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11 June 2015        EDUCATION

Behind the Wheel Training

I am currently working with AR Driving School VA. We are offering professional driving lessons and safe behind the wheel training. We offer these classes in Centreville, Chantilly and Fairfax Virginia. I am currently working with AR Driving School VA. We are offering professional driving lessons and safe behind the wheel training. We offer these classes in Centreville, Chantilly and Fairfax Virginia.

06 May 2015        IT

Want to nvest 10-50 lakhs to an exclusive business idea

I want to invest and become partner in a company having exclusive business idea. e commerce, Export and Trading etc
Hi All,
I am looking to invest in a profitable business project with an experience business partner. Anyone with such knowledge and expertise should pls contact me with your business proposal.
1) I will invest only for 50% stack holding in the company ( Not more then that and not less).
2) I will not give the fund as a loan to any company
3) I will also work as a equal partner ( Director)

Important: I will invest phase wise and only where another partner will invest equally.

Any creative idea and exclusive business will be first choice.

Note: Only genuine no time wasters no scammer No Spammer, please save your & my time
I will not invest my money as a loan to any company,

12 April 2015        ENERGY

Looking for coal power plant Investor

I am looking for investor to build 600 MW coal fired power plant in Indonesia.
Investor that can funding the project

24 March 2015        FASHION

Hosiery shapewear

Product Design Information

What is the product?
Armvoire is arm hose for the enhancement of ladies upper arms as a new vogue accessory in the contemporary era of body shape wear. Armvoire focuses on controlling flabby arms and underarms. The arm hose has multiple applications and formats. A key feature for the first version of this product is that the fabric for the arms and underarms is sheer so that the arms and underarms appear close to the skin colour of the wearer, in the same way that panty hose beautifies the legs of women. Moreover just as panty hose slenderises the legs of women Armvoire will also slenderise the arms of women. Subsequent formats of this arm hose will include amongst others, fish net, lace, and a variety of colours and patterns. Lastly Armvoire masks skin blemishes in the arms, and improves the appearance of muscle tone.

The best way to explain the need for this product is to look closely at the fashion trends of bygone years. Years ago most women wore long skirts and blouses with long sleeves. The purpose then was to cover up as much of the body as possible. When brassieres and corsets became available women were able to show off their slim waists and well-supported busts. Then along came leg stockings held up either by garters or suspenders. These accessories gave women the choice of showing off their smooth slenderised legs. Skirts and dresses became shorter but the skirts were still gathered or pleated and long enough to cover the tops of stockings as well as cover any garters or suspenders. When panty hose was invented women could wear slim tight-fitting skirts or dresses, as there was no longer any need to hide garters or suspenders.

The evolution is obvious, fashion and design continue to expose more of the female body than ever. Following the same logic there is a demand to provide the same benefits to the upper body as was provided for the lower body. The shape wear available today can slim your stomach, midriff, thighs and shape or give your bottom a lift. Dresses are sleeveless, off-shoulder, and halter tops. This partial uncovering, so to speak, began with increasingly shorter sleeves until what was left was merely an arm hole. Moreover the straps of the dress became narrower resulting in what was referred to as the spaghetti strap. Finally the straps disappeared altogether and brassiere designers were forced to adapt to the fashion trends. Strapless bra's were vogue and became commonplace. Torsos became more exposed in some fashion designs. Upper and side portions of the breast and arms are exposed for everyone to see. One only has to look at the fashion magazines to understand this trend in exposure. There are attempts out there to support and enhance these strategic areas of the upper body but for some reason these products are not readily available in retail stores. On the internet there are a variety of these products attempting to address the cosmetic issues of these areas. However in my opinion they do not enhance the arms in the most glamorous way possible. A search via Google Patent Search has revealed that within the last ten years there are two patents with designs similar to my own, however I believe there are significant differences between our design and the patented designs. With this in mind we have completed a provisional patent application and have a patent pending on our design. While fashion has been evolving the physical shape of women has changed dramatically. One only has to watch movies from the fifties or sixties to see the difference between women of that era and today's women. Modern women generally have a larger bone structure than women of the fifties, moreover some modern women have gained a tremendous amount of weight. Regardless of these issues it is a fact that women of all shapes and sizes still wish to look attractive and glamorous. Fashion designers have attempted to compensate for the changes in the size of women by designing loose-flowing designs. Unfortunately in some cases the reverse effect has happened - some designs actually made women look larger!

We have been thinking about our design and analysing its merits for at least four years. We have refined the design having made several prototypes and on each prototype we improved the product. There is substantial detail on the final design of the undergarment, the types of fabric used, as well as how the item is put together. We have asked friends and family if they have a problem with flabby arms and underarms. With the exception of our daughters we did not let on to others that we were developing this product. We found out that there are a large number of women, young and old, who have this problem. For most women loss of muscle tone begins around 25 years of age. If exercise is not a regular part of a woman's lifestyle muscle wasting will continue into senior years. The older you become the more prominent the problem. Moreover some women develop warts and blemishes. Other women may have medical issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Our product will help women to mask and beautify their arms, regardless of the cause, without the fear of exposing their arm issue. In the course of the surveys mentioned above most women admitted that they would love to have an undergarment to slenderise and glamorise their arms. To cover up some women told us that they simply wear a long-sleeve blouse or shawl to cover up their arms. Unfortunately these measures although covering the arms, are not as effective and beautifying as the solution which our product offers.

Armvoire may be worn with any dress in which the bra straps are covered by the dress. The item cannot be worn with dresses having spaghetti straps or with off-shoulder dresses where the wearer has a strapless bra as these garments would expose the undergarment.

We sincerely believe women all over the world will love to add our product to their body shape wear collection. Armvoire has the potential to become a standard part of every women's beautifying accessories. We have a Patent Pending on our design!

We design new products for the consumer market. We need partners experienced in marketing to the fashion/hosiery/shapewear industry or manufacturers in the aforementioned industry preferably in North America. Other jurisdictions may be considered. We promise to give thoughtful consideration to all offers.

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