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27 January 2016        FINANCIAL SERVICES

Looking for B2B Finance affiliates

MarketInvoice helps businesses unlock funds in 24 hoursby selling their invoices online. Our peer-to-peer lending platform taps into a network of investors who buy the invoices, and advance you cash quickly & affordably.

We're now looking to expand our brand with the help of online businesses looking to introduce their audience to a new source of funding.

Are you a website owner or manager looking for a way to turn your web traffic into a reliable source of income? Join the MarketInvoice Affiliate programme, and you could earn up to £100 for each qualified lead you send our way.
Sign to become a MarketInvoice affiliate here : Our affiliate programme is for website owners and managers who have a business audience.

You can earn commissions in no time by adding our banner and link to your site. We pay per qualified lead, and you'll get paid every month.

Once set up, you'll be sent weekly performance reports and be assigned a dedicated Affiliate Team member to help you with any questions you might have.

The leads we're looking for:

Limited or LLP companies based in the UK or Ireland
Businesses that are paid on terms (e.g invoices, contracts, purchase orders)
Businesses that sell products or services to other businesses
Businesses with at least 6 months of trading history
Businesses with £100,000+ turnover filed with Companies House

26 January 2016        WHOLESALE AND RETAIL

Looking forward to business partners with ideas/products

I am a university student. Studying business. I am from Lithuania. Looking forward to establish own business. Sector - wholesale and retail. Why? Because it is simple. The oldest business model. Give customers what they need or persuade to buy it. I have gained knowledge about business in university and have some experience in active sales. Looking for business partners with products or ideas. Wholesalers. I would like to retail products, before that analyse the market. I would like to have another opportunity in other business sector. Sincerely, Justin.

05 January 2016        ENERGY

Mechanism of renewal of energy

I propose the scheme “Anatoliy Aleksenko’s mechanism of renewal of energy” the autonomous engine of the future which is able to create the efficiency of more than 1(one) and to have almost perpetual motor life.
It doesn’t need cooling system, it doesn’t use the fuel but some lubricant, it doesn’t need any filters and it is able to work “openly” underground, underwater, in gaseous atmosphere and in the open space. It is reversible, can work without transmission.
It’s a cold mechanism which doesn’t need heating and then cooling. Neither heat of deserts nor the Antarctic cold can hinder its work.
Its production is not expensive, it is simple in operation. Any transportation (auto, air, ships, railway and other) will become profitable with this mechanism. It can not only compete with electric stations, atomic included but to give them odds. Neither the earthquakes nor other natural calamities frighten it. This is ideal for (electro-generator, bus, truck, SUV & van, helicopter, dirigible, ekranoplan, unmanned aerial vehicle, jet pack, hovercraft, amphibian, submarine, refrigerator, railway, metro, rail gun, laser, desalination of sea water, open space…).
It can save the world civilization from the global increasing of the temperature (hotbed effect, floods, waterspouts…); oil pollution; energetic crisis; industrial breakdown; toxic gas ejection (CO, NO, CH4); further destroying of the ozone layer of the earth; progressing aids (during the temperature increasing and organism dehydrating), and also diseases cancer.

Having rendered the assistance in patenting and implementation, having become the co-participant of the project, you will get rid of not only oil-gas and economic but also political dependence. In case you are interested in this information and you are going to become the co-participant of the project, you are welcome to send.

11 September 2015        FINANCIAL SERVICES

providing start up capital

I am looking for a business to invest in or someone who wants to start a business.
Please no chancers. I need something solid.

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