BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : IT BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog IT , innovative business concept 5 Jul 2017 luwevod IT Subject: Looking financial support for innovative business concept.
I like to layout some big business concept for your kind perusal please.
1) www.IndianFamilyHistory.Com and www.786Family.Com : A social family networking website containing following details:
a. Family Members : Profile, Photo and Video Album, Educational and Professional details etc
b. Families connections: Inter-cast or external-cast all relations among the families
c. Family background
d. Family history
e. Privacy
f. Family Tree and Family Chart : downloadable multilevel and various plant type options
g. Share Events
h. Future events and videos for future dates
i. Matrimony services : It will be 99.99% correct Matrimony services with root factors
j. Astrology services
k. And many more
2) www.LifetimeFreeCash.Com and www.LifetimeFreeRecharge.Com : An e-commerce website with innovative concept of free cash for lifetime on every purchase or reference. Full concept may be furnished later stage.

3) : Indian Payment Gateway; payment gateway service is a huge demanding business.

4) www.HelloFarmaish.Com and .in : A online shopping portal with contemporary trendz, it may cover the gap between online local search engine services and online shopping services. Full concept will be disclosed later stage.
Kindly spare few times for a physical meeting to explain concept please. Basically, we need financial support to run any or all business.
Vishal Kumar
New Delhi, India

IT , Software company looking for outsourcing partner / projects 18 Mar 2017 efurito IT We are looking for company / companies / sales persons who is interested in selling our services.

Recently, we have successfully developed from scratch such systems as trading/matching platform, CRM, insurance platform and content management system. We have proved experience in building custom dashboards, work with tons of data and different data bases. To add, we've built product/services management systems, including accounting. Our reach experience perfectly fit for customers who want to authomate their business or bring great ideas to life.

Why choose us? Because complex can be simple. Keeping that in mind, we deliver results to our clients, bringing the best technologies into their ideas.

We offer:
- professional attitude;
- custom solution from scratch that meets all your requirements and exceeds all your expectations;
- clean code and documentation;
- meeting deadlines;
- communication;
- asap availability to cover any loads;
- support and consulting.

Our process is effective and straightforward:
1. Collect requirements.
2. Build clickable prototype and design.
3. Development.
4. Testing.
5. Launch.
6. Support.

We are looking forward to work with you and help achieve your goals.
Our knowledge - your advantage.

Thank you.]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , How to promote my business 6 Mar 2017 tudecef advertising marketing I have been running a restaurant in Toronto. This is the second year of my business. The profit has slightly decreased for the past three months. Hence, I'm planning to promote my business. Any advertising techniques?
One of my friends suggested me to use direct mail advertising( ). I don't know much about it. Has anyone used this service? If so, kindly share your experience.
Any other advertising methods?
Thanks in advance]]>
GENERAL OPPORTUNITY , Grow your business with Toggar 11 Aug 2016 cajepor general opportunity Toggar, which loosely translates to ‘traders’ in Arabic, was recently founded in 2014 at Germany. It is the first online B2B company concerning the countries from Europe and Middle East. It aims to increase and improve business activities and transactions in these regions. Toggar helps by increasing the market reach of all businesses, from cheap manufacturers to the best wholesalers everywhere.
It is through B2B e-commerce that the trading obstacles are given the best solutions. As a B2B enterprise, is responsible for establishing relationships between the best wholesalers in Europe and Middle East and the consumers. Aside from effectively connecting businesses with each other and with consumers, Toggar eliminates delays brought about by distance.
Toggar helps the consumer by simplifying the buying and selling process and of finding and selecting desired products and services faster than ever. Since business transactions are done online, consumers can easily search and purchase anything they need, be it cheap electronics or cheap fruit wholesalers. At, consumers can fill out a Purchasing Request and the website will find the appropriate seller. This useful feature will ensure consumers they will get the cheapest and best product and service available in the website. It will also enable faster and efficient expansion of businesses and customer bases unlike any other.
Any business or individual can register on the Toggar website and, can reap all the benefits and privileges a B2B website can provide, even if the business only deals in cheap produce. The business can create a greater presence in the market due to the increase in visibility. This is helpful in exposing the business’ products and services to consumers and other businesses to Europe, Middle East, and the Gulf Area.
Toggar serves as a host business for selling products and services. However, Toggar does not take commissions from any successful business transactions made between the sellers and consumers. This eliminates unnecessary costs for your business – leading to more savings and profits.
For small enterprises, registering their products and services at can provide the means to execute business transactions with higher efficiency. Toggar prides itself on their credibility and dependability. Customers and sellers can trust that all transactions made through Toggar are free from any type of fraudulent actions.
CONSTRUCTION , RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board 9 Aug 2016 asigoba construction

RYMAX Maxto Board is a new kind partition board for high quality buildings. It is compounded of patella cement, silver sand, porcelain granule, with fiberglass mash reinforced. With the structure like cement wall, RYMAX Maxto Board has excellent stability and durability. It is widely used for interior and exterior partition in Europe, America and Japan.

Installation of RYMAX Maxto Board is the same as other light partition board (calcium silicate board, plaster board, etc.). With its innovative dual sides design, the board can be fixed with ceramic tile, stone board or glass on its rough side; while its smooth side can be fixed with wallpaper or be painted. It is ideal for high class residential building, high-tech factory, shopping mall, restaurant and hotel, etc.

* Excellent Waterproof property;
* Excellent Fireproof Performance;
* Amazing Heat Insulation, Energy Saving and Environment Protection;
* Rough surface - best partner of Ceramic Tiles and Marbles;
* Safe, Nontoxic, Healthy, Free of Radioactivity;
* High Stability in Physical Performance, reliable for use;
* Excellent Sound Insulation Performance

CONSULTING SERVICES , Working with foreign businesses in Vietnam 9 Mar 2016 bacopyr consulting services
My job here is to help you to find information, people, places, resources and to give you ideas, for you to make great decisions/selections.

IT , Establish software development company in Bangladesh 8 Feb 2016 kadilep IT I have 12 years working experience and now want to establish a software development company in Bangladesh.
Right now Bangladesh have emerge future in domestic and offshore development in Software industry. Skilled Professionals are available. Lot of Company from EU and USA open branch office here in Dhaka.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Looking forward to business partners with ideas/products 26 Jan 2016 idegamy wholesale and retail ENERGY , Mechanism of renewal of energy 5 Jan 2016 wuruniv energy It doesn’t need cooling system, it doesn’t use the fuel but some lubricant, it doesn’t need any filters and it is able to work “openly” underground, underwater, in gaseous atmosphere and in the open space. It is reversible, can work without transmission.
It’s a cold mechanism which doesn’t need heating and then cooling. Neither heat of deserts nor the Antarctic cold can hinder its work.
Its production is not expensive, it is simple in operation. Any transportation (auto, air, ships, railway and other) will become profitable with this mechanism. It can not only compete with electric stations, atomic included but to give them odds. Neither the earthquakes nor other natural calamities frighten it. This is ideal for (electro-generator, bus, truck, SUV and van, helicopter, dirigible, ekranoplan, unmanned aerial vehicle, jet pack, hovercraft, amphibian, submarine, refrigerator, railway, metro, rail gun, laser, desalination of sea water, open space…).
It can save the world civilization from the global increasing of the temperature (hotbed effect, floods, waterspouts…); oil pollution; energetic crisis; industrial breakdown; toxic gas ejection (CO, NO, CH4); further destroying of the ozone layer of the earth; progressing aids (during the temperature increasing and organism dehydrating), and also diseases cancer.

Having rendered the assistance in patenting and implementation, having become the co-participant of the project, you will get rid of not only oil-gas and economic but also political dependence.]]>
IT , Want to nvest 10-50 lakhs to an exclusive business idea 6 May 2015 sedyfyw IT FASHION , Hosiery shapewear 24 Mar 2015 ymavomu fashion
What is the product?
Armvoire is arm hose for the enhancement of ladies upper arms as a new vogue accessory in the contemporary era of body shape wear. Armvoire focuses on controlling flabby arms and underarms. The arm hose has multiple applications and formats. A key feature for the first version of this product is that the fabric for the arms and underarms is sheer so that the arms and underarms appear close to the skin colour of the wearer, in the same way that panty hose beautifies the legs of women. Moreover just as panty hose slenderises the legs of women Armvoire will also slenderise the arms of women. Subsequent formats of this arm hose will include amongst others, fish net, lace, and a variety of colours and patterns. Lastly Armvoire masks skin blemishes in the arms, and improves the appearance of muscle tone.

The best way to explain the need for this product is to look closely at the fashion trends of bygone years. Years ago most women wore long skirts and blouses with long sleeves. The purpose then was to cover up as much of the body as possible. When brassieres and corsets became available women were able to show off their slim waists and well-supported busts. Then along came leg stockings held up either by garters or suspenders. These accessories gave women the choice of showing off their smooth slenderised legs. Skirts and dresses became shorter but the skirts were still gathered or pleated and long enough to cover the tops of stockings as well as cover any garters or suspenders. When panty hose was invented women could wear slim tight-fitting skirts or dresses, as there was no longer any need to hide garters or suspenders.

The evolution is obvious, fashion and design continue to expose more of the female body than ever. Following the same logic there is a demand to provide the same benefits to the upper body as was provided for the lower body. The shape wear available today can slim your stomach, midriff, thighs and shape or give your bottom a lift. Dresses are sleeveless, off-shoulder, and halter tops. This partial uncovering, so to speak, began with increasingly shorter sleeves until what was left was merely an arm hole. Moreover the straps of the dress became narrower resulting in what was referred to as the spaghetti strap. Finally the straps disappeared altogether and brassiere designers were forced to adapt to the fashion trends. Strapless bra's were vogue and became commonplace. Torsos became more exposed in some fashion designs. Upper and side portions of the breast and arms are exposed for everyone to see. One only has to look at the fashion magazines to understand this trend in exposure. There are attempts out there to support and enhance these strategic areas of the upper body but for some reason these products are not readily available in retail stores. On the internet there are a variety of these products attempting to address the cosmetic issues of these areas. However in my opinion they do not enhance the arms in the most glamorous way possible. A search via Google Patent Search has revealed that within the last ten years there are two patents with designs similar to my own, however I believe there are significant differences between our design and the patented designs. With this in mind we have completed a provisional patent application and have a patent pending on our design. While fashion has been evolving the physical shape of women has changed dramatically. One only has to watch movies from the fifties or sixties to see the difference between women of that era and today's women. Modern women generally have a larger bone structure than women of the fifties, moreover some modern women have gained a tremendous amount of weight. Regardless of these issues it is a fact that women of all shapes and sizes still wish to look attractive and glamorous. Fashion designers have attempted to compensate for the changes in the size of women by designing loose-flowing designs. Unfortunately in some cases the reverse effect has happened - some designs actually made women look larger!

We have been thinking about our design and analysing its merits for at least four years. We have refined the design having made several prototypes and on each prototype we improved the product. There is substantial detail on the final design of the undergarment, the types of fabric used, as well as how the item is put together. We have asked friends and family if they have a problem with flabby arms and underarms. With the exception of our daughters we did not let on to others that we were developing this product. We found out that there are a large number of women, young and old, who have this problem. For most women loss of muscle tone begins around 25 years of age. If exercise is not a regular part of a woman's lifestyle muscle wasting will continue into senior years. The older you become the more prominent the problem. Moreover some women develop warts and blemishes. Other women may have medical issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Our product will help women to mask and beautify their arms, regardless of the cause, without the fear of exposing their arm issue. In the course of the surveys mentioned above most women admitted that they would love to have an undergarment to slenderise and glamorise their arms. To cover up some women told us that they simply wear a long-sleeve blouse or shawl to cover up their arms. Unfortunately these measures although covering the arms, are not as effective and beautifying as the solution which our product offers.

Armvoire may be worn with any dress in which the bra straps are covered by the dress. The item cannot be worn with dresses having spaghetti straps or with off-shoulder dresses where the wearer has a strapless bra as these garments would expose the undergarment.

We sincerely believe women all over the world will love to add our product to their body shape wear collection. Armvoire has the potential to become a standard part of every women's beautifying accessories. We have a Patent Pending on our design!

TRADING , Export Portal: Business Without Borders 15 Jan 2015 upisucy trading Export and import opportunities can help you business grow internationally as export marketing becomes more and more popular at the present time. Exporting your products and services into new foreign markets can significantly increase the productive efficiency of your business.
Export Portal represents a secure international marketplace being a connecting link between sellers and buyers from all over the world.
Export Portal specialists have spent many years to bring the International Business into E-Commerce Portal that can help grow and develop your business easily and safely. The company's main principles and strategies are the development of an open, cooperative and prospering e-commerce that benefits customers, traders and the economy as a whole.
The process of introducing your products to the global marketplace or buying items from the other corner of the world becomes more and more secure with the help of services provided by Export Portal. Safety of the export and import procedure is our most important consideration and priority. Applying to Export Portal's services you will always feel safe and secure as you will be assisted through the entire process of buying or selling your services to export traders or importers.The portal have already helped small business with Export and Import Procedures, custom clearance and export and import documents.
In order to become its member you just need to register and the world of international trading will be open for you. Being a registered member of Export Portal you will be able to find either suppliers or retailers for your business from the whole world. Export and Import procedures have never been so simple and so easily obtained.
The Portal includes a great number of categories such as Electronics, Household Goods, Medical Equipment, Apparel, Machinery and many others. Thus you can easily find the item you are searching for and import it to your home town. The portal also offers its members to enter the community forum in order to receive answers from specialists on export and import business.
Under the Blog section you will find the latest trends and news on Export Import Economy.
Export Portal will help you turn your business into global opportunity and open new horizons.]]>
CLOTHING , Women clothing dropshipping from Turkey 16 Oct 2014 ipobuwo clothing
We would like to offer cooperation on drop-shipping base using web service (, which will guarantee the availability of the products on your website, you won’t have to order anything before your customers will place an order
In that case, once your customers place an order, you let us know about the models and needed quantity, we prepare the order and ship it to you. This way you make business on the difference of buying by the manufacturers wholesale prices from us and the sale price on your website.
We ship the orders from Istanbul by Air Cargo directly from the factories, shipping time 4-7 days. All the models, listed on our website are in-stock, plus we do collection updates for 50-150 new styles every 3-4 days.
Since over 10 years we were indulging our customers with opportunity of shopping for the very best selected items in wholesale from all the increasing majority of Turkish manufacturers.
In the hectic buyers life they did always appreciate our experience and analytical services which were helping them to select best-selling products for their business.

At the moment we represent over 30 Turkish brands in ladies wear in standard and special sizes, including, but not limited to:
Ariyetta, Bella Mondini, Berramore, Bestini, Calypso, Domani, DSN, Es-Co, Fademo, Jaqueline, Joop, Jeremi, Jordi, Kcelc, Kriste Bell, Luisido, Lumiance, Marisis, MCS, Meganite Paris, Miss Milano, Perla Bianca, Pizara, Plaj Bags, Pozz Line, Rosa, Serpil, Siesta, Sirius, Slow Life, Stella, Swass, Vittoria, Womenly, etc.

Shipping cost to Nigeria is 4 USD/kg + 500 naira upon arrival of the goods for the customs clearance, delivery time 4-7 days. The minimal order weight shall be not less then 10 kg.
Regarding the payment options, you may pay your order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), using TT, Money Gram or Western Union.
Your order will be shipping the day we receive payment or payment confirmation receipt ( in the case of bank SWIFT transfer). Upon shipping your order you will receive shipping confirmation with all details of the shipping company, total weight of your order, shipping cost and approximate delivery time.
Represented brands are different by styles, sizing and fabrics used, which makes easier to cover the needs of our customers from over 100 countries around the globe.
The main policy of our company is to stay up to the changing environment and follow the market needs where we can offer our products and the best services possible online on our website Our young team of passionate about what they do professionals will always be delighted to provide the best shopping experience and unconditional customer satisfaction.

If you may have any questions or further information may be required, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

eCommerce Director
Tel: +90 212 519 09 04
and#8232;Fax: +90 212 517 33 90 and#8232;
and#8232;Skype: clupfashion1
Ordu Caddesi and#8232;
Sair Fitnat Sokak No: 8 K: 4 and#8232;
Laleli-Fatih and#8232;
FOOD AND TOBACCO , DreamB - healthy and freshly-made breakfast, on your desk 19 Sep 2014 ukujyvu food and tobacco HOME BUSINESS , Interior Decorating and Remodeling News 14 Jul 2014 upetaca home business
Affordable remodeling and renovating techniques
It is common for everyone to want to make big changes when remodeling, renovating, or changing up home décor, but you cannot go wrong by sticking with simplicity. Never start a project that seems too big to finish – meaning do not try to remodel your entire house at one time. Start with one room at a time. Not only will this curb any overwhelming feelings, it will also help you stick to your budget. Before tearing out cabinetry and ripping up floors, Family Handyman suggests making little upgrades that make big differences such as rollout shelving in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Simple changes such as this one not only give rooms an upgraded feel, they are also affordable! If you are itching to make changes in your home, consider switching up the paint color in certain rooms. Painting might cost $50-$200 depending on the project, but it is a lot cheaper than knocking out walls for expensive add-ons. Sometimes all one needs is a color change to feel like they have upgraded. Painting projects do not take a long time either. In 1-3 days, again depending on the size of the project, you can have a completely made over room where remodeling can take months. If the paint color is not enough of a change, be creative by adding wall trim in unique ways. Storage and organization can go a long way when it comes to making home changes. Many people feel like they need to add on to their homes when space becomes limited. What they do not realize is that most of the time the solution is to de-clutter and organize. Closet organizers are an inexpensive way to save and open up space in a home, and just like rollout shelving in the kitchen, it gives an upgraded feel at a little cost. There are several ways to upgrade your home without going bankrupt. All it takes is a little creativity!

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News brought to you by
FINANCIAL SERVICES , Lender / Investor Seeks Partners and Clients 18 May 2014 utibava financial services There are no upfront fees of any kind. There is no personal liability.]]> EDUCATION , Looking for Partner for a personalized learning opportunity 12 May 2014 cadubef education It is about personalized learning by focusing on Point of Learning Analytic's
Gamification of Mathematics
Personalized report of students performance which is shared with the parents on weekly basis.
Teacher -parent interaction which helps in identifying and bridging the gap.

Who can do it:

Whoever is interested to do business and you can do it from your current work with spare time or
if someone staying at home they can do it in their free time. Don't ignore any simple idea thinking
it may not work, just give a try you never know.

High Level Simple Business Model:

Running the partner learning center wherein complete service support would be provided for which we will be training and will be proving the necessary modules.

Revenue Model:

You get paid for sourcing/ registrations based on agreed terms and conditions from the entire deal. This could be the alternative source of income for you. It would be a revenue share, 80% goes to you as a partner and 20% goes to us.

What kind of service/support you can provide:

Hardware support.
Tutor /coordinator support.
Backend support / Training and marketing support will be provided by us to make sure the business scales.

I have just listed few ideas here, whatever is possible and whatever is required,
We will work on it and we will see if it can be done.

General Terms and Conditions:

You are responsible for handling all your local clients request, accounts. The business must comply all national and international regulations, tax law and whatever is legally applicable and General
Terms and Conditions as it applies to each and every business.

If you are interested in the above proposal please write to me at Mayank @]]>
CONSTRUCTION , Helping your home recover from a long, hard winter 25 Apr 2014 osydife construction
NAHB chair suggests early inspections

NAHB Remodeling Chair Paul Sullivan said, “Winter weather can damage homes in ways that aren’t easily visible. Home owners should protect their investment and hire a professional remodeler to repair or replace damaged components now, before spring storms create more problems.” Summer weather can also exacerbate existing problems, so even though spring is fully upon us, it’s never too late to make home repairs.

Check the roof for damage and leaks

Start with your roof. Are there missing shingles? Debris built up in corners? Gutters should be cleared of leaves and dirt and downspouts checked for damage. Also check in your attic for signs of leaking—including mold, wet wood or insulation, or a dank odor. If you live in an especially cold area, you’ll want to check in the crawl space for evidence of ice-damaged pipes. These can lead to expensive repair jobs if left unchecked.

Inspect siding and windows

Siding should be inspected for cracks, loose pieces, or other damage. You should find good caulking around the windows and doors with no crumbling or cracking. Caulking provides a watertight seal to prevent leaks or drafts. You can also check your weather stripping for wear and tear. Replace it before you have to spend a fortune on air conditioning that seeps straight out into the summer sun.

Stop cement cracks

Another major problem to be on the lookout for following an especially brutal winter is cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and foundation. If there were any small cracks before cold weather hit, they may be worse now as water would have infiltrated them, froze and expanded, and continued this cycle throughout the last few months. Patch these cracks quickly before they get worse, especially those cracks in the foundation.

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by


IT , Bulk Text Messaging Software 23 Apr 2014 memojit IT CLOTHING , Need Investor for Garments Manufacturing (Denim Project) 13 Mar 2014 obokufe clothing
1) My customers are… Ananto Apparels, H andM, Complises etc

2) My competitors are… All of Denim manufacturer in Bangladesh

3) My idea is unique because of… Now a days Denim is rising sector in Bangladesh and It's Very good demand in all of market

4) I want to promote the business by…

5) My experience in this type of business is… 1year working experience and I am MBA holder in Apparel Merchandising

6)I estimate that it will cost …150,000 EUR to start the business.