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We buy junk cars including, all years, makes and models in any condition. Wrecked cars, junk cars, damaged cars for sale, and even crashed cars for sale are of interest to junk car buyers. Yes, we buy wrecked cars; and more importantly you junk a car with us, junk car removal is included free of charge, provided it is local junk car removal. You do not pay us one cent instead we take your junk car for cash paid on the spot.

Lost car title, that is OK to. Getting a new vehicle title can sometimes cost more than a Junk Car is worth, but it is ok, lost vehicle title is no problem at all. You can still sell your car for cash, junk cars with no title is NO PROBLEM!

We buy your junk car for the highest CASH paid on the spot! …Prompt, professional service with Honesty! Sell your Junk Car to us today and receive a 2 Nights and three days stay at a Deluxe Hotel in over 50 cities across the US.

With over 25 years’ combined experience and “Five-Star” Rating, we make selling your Junk Car for Cash in Orlando, Maitland, Winter Park, Lake Marry, Edgewood, Kissimmee, Poinciana, Winter haven, Haine City, Lake Wales, Frostproof, Bartow, Davenport, St Cloud, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, Davie, Miramar, Pembroock Pines, Homestead, Miami Gardens, Miami Springs, Miami Lake, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Adventura, Hialeah, Sweetwater, Redlands, and the lower Keys Hassle Free!

We welcome all individual junk car owners and any Commercial Accounts. Contact our Auto Salvage Yard NOW! To get the best price for your Junk Car Removal! And put us to the test! It’s never been easier to Junk a Car for Cash.

AUTOMOTIVE , TEJJ Constant Torque IC Engine 19 Sep 2012 semevik automotive
1) My customers are…IC engine manufacturers and I can reach them by...e-mails.

2) My competitors are…NONE

3) My idea is unique because of… This is the only IC Engine which gives maximum possible torque continuously just like an electric motor and the competitive edge is…work dpne per power stroke of the piston is about 55% more than in existing engines.

4) I want to promote the business by…Selling or Licencing my patent.

5) My experience in this type of business is…I have invented this engine. No one else has any experience in this new technology.

6)I estimate that it will cost …EUR to start the business. 10000 Euros for making a prototype and testing it.

7) I am ready to commit …EUR to start my new business. NIL

AUTOMOTIVE , Voice to Speech in Automotive Industry 24 May 2012 wamimum automotive AUTOMOTIVE , Green Initiative in India - Silicon Sheets for Car's Roofs 22 May 2012 akusavo automotive AUTOMOTIVE , Child Car Alarm 2 protect R children from being left n a car 19 Apr 2012 wojalis automotive
I’ve been thinking about, all the deaths around the world because people forget and leave their kids in their cars, I have come up with some great ideas, but some would be too expensive and would only work with new cars. I will tell you later if interested. But the idea I came up with should be inexpensive and should be easy to program or make work or create. I was thinking since majority of cars have alarm systems I was thinking maybe we can create a alarm system that works the regular way, but the only difference is after 3 to 5 seconds after locking your vehicle with your alarm pad, that your car beeps or makes some type of alarm noise for a few seconds to remind you to go back and look in your car, truck, SUV or Van to make sure no kids have been left in the vehicle especially SUV’S and 8 thru 16 passenger vans and school or daycare vans or remind you did you look inside of the vehicle for children left in the car. That’s what the beeps or the few second alarm will do just a reminder to think and check. Now I know everyone don’t have children maybe they can program it their selves especially if you have a new car, if you want it to work or not so you can disable it if you would like. But if you have an 8 passenger or more SUV or Van you can’t disable it. It will be automatic in those vehicles. Even if you forget to lock the door with your alarm or keypad after you turn off the engine after 3 to 5 seconds your alarm still gives the warning sound just for another safety option.
More expensive ideas, for new vehicles have a sensor that monitors the weight of your seats in your vehicle and once you lock the door, if the weight is not what it usually is or if the setting that you chose is not exactly how it needs to be the car will beep or alarm goes off to check your vehicle something is still moving, breathing or there is weight in the seats that’s not the normal weight of the car or seats. But this sounds expensive, or a scanner that scans your car and if something is left in your car breathing and if the windows are up and if the heat outside is over 60 or 65 alarm goes off or you can get a text or call, on your phone saying temperature is over 65 and windows are up someone is in the car go check or do you want to roll down the windows press yes or something of this nature, can add more things to this idea later this sounds expensive also. Just a few ideas to try and save some children’s lives in this world, and I think the alarm system way would be the least expensive and the easiest to do. Idea Copy Writing already.
AUTOMOTIVE , Durable and Portable Auto mop cleaner for cars and windows. 22 Feb 2012 umemesa automotive Auto mop cleaner for cars and windows as well as general cleaning needs

Investment Summary:
This auto mop product has a prototype designed and ready to go into various shop outlets. Looking for an investor to help with financing and business partner to drive the sales and marketing
The product has an inlet for charging in your car and operates on 4 batteries. It is durable, portable and for people on the move who want to keep their car clean and tidy at all times
This is a hot product and even has a rotating part to clean snow quickly off your car
The prototype has been designed and Assembled.
Have pictures available if anyone is interested.
I have POST PAID contact so please do contact me as there are other ideas pending and really need the finance and business partner.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Get your ticket dismissed 28 Dec 2011 moderator automotive He saw a business opportunity in his brother's reckless-driving habit. In California, a process called "trial by written declaration" makes it easier to get a speeding ticket dismissed or the charge reduced without a court date.

The "trial by written declaration" is on the back of every ticket, but few people notice it, said Miller. "We really took something that anybody can do themselves and built a business around it," said Miller, 46. coaches California drivers in this little-known method to fight traffic infractions, such as speeding tickets, sign violations and blowing red lights.
In 2004, he launched in Westlake Village, Calif., as a one-man operation. Today, the company has now 10 employees. Customers e-mail details about their ticket. Then they send the company three signed copies of the Trial by Declaration form and pay $249 to have those forms mailed to the judge or another officer of the court. They also receive a copy of Miller's book: "Traffic Tickets: Don't Get Mad. Get Them Dismissed."
There is a money-back guarantee that the ticket will either be reduced or dismissed. The key to getting the ticket dismissed is the skill which each case is presented to the court: has assembled a crack team of consultants who know the court rules and typical case scenarios inside and out.
In October of 2010, passed over the $1 million in revenue mark. "One of our goals was to hit that mark.

Other countries around the world might have similar rules to get easier a speeding ticket dismissed.
There are certainly many budding entrepreneurs who might be interested to explore this opportunity in their countries and possibly replicate this business idea.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Toyota Ideas for Good 13 Apr 2011 esesojy automotive AUTOMOTIVE , Need investor for car related items 28 Apr 2010 yfirawo automotive AUTOMOTIVE , Singapore Used Car Exporter 16 Apr 2010 vypyfow automotive
Our clients in key markets like Africa, Europe, Caribbean nations and Oceanic countries has always find us to be the best choice for their used vehicle import needs.

Regardless of quantity we believe on quality, if you are a dealer or corporate looking to import medium or large quantity or a private individual looking to import a used car for personal usage, feel free to contact us without hesitation. Our dedicated sales team is always ready to assist you.

We assure all our clients of best quality and competitive prices, all our cars are handpicked and carefully selected. We understand our clients’ needs and are confident to assist them at our best.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Searching for a partner for buying used cars 21 Mar 2010 owysimu automotive The automotive market here in Romania is starting to raise again. It's a perfect moment for something like this. The Romanian automotive market has experienced strong growth in the last years. It's one of the most important second hand cars market from eastern and central Europe.]]> AUTOMOTIVE , Singapore Used Car Exporter looking for business partners 6 Dec 2009 josypag automotive Wide stock range and access to auctions in Singapore allows us to provide any sort of continental, Japanese and Korean vehicles to our clients in shortest period of time with best price.
Regardless of quantity we believe on quality, either you are a used car dealer, looking to import medium to large quantity or a private individual looking for a reliable vehicle for your personal usage.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , 3D picture of car ads 29 Oct 2009 wilodip automotive It happened to be the time when a friend of mine wanted to buy a new car. He was not fixed on any brand or type of car and just wanted to have a look at what the market could offer to him.
He always complained about the bad descriptions and the poor quality of pictures in the advertisements. As a matter of fact he is no car expert and because of that he did not even know how certain cars should look like or in which categories they would fit.

My business idea was to look at the car advertisements in newspapers, internet forums and on internet sites and called the people advertising their cars. I offered them the following service for $20:

1. Make a perfect 3D picture of the car that provides a 360 degree view on the car from every angle. This would help the potential buyer to see real condition of the car and to notice every detail.

2. To publicize the advertisement on every regional website that offer car sales with the 3D picture and thus increase the chance to really sell the car.

On my first day I had 20 customers and earned $400! It is also possible to even earn more money if you go to a car market and search your customers there, but even without that I figure that $400 are not bad for the first day working on a business simple as this. After some time I had beside occasional also regular customers, mostly car dealers. Especially for them this idea was really profitable, because they just bought a car, paid 20 bucks and one day later their new car was already on every website for internet car sales with a 3D Photo. My advantage was that I had a permanent income and I could expand my business. Right now I do not even take pictures myself, I already hired two photographers. One of is always taking photos on car markets and the other one drives to customers who hire us.

Do you know another way to make money that easy? I do not!
I only had an idea and a camera. Newspapers do not cost that much and to look at internet sites is for free. My 3D Photos where created by an internet site. One picture costs me $1 for one month which is also not a huge amount of money.
As you see there are very small start-up costs for this kind of business. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and set yourself clear goals and you can built up a business just like mine.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Buyer for I.P. for car rubbish bin needed 15 Nov 2008 iwudima automotive US$150,000 only for all international rights ( for whole ownership )]]> IT , High quality, low cost outsourcing options in IT from India 27 Oct 2008 ojuvero IT AUTOMOTIVE , Sourcing suppliers for automotive and looking for investors 7 Nov 2007 egagycy automotive AUTOMOTIVE , Non-Fossil Fuel Car Proposals 19 Jul 2007 fiwyfur automotive
I recently written some proposals I believe an automotive company should take up and used their full potential. The proposals are entitled initially “The Non-Fossil Fuel Concept Car Proposals”, and basically outlines how I have come up with a scheme will should and could enable a Car company to finance the research and development of a mass produced non-fossil fuel car.
Basically in brief what I am proposing is that a Car company, set out to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel, and with my proposals the initial need for financing of the research and development of the Concept car would be taken care of.
I would propose that the said car company widely advertises the fact that it is going to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which will be ready in 3 years time. What the car company would then do is give the car buying public the chance to put down a 10% deposit (i.e.ÂŁ1000) for the privilege of owning one the world first mass produced non-fossil fuel concept cars. The public could make down payments via the Internet or at the car companies forecourts. I would estimate that if the project was marketed right that at least 1 in 100000 of the world population would want to put down a deposit for the concept car, thus raising in excess of ÂŁ600,000,000.00 for the research and development of the world first non-fossil fuel concept car.
The are numerous reasons why the world market wants a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which include environmental reasons, ethical reasons and probably just as important financial reasons. These reasons are outlined in depth in my proposals, plus other innovative ways to make this marketing scheme for a mass produced non-fossil fuel car work. I have outlined how Internet customers could have a input as to design of the concept car, choosing the most popular aspects of current car design they like.

I came up with my “Eureka” moment when I was researching the Virgin Galactic web-site, which describes, how people can book a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight, which will be ready in so many years time, and for the privilege of doing this you have to pay a down payment of 10% of the cost of the flight. As the flights cost around £100,000, and I believe that sales of tickets has risen to over 50,000 that is £500,000,000 towards the research and development of the first Virgin Galactic Flight.
Pondering this very clever bit of marketing, I thought to myself, why this principle could be applied to the world’s first mass produced Non-Fossil Concept Car (e.g. Hydrogen powered car). Very simply, I have roughly proposed that the car company involved markets the idea of a conceptual Non-fossil fuel car, which has yet to be built, and offers customers the chance to make a down payment for one of these non-fossil fuel concept cars (which would translate as 10% of a £10,000 car). My theory is that if you could get 1 in 10,000 of the world population to make a down payment, the car company involved could generate revenues of well over half a billion Dollars.

I believe the figure of 1 in 10,000 of world population is achievable, as if you did a survey of car buyers, I would grantee you the majority would say that they would want a mass produced non-fossil car at some point in the future for a variety of reasons. If a car company takes up my proposals, it will be in a very strong position in the market place, getting a head start on its rivals.
The main reason people want a financially viable non-fossil fuel car, is that petrol prices a going up at a unsustainable rate, to the point where some motorist simple will not be able to drive a car. Oil price will continue to go up until the point where is not financial viable for most motorist to drive a car. That is when the there is a definite need for a non-fossil fuel car. The next reason, is that government tax fossil fuel to the hilt, with more oil prices go up, the more tax is levied on petrol and diesel. This just speeds up the process of more and more motorists being unable to run fossil fuel cars, hence the need for an alternative. Then there is the environmental reason, with the world getting warmer, and natural catastrophes occurring all the time, and fossil fuel cars being blame. That in turn gives governments an excuse to tax the fossil fuel car more and more. Finally there are ethical reasons, for example that most of the war zones in the world is where there are large supplies of oil. Maybe if the majority of car on the roads where non-fossil fuel cars, then maybe there would not be so many conflict in the world. I believe a lot of people worldwide would agree with this sentiment.
Also with my proposed way of financing the research and development of the Non-fossil fuel car, the car company involved will not have to invest quite so heavily as other competitors, as it would have a franchise on the scheme if possible.
Take time to consider the implications of my proposals if they where implemented, and the effect on your industry, and the advantage it would give the car company concerned over its competitors in the industry. You or one of your company’s representatives can contact me via this web-site.
A car like I am suggesting will come into existence, it is just a matter of time, and which car manufacturer starts the ball rolling. The advantage of using my proposals, is that it will be a lot less of a financial risk for the car company concerned to undertake the production of such a car.
I am willing to work with a third (venture Capitalist, businessman/woman), who can get my proposals sold onto a car, but we would need to discuss things further.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Car Buying Made Easy 11 Jul 2007 ilukivy automotive Rick Hall, 49 years old

Description of company:
The company is a full service automobile car buying service.
Concept born out of an idea: 2003, Company formed: 2005, Hired 1st employee: 2005
1st customer September 2005 Sales figures: 2004: 0, 2005: $75,000, 2006: $600,000 2007: $3,000,000 est.
The company was founded on the premise that everyone buying a car in today market deserves a fair deal without the haggle, hassle and time required to shop multiple dealers. The company is unique in that it negotiates the price of the car the consumer wants, the trade-in vehicle and the financing of the vehicle.

The company developed a marketing strategy that eliminates the need for traditional advertising mediums. The strategy: form alliances with companies to market through their organizations to their members, customers and employees. Current companies include State Farm, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Flint Energies Cooperatives and Mid-South Credit Unions.

The company engaged BKV a marketing communications firm whose clients also include The Home Depot, AT andT, Six Flags and Black and Decker to handle all internet marketing.

The company is currently developing a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the company process, a uniquely successful approach to automotive sales.
We are also currently in discussions with interested parties developing a program for the U.K.
Americans who are in the market for new automobiles, but don't want the headaches of searching or haggling for the best price, now have an alternative that can help them sidestep the usual dealership woes the company, a new car buying service that promises to save customers time and money by negotiating all of the details of the sale on their behalf. Started by former car dealership managers, the company negotiates with dealerships in a customer's area to negotiate price, financing, warranty and trade-in allowance, when necessary, for a small fee.

Customers contact the company directly by phone or e-mail with information about the make and model of car they are looking for, including any desired add-ons or special features. The company shops local dealerships for the customer to find the vehicle at the best available price and facilitates the entire transaction. At no point is the customer contacted by anyone but their representative, who even participates as a signing party on the buyer's agreement and can provide the customer with a detailed report of the negotiations. The representative is right there through all steps of the sales process, including delivery and inspection of the vehicle.

While certain dealers have long offered no-haggle pricing, the company is unique in that it's not affiliated with any particular brand or seller. Customers can use the service to negotiate sales on any make or model. The company currently serves customers throughout the United States, but the best-deal-without-haggling concept could easily be duplicated or expanded upon. In fact, the company is already running a test market program with the largest U.S. auto insurance company to further serve its customers.]]>
AUTOMOTIVE , Wheels and Tires Hotel 1 Nov 2006 moderator automotive Not everybody has enough room to keep the tires at home or garage.

Some Danish auto repair outlets are offering service called “Tire Hotel”. It is a protected place where people can store their tires for flat fee of 10EUR for tire/wheel per season. This service is popular in larger cities where most population is living in apartment buildings that do not offer enough free space.

There are many unused suitable storage places around large cities, which can be converted to Tire Hotels. The opportunity could also be interesting for car / tire repair centres or gas stations which could offer other services like wheels / tires maintenance and cleaning.]]>