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Featured Business Ideas

20 August 2012        HOUSEHOLD GOODS

Squeeze all the contents from the toothpaste tube

Innovative bathroom accessory for the extrusion of toothpaste from the tube. Unique in the world, easy to use - for every bathroom.
- Allows economical because squeezes all the contents from the tube
- Tube does not crumple
- Easy to use with one hand
- Suitable for all types / sizes of toothpaste in a tube
- Easy to install (for tiles, wall mirror cabinet with double-sided adhesive or screws) Looking For Exclusive Distributor

On the basis of the signed contracts and purchase basic quantities we guarantee joining the exclusive distribution of the product in your country.

The product is an award-winning a gold medal for innovation and international protected.....


28 December 2011        AUTOMOTIVE

Get your ticket dismissed

Steve Miller founder of first instinct was to heckle his brother about his speeding ticket.
He saw a business opportunity in his brother's reckless-driving habit. In California, a process called "trial by written declaration" makes it easier to get a speeding ticket dismissed or the charge reduced without a court date.

The "trial by written declaration" is on the back of every ticket, but few people notice it, said Miller. "We really took something that anybody can do themselves and built a business around it," said Miller, 46. coaches California drivers in this little-known method to fight traffic infractions, such as speeding tickets, sign violations and blowing red lights.
In 2004, he launched in Westlake Village, Calif., as a one-man operation. Today, the company has now 10 employees. Customers e-mail details about their ticket. Then they send the company three signed copies of the Trial by Declaration form and pay $249 to have those forms mailed to the judge or another officer of the court. They also receive a copy of Miller's book: "Traffic Tickets: Don't Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed."
There is a money-back guarantee that the ticket will either be reduced or dismissed. The key to getting the ticket dismissed is the skill which each case is presented to the court: has assembled a crack team of consultants who know the court rules and typical case scenarios inside and out.
In October of 2010, passed over the $1 million in revenue mark. "One of our goals was to hit that mark.

Other countries around the world might have similar rules to get easier a speeding ticket dismissed.
There are certainly many budding entrepreneurs who might be interested to explore this opportunity in their countries and possibly replicate this business idea.


02 November 2011        ENTERTAINMENT

Dance Heads Recording- High Demand Ahead

High Demand Ahead!

The business idea that we would like to introduce you to is associated with a largely unsatisfied demand. You certainly noticed how much people strive to be the center of attention and to be admired by others. The same desire applies to business owners. They too want their companies and products to be noticed and appreciated. The lack of attention and admiration is equal to failure. This deficit creates unhappiness in people and makes companies go bankrupt.

There is a whole line of businesses that are highly successful just because they help to implement these strong aspirations of people. Such businesses include manufacturers of fashion apparel, accessories, and even popular social networks. But the demand in those industries is huge! The product we want to tell you about attracts a lot of attention. That product is the Dance Heads studios, where anyone can record their own funny video in 5 minutes, while completely changing their usual image. This incredible transformation, like magic, evokes a storm of positive emotions and admiration from the audience.

Guests of our booths later show their Dance Heads videos to their friends and upload them on Facebook and YouTube, which multiplies the attention to them tenfold. The Dance Heads studio can be used by individual guests or a company, since we can create customized corporate videos. “For an hour, the booth was surrounded by a crowd of people and everyone wanted to record their video,” said John LeGuen, the owner of four Dance Heads studios.

Dance Heads is essentially a fully operating business that does not have analogues. It is a large, world-famous booth chain, whose product is successfully used for guests at holiday events, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, as well as theme parks and entertainment centers.

Every Dance Heads partner receives:

• Training and training manuals for the booth
• Software updates
• New videos and songs
• Promotion materials for the business
• Technical and administrative support from the professionals of the Central Dance Heads office

Our company takes good care of its partners, which is why along with technical support and educational programs you will receive information based on successful business experience, which will help you to maximize your profits. How to do business correctly? Where to use your studios? How to find loyal customers? How to choose a good location for your studios? How to make more money? All of this information and more will help you to thrive in this unique business.

Want to learn more?
Join our team! So, dear friend, if you like making people smile and you are happy to be a part of a professional team, where you and your business are the center of attention, then send your request.

We are looking for partners to make a strong and effective business of entertainment.


04 December 2010        HEALTH CARE

Non Surgical Face Lift Home Business

The business idea is about a non surgical face lift. Based on a non-invasive procedure that delivers multiple doses of red and near-infrared light to your face. The light is emitted by infra LED (light-emitting diode).

1) Our customers are people interested in looking younger as well as people interested in clearing spotty facial skin. This would of course include teenagers. I reach these people by talking to friends and family.
2) Our competitors are the upper end beauty salons.
3) This business idea is unique because of the fact nobody else is making high end non surgical masks available for small business who may be working from home. The competitive edge is the fact we can charge less than half the prices of beauty salons and still make good profits.

4) The business can be promoted by using posters and leaflets as well as talking to as many people as possible.

5) My experience in this type of business is 25 years in the health industry.

6) The cost of starting this business which includes the equipment setup charge is just Β£1000. There is a low monthly rental for the equipment.

The Daily Mail - a national UK newspaper has recently written an article on the product we use.

More details can be found on our website. We need partners that will take our equipment, use it to generate an income.


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