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20 November 2016        CLOTHING

Partner needed: magic glove selling business

Hi, we are a magic glove manufacturer and currently mainly supply to Walmart and TARGET. We have some business expansion ideas, and want to find business partners to start. prefer people with business background. developing concrete business plans, expand business

20 September 2016        FOOD AND TOBACCO

Quick Service Restaurant - Organic, Sustainable & Hi-Tech

Investors call: “Providing honest, organic food in a modern, urban style environment
where young urbans, business, leisure & technology meets creating a unique and
new experience.”

Back to the roots of food, serving organic handcrafted food from local producers. Honest natural food & drinks, relaxing music and lightning, a comfortable place to meet with friends or colleagues to work or just to enjoy and have a drink.
Eat in, Take away or Office delivery.
A place where you can go to for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between to have a drink or a healthy snack.

Back to the roots of food but integrating the latest technologies such as mobile apps, high speed wi-fi, beacons, charging points etc. Facilitating a seamless experience between online and in-store such as order and pay on your own device
All combined in a highly sustainable environment.

Covering all major European cities from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris to Prague, Warsaw, Budapest etc. with company stores (before considering a franchise formula) and setting up a fully virtual organization to allow flexibility and cost efficiency.

Work should be fun, motivating and enriching (in all different meanings of the word) at all levels where everybody needs to be stakeholder of the overall success.

Expansion should be aggressive to create scalability which demands heavy initial investments but also allow rapid ROI.

Private investor(s) believing in the a new era of business where customers are in a fully aware state of mind and who have high demands regarding quality and facilities.

Only serious reactions will be answered. Do not just send me any ‘please can you send me more details about your project’ questions.

After a mutual background check a face to face meeting would be preferable.

20 September 2016        LEISURE

Inflatable products and services

Vano Inflatable Ltd is a leading company in inflatable products and services, dedicating to provide professional items, such as zorb ball, human hamster ball, bubble soccer, zorbing ball, water ball, bumper ball, bubble football, bubble suit, body zorbing, zorb football, walking ball, water roller, zorb ramp, zorb race track, zorb for sale etc. Skillful workmanship and reliable quality are assured.

China Vano Inflatable Ltd (Zorb Ball Manufacturer) | zorb ball, human hamster ball, bubble soccer, zorbing ball, water ball, bumper ball, bubble football, bubble suit, body zorbing, zorb football, walking ball, water roller, zorb ramp, zorb race track, zorb for sale

11 August 2016        GENERAL OPPORTUNITY

Grow your business with Toggar is a brand new business-to-business (B2B) website for wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their products online. It is an online platform for importers and exporters to double their sales and profit easily.
Toggar, which loosely translates to ‘traders’ in Arabic, was recently founded in 2014 at Germany. It is the first online B2B company concerning the countries from Europe and Middle East. It aims to increase and improve business activities and transactions in these regions. Toggar helps by increasing the market reach of all businesses, from cheap manufacturers to the best wholesalers everywhere.
It is through B2B e-commerce that the trading obstacles are given the best solutions. As a B2B enterprise, is responsible for establishing relationships between the best wholesalers in Europe and Middle East and the consumers. Aside from effectively connecting businesses with each other and with consumers, Toggar eliminates delays brought about by distance.
Toggar helps the consumer by simplifying the buying and selling process and of finding and selecting desired products and services faster than ever. Since business transactions are done online, consumers can easily search and purchase anything they need, be it cheap electronics or cheap fruit wholesalers. At, consumers can fill out a Purchasing Request and the website will find the appropriate seller. This useful feature will ensure consumers they will get the cheapest and best product and service available in the website. It will also enable faster and efficient expansion of businesses and customer bases unlike any other.
Any business or individual can register on the Toggar website and, can reap all the benefits and privileges a B2B website can provide, even if the business only deals in cheap produce. The business can create a greater presence in the market due to the increase in visibility. This is helpful in exposing the business’ products and services to consumers and other businesses to Europe, Middle East, and the Gulf Area.
Toggar serves as a host business for selling products and services. However, Toggar does not take commissions from any successful business transactions made between the sellers and consumers. This eliminates unnecessary costs for your business – leading to more savings and profits.
For small enterprises, registering their products and services at can provide the means to execute business transactions with higher efficiency. Toggar prides itself on their credibility and dependability. Customers and sellers can trust that all transactions made through Toggar are free from any type of fraudulent actions.
It's a completely free website that connects buyers and sellers.

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