural co-op societies
community programs

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