BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : BIOTECHNOLOGY BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog FINANCIAL SERVICES , Finance available for business opputunities 21 Feb 2010 omicici financial services ]]> BIOTECHNOLOGY , Noisy microorganisms - need biotechnology center support 26 Jan 2005 ikotobu biotechnology It is that Microorganisms and Spermatozoa have sounds that we can hear. Hearing of such sounds may have impact on improving our diagnostic and prognostic tools in medicine; this could open new horizons in nanotechnology. If we cultivate a motile microbe on to fluid culture media and we take a drop of this fluid and watch it under microscope; we see the motile microbe swimming by the aid of its flagellum (something like our arm).

If we magnify this picture by 900000 times, it looks like a man swimming in a swimming pool and the microbial flagellum looks like the arm of a man. When a man is swimming, he pushes the water with his arms resulting in a special sound that we are familiar with it.
The same is exactly happening while the microbes move in a liquid medium. In other words, every motion produces waves and the waves over the time build a frequency that we could detect. It follows that microbes are likely to have sound. The energy, which is produced by microbial motility is too low for using traditional methods to detect it.

My own guess at this point is that unicellular organisms likely (1) elicit sound by vibrations of the whole cell and (2) the frequencies would vary according to cell size/mass. However, special structures that aid in cell motility like cilia and flagella probably produce sound waves in the surrounding medium. The question is whether we have acoustical instruments sensitive enough to detect them!

Well, it would be a revolutionary finding and tool. It would fit well into nanotechnology, which is a field of great interest nowadays ]]>
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