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Featured Business Ideas

03 July 2007        HEALTH CARE

Antivirus – a cap to protect against needle infections

Needle stick injuries cause every year 260.000 HIV infections, 20 million Hepatitis B infections. At least 50% of injections in low-income countries estimate to be unsafe. People get infected because the needle is not separated and disposed properly after an injection. Best practices in health care recommend the segregation of needles at point of use. No satisfactory solution has been found for the disposal of needles in health posts in the developing countries. Poor handling of medical sharps brings great danger, not only the health workers, but to the society all over the world.
The Danish designer Han Pham found a simple, cheap and easy solution utilizing old cola or beer cans to dispose needles and specially developed lid to safely seal them. One click and the can is permanently sealed. The snap-lock seals the two parts together without using glue or tools. The ’collar’ of the cap is protecting the user during the needle separation process. The insertion hole is designed to separate needle and syringe at the point of use. No finger can pass through the opening. Universal warning texts and symbols on the cap are designed to prevent children and illiterates from touching the container. This way each can securely contains 150-200 used needless.
Antivirus – a cap to protect segregates and isolates the used needle securely inside the can. Thereby, it prevents the practice of re-using infectious needles. Antivirus helps health care workers and poor people in low income countries to a life without diseases. Therefore, the product is based on an empty beverage can – a highly distributed product that is available all over the world. To exploit an existing resource, a waste product, and turn it into an object that saves peoples lives, is a unique and sustainable idea.


11 June 2007        FURNITURE

AlphaSphere Relaxation Lounger

Vienna Artist and Designer Sha has created a relaxation lounger, which he named AlphaSphere. The shape of an over-all spatial solution optimizes relaxation time by fully immersing human senses with colour, light, sound, warmth and vibration. Different perception dimensions blend into one holistic multi-sensory experience. Hearing, seeing, feeling allows experiencing senses not as separate sensations, but as a whole. Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibrations and warmth lead to ultra-deep relaxation or even meditation.

The AlphaSphere lounger
reduces stress:
· enhances serenity and inner balance
· gives strength to deal with stressful situations
· helps maintain a good work-life balance
· increases calmness and mental efficiency

recharges human energy:
· helps find new strength
· creates a rewarding sensation of flowing
· enables mental journeys to an inner reservoir of strength
· activates natural self-healing powers

enhances creativity:
· stimulates imagination
· helps focus on core issues
· makes room for inspiration
· provides a feeling of comfort and trust

eidens perception:
· creates pleasant physical sensations such as weightlessness
· opens up a new dimension of sensorial delight
· intensifies body perception and self-perception
· broadens the limits of space and time

The shapes, colours and materials used for AlphaSpace are perfectly tailored to emphasize multisensory impact. Multi-layered lining creates a visual three-dimensional, wave-like movement, the so-called moiré effect. The human eye is rewarded with a new sensation of spatial depth. Spatial limits cease to exist.

Children who tried AlphaSphere showed amazing reactions, instinctively lying down on the floor – part of the enormous “Spatial Loudspeaker”. They wanted to experience the sounds with their entire bodies and “grasp” them with all their senses.

Adults apparently felt a “civilizational barrier” that kept them from doing the same. These reactions led to the creation of a cultural tool that would allow adults to plunge into an intense sensorial experience while remaining in a socially “safe” environment.

The design uniqueness and usability makes AlphaSpace popular in such location as hotels, spas, airports, beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers, etc.

In these locations the profitable business model provides:
· rapid amortization due to image-boosting asset
· low personnel expenses, it is easy to operate, doesn't require previous knowledge, just plug & play installation
· low operating costs


26 April 2007        PACKAGING

Inbuilt Automatic Dosing System for Packaging

EasyDose is a Danish start up company that developed an inbuilt dosing system for all forms of powder, granulate and liquid products. The system can be made of almost all materials being used for packaging like carton, cardboard, plastic and metal. The EasyDose concept has recently won the Best Idea of Denmark - an invention competition that has been broadcasted live on national TV channel.

Depending on what product shall be dosed, the device can be made as an independent unit, which can be attached to the existing packaging or as an integrated packaging part produced from the same material as the packaging. The system does not have any movable parts and thus cannot break.

The dosing system works automatically when the bottle, paper carton or other packaging is tilt down for distinct dosing and thus doesn’t require consumers to change their habits.

The uniqueness of the system is that consumers don’t need to measure or weigh the product, because the inbuilt dosing chamber does it automatically when the packaging is tilted.

The correct dosing of washing powder saves environment, equipment and money as well as decreases allergy reactions. The correct dosing for food products guarantees on optimal taste (Nescafe, cacao, milk powered for babies, etc). With EasyDose one gets the same dose each time when the bottle is tilted. Each tilt gives a volume of, for example, an average tee spoon. The system makes it also easier for those who wish to loose weight, because the correct food dosing is essential for body energy balance.

The integration of EasyDose into existing packaging provides great added valued for the product for a very low extra cost. Millions of bottles and boxes are produced daily for products, which will be simpler to dose with an integrated dosing system. The EasyDose logo will tell consumers that the packaging has an integrated dosing system, which is activated by a simple tilting. The EasyDose is a must opportunity for all packaging producers as well as manufactures of powder, granulate and liquid products that require correct dosing.


17 April 2007        CONSULTING SERVICES

Energy Saving and Environmental Impact Consulting

We already got used to rising cost of energy. With growing economies the energy consumption has been steadily increasing. In developed countries the cost of energy has a major influence on inflation. Companies and households have so far offset the rising energy bill by relatively cheap money supply. Recently, however, the gradually increased interest rates are making the consumers more sensitive to higher energy prices.
So far most of the energy comes from fossil fuels, which increase the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere making the Global climate less stable.
The rising energy cost together with the negative global climate impact is going to increasingly motivate people to save resources and money at the same time.
One can expect more emphasize on consumer’s behaviour and energy efficiency, which is understood as delivering maximum service to meet human needs (e.g. cooling food, easing communication, ...) with the minimum input of energy resources.
Energy saving is most effective if people are aware of the available options. For example some power utility introduced several awareness raising programmes for their customers. One of them is a device which measures the electricity consumption every quarter of an hour and provides information to the client about energy saving and the rate structure. The client can recall data about the current consumption compared to the previous month and other comparative data. Moreover the device shows to the client the price for each unit of electricity in the different time zones and indicates how much money can be saved when using energy during the low-price tariff period. This system helps to save energy because it shows exactly how much money can be saved by the client.
Other utility started an extensive advisory service for its clients to promote energy saving. This includes consulting at either an office based info-centre or a mobile ‘info-bus’. Energy consultants are available on demand to visit customers at home and develop an energy-saving plan for every single house. They also initiate seminars for consumers on special issues like the use of renewable energy sources. In Denmark, ESS, the main utility company is regularly distributing to its customers free brochures providing energy saving tips applicable to each of the four seasons.

More dedicated energy saving companies are popping up around the world offering practical advice for cutting down energy and water usage and reducing their environmental impact.
One of such companies is Sydney-based Todae that offers businesses a detailed report that explains how to cut costs and go green. Todae's service is geared to small to medium businesses looking to save money, be less harmful to the environment.

The energy saving is an excellent concept, which could not only assess the energy efficiency but as well the environmental impact. In our previous posting we explained how global warming brings new business ideas and opportunities. The energy saving and environmental impact assessment service is one of the opportunities that can be easily branded and franchised.

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