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13 November 2006        ADVERTISING MARKETING

Interactive Internet ad for common products

A new research by Dynamic Logic MarketNorms confirms that interactive ads increase brand awareness to a greater extent than non-interactive ones. Consumers exposed to interactive ads felt more favourably towards the brand than when exposed to a non-interactive ad, and intent to purchase was significantly higher.

We found an excellent example of an interactive ad on the Internet for such a common product as tomato ketchup is. The ad banner entices visitors to grow up their own virtual tomato plant and win various prizes if they succeed.
The ad is in fact an online game that requires users to login regularly to take care of their virtual tomato plant.
The users have to:
-> water and fertilize their plant regularly. Too little or too much is bad.
-> show their affection playing music and writing nice words to the their tomato plant.
-> provide magic grow codes that can be found on Beauvais tomato ketchup bottles. (Of course the users have to buy the bottles to get the code).
-> harvest the big and nice tomatoes at right time to allow other tomatoes to grow up.

The winners are those who harvest most tomatoes per week, month and a whole promotion period. The participants can win a prize up to 700EUR.

The tomato game is an excellent simple tool how to increase awareness of the product in a funny natural way. The same concept can be applied to many other common products that can be found on the shells of supermarkets around the world.


01 November 2006        AUTOMOTIVE

Wheels and Tires Hotel

Wheels and tires are one the most essential parts of any vehicle. Changing seasons from summer to winter and vice versa might require changing tires as well. Tires are quite bulky and many car owners have difficulties to find suitable storage place for them. The place should be preferably protected from elements keeping the tires dry and out of direct sunshine.
Not everybody has enough room to keep the tires at home or garage.

Some Danish auto repair outlets are offering service called “Tire Hotel”. It is a protected place where people can store their tires for flat fee of 10EUR for tire/wheel per season. This service is popular in larger cities where most population is living in apartment buildings that do not offer enough free space.

There are many unused suitable storage places around large cities, which can be converted to Tire Hotels. The opportunity could also be interesting for car / tire repair centres or gas stations which could offer other services like wheels / tires maintenance and cleaning.

18 October 2006        ENERGY

Small wind turbine generator for every property

The Windsave® product has been created to provide an environmentally-friendly, low-cost source of sustainable energy and providing an opportunity for every property.

The small wind turbine generator system is using low wind speeds to create electricity while avoiding the use of batteries. The system is wall mounted and incorporates our unique Plug'n'Save™ inverter that delivers the electricity synchronised to the grid supply into the property on the consumer side, reducing consumption and cost of electricity from the Grid.

The Windsave 1000 system with a three-bladed fan (1.75 m in diameter) has noise levels comparable to the sound of a person talking at normal volume. The system produces approximately 1kw of electricity, enough to run a TV, DVD player, computer, fridge/freezer and several lights.

The affordable and unobtrusive Windsave 1000 system costs around £1,498 (2,400EUR) including installation.
Through the cumulative output of multiple-unit installations the innovative technology makes the Windsave system attractive to commercial and residential properties that are unsuitable for larger wind generation units. Legislation and environmental concerns of many countries are stimulating demand for the Windsave system. Many governments are helping the microgeneration industry in a variety of different ways to promote "the Green Revolution". Opportunities remain for distributors and resellers, as well as for installation and maintenance providers.


28 August 2006        FASHION

Ladies Handbags, Straw Hats, Fashion Accessories

We exporting quality Philippine handmade items / products abroad. Our products are sold in Hong Kong, United States, UK and Spain.

We can assure you top quality items, all handcrafted to perfection. We are based in Cebu City, Philippines.

We have the edge of being based in a country that boasts of its rich natural resources and skilled people. We offer very competitive prices especially for wholesalers.

NOTE: Prices negotiable for volume orders
Email for more info/photos

Product Lines:

Ladies Handbags, Beaded Handbags, Tote Bags, Evening Bags, Clutch Bags, Coco handbags, Casual Sinamay Handbags, Coco Belts, Bangles, Earrings, Laminated resin balls, Sinamay / Raffia / Coco Placemats and Centrepieces, Sinamay Hats, Kukui Wood Beads Necklaces and Fashion Accessories, Wicker Rattan Furniture and Fixtures, Lamp shades, magazine rack, tissue holders, bread trays, fruit trays, basketry We are looking for wholesalers. Bulk order buyers preferred.


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