BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : ADVERTISING MARKETING BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog ADVERTISING MARKETING , How to promote my business 6 Mar 2017 tudecef advertising marketing I have been running a restaurant in Toronto. This is the second year of my business. The profit has slightly decreased for the past three months. Hence, I'm planning to promote my business. Any advertising techniques?
One of my friends suggested me to use direct mail advertising( ). I don't know much about it. Has anyone used this service? If so, kindly share your experience.
Any other advertising methods?
Thanks in advance]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Ten Partners Wanted for social media advertising 4 Oct 2014 obidyri advertising marketing
We are looking for ten partners who can follow simple guidlines to use social media from a team viewpoint to create a buzz effect that benefits all partners. With a very minimal investment our partners will need to put in ten to twenty minutes work per day and expect to benefit from our marketing and advertising plan through deals and offers from our sponsors. ]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Promote your business by means of printed messages 6 Feb 2014 lofegym advertising marketing
Dear Sir / Madam,

E-business become less and less effective as there are too much information floating around and people simply don't have time to dig out from the emails, social media, instant messaging etc...

Most worth mentioning is that the decision makers in China do not use the electronic message as often as those younger generation and most of them only understand Chinese. They only read the printed media.

Technically speaking, it becomes more and more expensive if you want to be stand out in the mountains of information that keep coming in minute, in second, even in millisecond.

It is especially true in China where over 1.5 billion people reside and over billions of internet, mobile users live. And they are sending out messages daily, in minutes, in seconds etc... And only those with no decision power at all who read those messages, not the decision makers.

Therefore, the traditional marketing methods become more effective and less expensive in comparison with the electronic methods nowadays.

So here is our opportunity:

I can send out the printed message to the physical addresses where the potential clients are located for the company with a plan for the China market.

We can liaison together to form a partnership and share the expense and profit.

The print media can be name as the Western Opportunities. I have a data base of over million addresses and contact information that can be used in this business.

As the email is less effective so I would recommend to mail out your promotion material in printed copy to the potential clients.

I can created a mail list directly mail to the other potential individuals (I am not offering the list. I only mail the brochures on their behalf at a fee).

I have collected as many as over 1,000,000 VIP contact list (I can hand pick the most relevant persons to mail out for the clients).

To begin with, I charge US$ 2.00 each address for handling plus the cost of the brochure, envelop and postage. (The clients can pick 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, addresses with their specific projects then I can search and consolidate the list and mail them out for them)

I am not selling the list as it is through my years of accumulation that is very valuable. I only send out the promotion through the listing for our clients.

I think this is an effective way to approach the Chinese market for any kind of business. I trust this is a practical way for their business promotion in addition to their regular marketing plans.

I can send you a screen shot of my computer, in which you can find that I have almost 2 GB of file in my search 2 folders and there are over 40 folders in my computer.

I have served over 20 companies to develop the Chinese market in the past 10 years. For each of the companies I have served I have to develop a contact list of tens of thousands of companies / persons in charge in order to generate the possible clients.

Actually, I market my services using the contact list I have accumulated in the past almost 10 years. For the foreign companies I can use email as to make foreign contacts through phone call, fax, and mail are very expensive.

For the Chinese domestic contacts it is much cheaper to make contacts through mails, phone, and fax. In those three communication methods, mail is the most inexpensive method.

Instant messaging is also very fast, but it only reaches those young people with no decision power. Occasionally, I also use the instant messaging for market research purpose.

The clients can use me as a local contact person too. And we can discuss a reasonable fee for this service too depended on the work load and requirements.

My potential customer data base is of high quality as it is through my personal research over a time of 10 years. And I have also reserved the best contacts that I actually made through in the separate files in different categories.

I don't sell the list, but I can use the list to generate the leads for the clients.

If there are enough clients, I can publish a regular magazine and they can place their advertisement in the magazine and sent out through the selected list I generated from my database.

I am thinking to entitle the magazine as "the America Opportunities". The magazine has to be a printed version as they will be sent out to the decision makers who only use to the printed media.

What do you think?

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Haiqing (Oliver)
ADVERTISING MARKETING , How to reach your audience with Facebook marketing 23 Aug 2012 wokomic advertising marketing Qwaya a Facebook ad manager tool, specializing in Facebook Ad conversion, has here created a quick overview of what it takes to get show your Ad to the right target group. Please find the image (infograph) down here below.]]> ADVERTISING MARKETING , Marketing apprentice campaigns and ideas 27 Jun 2012 wejyvad advertising marketing The competition is open to all students, regardless of major, with team size of up to four persons. The complete details can be found under different headings.
As well, students can get a chance to win online marketing contracts worth Rs 1 lakh.]]>
TOURISM , Membership card tourism web site needs investors 2 Apr 2012 asiryny tourism
We will offer 49% revenue return and the revenue will be a long time relationship with he investor on our project.
The project is in place and we are fully operational and ready to go with the investment and the expansion.

We are empowering a B2B advertising technology that places a unique business advertising, with exceptional promotions for the businesses we serve, and for the consumers. needs a attractive membership program. We are positioned to disrupt the standard way consumers remunerate and source consumers trends, metrics and great outcomes on this great project.]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Buy a plot on a virtual planet 29 Nov 2011 karokag advertising marketing website.

What are planet plots?
Through our site you can show your loved one how important is he, how much you love him and want to tell the entire planet.Write down his name or make love message.Thank someone or just congratulate a friend for celebration (birthday, st.Valentine`s, Christmas etc.)
Advertise your business or website, write their name on our planet and they will be seen by everyone. Accessible, easy and original way of advertising.

Who has the idea for the site?
We were on holiday and the idea came from my girlfriend. You should ask her.

How it all began?
When we returned from our holiday, we decided to implement the idea. So we wrote a topic on a forum and started our adventure. We found our man who turned this idea into reality.

How long will it be online?
The planet will exist for at least 2 years, ie at least until 2013.

How can I get a place on the planet?
Choose the place on the planet you like and by clicking with the mouse 2 times you open a window with a form to purchase the place you choose.

How much does it cost?
Some places are cheaper, other more expensive, depending on the region of the plot, but the price is $4 to $31

Who can buy land?
Anyone can buy land by us.

How much plots can I buy?
You can buy as much as u want.

How soon will my plot appear?
Usually it takes us less than 24 hours, but it`s possible that several people buy plots on the same day and it will take some more time to process all requests. Please be patient, you will be surprised how fast we are.

Is this planet real?
No, it`s only on the Internet. We offer you a good idea to invest, you can do many things with your place on our planet.

Why choose us?
-We are the first with such an innovative idea that is fun and original.
-Many people will see your message on our planet.
-We are young and creative and have the desire to do something different and interesting.
-You can participate in our game.

I hope you will like the idea and meanwhile I'm at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Amphibious and Floating Billboard Advertising 14 Sep 2011 ryjujuc advertising marketing ]]> ADVERTISING MARKETING , Memorable 3 letters logo trademark concept 5 Jul 2011 winyvaf advertising marketing INTERNET , Worldwide Online Discount Vouchers Company 18 Jun 2011 ykoceva Internet
2. Major competitor will be Groupon and Living Social.

3. I have a unique marketing concept that I will only share with serious and potential partners.

4. I plan to launch a full scale advertising once I have enough funds.

5. I have done extensive research for target market.

6. My website is already built and paid for. I need experienced and dedicated partners to launch this huge potential business.

7. Why wait? This might be your best investment ever.
CLOTHING , Opening designer apparel shop in Saudi Arabia need financing 16 Dec 2010 magikyd clothing ADVERTISING MARKETING , Daily collective deal action platform better than Groupon 29 Aug 2010 cytirut advertising marketing I have a catchy domain name to start with and have spoke to local business and everybody thinks this is better idea then a Groupon and LivingSocial ( those both swallow multi-million profits in very short period of the time ). Every small business owner I spoke to was very excited and would love to use our type of services.
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Eye Tracking service distributors wanted 16 Aug 2010 igycymo advertising marketing
We build and release software for eye tracking studios and we provide eye-tracking tests via Internet.]]>
FINANCIAL SERVICES , Debt Relief, Credit Repair, IRS Tax business opportunity 19 Jul 2010 iwokiva financial services
Powered by Support – What sets us apart is our support for our agents. With weekly email newsletters, daily webinars on topics such as marketing, advertising, social networking, debt industry knowledge and more.

Marketing 3 Financial Services
*Debt Settlement
*IRS Tax Debt
*Credit Repair

It is a unique marketing opportunity, where we encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being.
There will only be ONE Verified Direct representative per town / city. ]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Support for your business in former USSR 17 Jul 2010 evokate advertising marketing We can advertise and promote your products / offers directly to the most potential importers / distributors for your business from former USSR countries.
We offer only unique and highly focused services, flexibly approached to your needs and requirements. For example, we can publish your catalogue and circulate it. Or translate your web-site and place it in local search-engines.

ADVERTISING MARKETING , The worlds’ only community first Digital Billboard Busines 29 Jun 2010 apegisy advertising marketing A true "Business In A Box"
Lowest Cost investment with the highest returns in the US
Control Ads From Home via the Internet.
Place the Ad Server and Display in a high traffic area, connect it to the internet and sell ads for $25 a month to make great income!

Work from Home or add to your existing business

No need to quit your current job. Start part time, work from home or just do it as a retirement plan and keep your present job.
A to Z Builds you a custom website to help you sell your ads and take payments using PayPal. We give you everything you need to become a Digital Billboard company that you can work and control from home.

Anyone can do it!

Don't through away your money on MLMs or get rich quick scams. All the information required to start is included in our turnkey system package. Very little technical experience required and no complicated books to read or follow. If you can operate a TV and upload images to MySpace you can do this too and make good money doing it.

We also teach you how to get your new business off the ground 100% free with online Webinars.

1) My customers are all over the US

2) My competitors are very high and low profit

3) My idea is unique because of the People 1st Profit Second business model

4) I want to promote the business by helping people create income

5) My experience in this type of business extensive

6) I estimate that it will cost $750 dollars]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Bluetooth proximity marketing 22 Apr 2010 vimulop advertising marketing Our software – was developed by our company and our solution is now able to include all the main directions of marketing activity, in contrast to traditional methods of advertising, when each type represents only one.
Why use Bluetooth Proximity Advertising?
• The effectiveness of contacts is much higher than in other ways of spreading information.
• Information is saved in the telephone, computer and can be later transferred to friends or relatives
• Every person is a potential receiver of the information.
• Absolutely free of charge to both send and received these messages.
• The opportunity of offering different services (menu order at a restaurant, Interactive games in a club, weather forecast, rates of exchange, stock quotation, chats etc.)
• The opportunity of static data collection.
• The receiver decides whether to receive the message or not (doesn’t annoy the receiver).

The target group includes 80% of population, and about 20% of them always keep the Bluetooth function turned on. This number will increase up to 90% in the case of using infotainment (posters, light boxes, etc).

Marketing functions.
Advertising - allows you to attract new clients.
Impellent (discounts, flyers) – increases sales result and extends the popularity of brand.
Comparative - allows you to win clients over rivals.
Reminding - increases the loyalty of existing clients.]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Journal for reviewing city entertainment possibilities 27 Mar 2010 rykavyr advertising marketing ADVERTISING MARKETING , Promotional Pens, Dry cleaner, Home cleaning 8 Aug 2009 fedibam advertising marketing You can use a very cheap promotional pens to promote your business...
2) Are you a house cleaning SOHO worker?
Use this pen to promote your service.
3) Bookings green hotels, sales green housing, give this green pens for your customer to remember you, keep your advertising on the pen also in your hotel rooms, using the promotional pens as new business cards...
4) Are you a business man who researches the marketing program?
You can sale this pen in the area from your green eyes, where you see the green things, where you can sale the green should have a listing of green things, then you could sale more and more...]]>
JEWELLERY , Excess jewellery inventory website idea 22 Apr 2009 ytenuma jewellery In today’s economy, there is a large amount of consumers who are trying to either trade in jewellery or be in fashion and buy the latest trends. As a result, a plethora of small mom and pop retail shops have an abundant amount of jewellery stocked up in inventory that cannot sell. Today, jewellers will try to sell the inventory on eBay, sell the jewellery to other local retailers, or put the item(s) on consignment. Our website will solve the problem of keeping track of retailers’ inventory by allowing mom and pop jewellery owners to buy, sell, or trade existing inventory with one another. It will be a service that jewellery owners can log into and visually see what other excess inventory that local and distant owners are selling. Initially, the first few items will be free to upload and then a tiered pricing structure will be put in place if the jeweller wishes to upload more items. Additionally, it will sell data to marketing firms so they can understand what advertisements direct what traffic in a variety of niche jewellery markets. This will solve an ongoing problem that many jewellery owners have been facing for a long period of time.

Business Plan
Fact Finding
1. Retailers have a hard time getting rid of excess inventory.
2. This is true for all kinds of jewellery.
3. Typically they call a broker first to get a quote.
4. Usually they sell them at breakeven or a loss.
5. There are two central hubs with markets – NYC and LA.
6. Harder for jewellers in the Midwest because there aren’t as many brokers.
7. Diamond providers sell to wholesalers who sell to brokers who sell to retailers.
8. Don't know if Mom and Pops will buy in.
9. Some jewellery is “certified.”
10. Market is currently priced high.

Problem Finding
Jewellery retailers have trouble getting rid of excess inventory
12. The custom jewellery is more of the target.
13. There is no “blue book” for jewellery – there are standards for diamonds.
14. Brokers buying it back don’t see the piece before they buy it.
15. Chip thinks the certificate process might be flawed.
1. How might retailers know what inventory they have?
2. HMW standardize pricing on customized products?
3. HMW increase trust in our clients?
4. HMW certify customized pieces?
5. HMW share our inventory with others?
6. HMW sell excess inventory?
7. HMW generate a positive margin?
8. HMW centralize the link to the brokers?
9. HMW determine how much it is costing retailers to hold onto inventory?
10. HMW find other retailers to trade with?
11. HMW reach a larger audience and display our products to them?
12. HMW sell the excess inventory brokerage service to others?

HMW help mom and pop retailers to sell more?
1. Create niche products.
2. Create a link to more retailers.
3. Increase on-line advertising.
4. Advertise in niche magazines.
5. Advertise on radio.
6. Create an on-line site that links retailers together.
7. Create an on-line site that rates retailers based on previous transactions.
8. Track what is being purchased at the retail level.
9. Create a history of previous sales.
10. Put inventory management system on-line.
11. Create the jewellery Blue Book.
12. Write a column/article about your products to increase knowledge.
13. Create newsletters for jewellery stores.
14. Track existing clients for special sales.
15. Provide discounts for returning customers.
16. Sell data on retail sales to wholesalers.
17. Showcase the items for other retailers.
18. Offer on-line service for free - better placement for subscribers.
19. Create a market space for excess inventory – for retailers and consumers.
20. Create E-bay for jewelry stores.
21. Partner with inventory management company and interface with online site.

Action Plan
1. Find out who gets hurt by this business?
a. The Brokers will slightly get hurt since they will be selling less inventory that is now traded by my site.
b. Who are the stake holders?
c. The Stakeholders are the brokers, retailers, consumers, and advertisers

2. What margins are retailers working with?
a. Today Retailers are working with margins of 2-10% off of each sale for loose diamonds. In regards to watches and other jewelry, the margins are between 2-6%.

3. What’s the size of the market?
a. Total Market 55B
b. Real Jewellery 44B
c. Costume Jewellery 10B
d. I would like to get 3 – 6% margin of initial profits through advertisements.

5. What competition is there?
Retail jewellers will face increased competition from suppliers to the mass market, such as home shopping channels, mail order firms, Internet retailers and discounters. These mass merchants, which did not exist 30 years ago, have gained a share of more than 25% of the jewellery market.

6. What are people doing now?
a. Today retailers and mom and pop shops are selling excess inventory on EBAY, selling to pawn shops, to brokers, or on consignment.

7. Do customers prefer to see the jewellery before purchasing?
a. As long as the diamond or piece of jewellery is well described, gemmologists and jewellery retailers can figure out the 5 c’s and quality of the diamond.

8. Is it possible to incorporate larger retailers?
a. Yes it is possible but not plausible since larger retail shops can get increase inventory turns faster due to the large amount of stores and dealers across the US or the world. However, smaller mom and pop shops only sell niche jewellery in well off areas.

9. Could mom and pop buy larger stores excess/overstock?
a. Yes, if there is a large volume of excess inventory, larger stores will buy the excess inventory.

10. What is your niche?
a. To create a SERVICE that allows mom and pop jewellers to trade with one another. For now, I will just focus on small jewellers that have a lot of excess inventory on hand.

Interview with Jewellery Owner:
1. Broker System – RAPNet – the brokers use this system to trade jewellery with other brokers across the world.

2. Average Inventory Turnover currently takes 1-3 months for excess inventory.
a. Depends on the current trends in the market

3. How can we rate retailers that use the service?
a. Qualify Retailers - Get Retailers credentials and TAX information and reference it against county recorder data (Equalization Board) that is made public.

4. Do not get the larger retailers to use the service initially since they might purchase large volumes of inventory at low prices and put the smaller stores out of business.

5. Some of the clients to this service will be estate jewellers, consignment jewellers, pawn shops, local mom and pop jewellers, and ebay auctioneers

6. What are you doing now?
a. Selling items on ebay
b. Holding inventory that is not trendy in the store.

7. Do not get into the business of keeping the inventory. Leave that up to the retailers and have the retailers show the products to the customers.

8. Journals / Retailer Databases

a. Jewellers Board of Trade Journal
b. JCK Directory

9. RAPAPORT – monthly report that states the current price of loose diamonds.]]>