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We would like to offer cooperation on drop-shipping base using web service (, which will guarantee the availability of the products on your website, you wont have to order anything before your customers will place an order
In that case, once your customers place an order, you let us know about the models and needed quantity, we prepare the order and ship it to you. This way you make business on the difference of buying by the manufacturers wholesale prices from us and the sale price on your website.
We ship the orders from Istanbul by Air Cargo directly from the factories, shipping time 4-7 days. All the models, listed on our website are in-stock, plus we do collection updates for 50-150 new styles every 3-4 days.
Since over 10 years we were indulging our customers with opportunity of shopping for the very best selected items in wholesale from all the increasing majority of Turkish manufacturers.
In the hectic buyers life they did always appreciate our experience and analytical services which were helping them to select best-selling products for their business.

At the moment we represent over 30 Turkish brands in ladies wear in standard and special sizes, including, but not limited to:
Ariyetta, Bella Mondini, Berramore, Bestini, Calypso, Domani, DSN, Es-Co, Fademo, Jaqueline, Joop, Jeremi, Jordi, Kcelc, Kriste Bell, Luisido, Lumiance, Marisis, MCS, Meganite Paris, Miss Milano, Perla Bianca, Pizara, Plaj Bags, Pozz Line, Rosa, Serpil, Siesta, Sirius, Slow Life, Stella, Swass, Vittoria, Womenly, etc.

Shipping cost to Nigeria is 4 USD/kg + 500 naira upon arrival of the goods for the customs clearance, delivery time 4-7 days. The minimal order weight shall be not less then 10 kg.
Regarding the payment options, you may pay your order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), using TT, Money Gram or Western Union.
Your order will be shipping the day we receive payment or payment confirmation receipt ( in the case of bank SWIFT transfer). Upon shipping your order you will receive shipping confirmation with all details of the shipping company, total weight of your order, shipping cost and approximate delivery time.
Represented brands are different by styles, sizing and fabrics used, which makes easier to cover the needs of our customers from over 100 countries around the globe.
The main policy of our company is to stay up to the changing environment and follow the market needs where we can offer our products and the best services possible online on our website Our young team of passionate about what they do professionals will always be delighted to provide the best shopping experience and unconditional customer satisfaction.

If you may have any questions or further information may be required, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

eCommerce Director
Tel: +90 212 519 09 04
and#8232;Fax: +90 212 517 33 90 and#8232;
and#8232;Skype: clupfashion1
Ordu Caddesi and#8232;
Sair Fitnat Sokak No: 8 K: 4 and#8232;
Laleli-Fatih and#8232;
CLOTHING , Need Investor for Garments Manufacturing (Denim Project) 13 Mar 2014 obokufe clothing
1) My customers are Ananto Apparels, H andM, Complises etc

2) My competitors are All of Denim manufacturer in Bangladesh

3) My idea is unique because of Now a days Denim is rising sector in Bangladesh and It's Very good demand in all of market

4) I want to promote the business by

5) My experience in this type of business is 1year working experience and I am MBA holder in Apparel Merchandising

6)I estimate that it will cost 150,000 EUR to start the business.

CLOTHING , ONEgLOVE - everyone loses a glove 30 Dec 2010 ponudic clothing CLOTHING , Opening designer apparel shop in Saudi Arabia need financing 16 Dec 2010 magikyd clothing GIFTWARE , Gift Map / Gift Mark 28 Apr 2010 ripabic giftware
Officially, for the purpose of a patent, a Gift Map is a computer generated, not to scale, map of a genuine geographical location, such as a county, city, or town. This roughly 12X28 map, folded accordion style, contains multiple gift cards with monetary value for various businesses. The gift cards are positioned on the map with a temporary adhesive, relevant to their actual locations in that specific geographical region. In less technical terms- a Gift Map is just a folded map with five gift cards attached to it- designed in a unique and fun-looking style.

My plan is for Gift Maps and Gift Marks to be themed, using specific combinations of businesses on them. This makes it possible to buy one for a specific person or occasion. There are unlimited possibilities. Here are some of my ideas: An all restaurants version, one for men (electronics, sporting goods, home improvement, etc.), one for women (clothing, restaurants, salons, etc.), children (toys, electronics, fast-food restaurants, etc.), teens, newlywed couples, retirees, new homeowners- the list goes on and on.

The sales of Gift Maps and Gift Marks will generate revenue in the same manner as retailers selling their gift cards in other businesses than their own. It is common to see various gift cards offered in grocery stores, department stores, and other establishments everywhere. In keeping a percentage of these sales, as the retailers involved in this third party practice do, significant revenue is created. Since printing and assembly costs are fairly inexpensive, keeping a small percentage of each Gift Map/Mark sale would make a very decent profit. A small fee of about five dollars will also be charged for the
Map (three for the Mark) as well. My plan is to offer $50 (five ten-dollar gift cards) and $100 (five twenty-dollar gift cards) versions. They could conceivably be uniquely made for any city and/or town, making it possible for the Gift Map and Gift Mark to spread throughout the U.S.
CLOTHING , Reshaping body garments business options available 24 Mar 2010 mypubaf clothing ADVERTISING MARKETING , Promotional Pens, Dry cleaner, Home cleaning 8 Aug 2009 fedibam advertising marketing You can use a very cheap promotional pens to promote your business...
2) Are you a house cleaning SOHO worker?
Use this pen to promote your service.
3) Bookings green hotels, sales green housing, give this green pens for your customer to remember you, keep your advertising on the pen also in your hotel rooms, using the promotional pens as new business cards...
4) Are you a business man who researches the marketing program?
You can sale this pen in the area from your green eyes, where you see the green things, where you can sale the green should have a listing of green things, then you could sale more and more...]]>
CLOTHING , Belly dance apparel manufacturers to seek cooperation 6 Sep 2008 pyvinul clothing All our products are 100% hand-made.]]> CLOTHING , The next worldwide t-shirt craze 14 Jun 2008 ebukyni clothing I have the design(s), logos and name for line already in mind.]]> GIFTWARE , Silver jewellery with semi precious stone and handicrafts 11 Sep 2007 fewyfep giftware TEXTILES , Light-emitting textiles 24 Feb 2007 moderator textiles Behind the outer fabric, there is a layered system containing flexible arrays of red, blue and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs), only visible from the outside when the display panel is on. The Lumalive array of LEDs is housed in a flat plastic sheet, which is connected to a control driver containing rechargeable batteries and play list of pre-program images. SMS text can be sent to GMS receiver enabling a variety of messages. The whole system is water resistant and can be easily removed for laundering.

There are numerous potential applications activities such as:
- dynamic message and image board furniture, carpets and curtains for public places
- emergency workers and walking advertisements clothing
- high visibility backpacks
- high visibility children clothing and pet coats]]>
CLOTHING , Want to set up a clothing line in China? 16 Aug 2006 cybuduf clothing CLOTHING , Distributors needed for ladies and teenager fashion 19 Jun 2006 bunasiv clothing On behalf of our clients, we would like to introduce a few well established brands for distribution to Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China. These include, Ladies Fashion Accessories (designed in Australia), Ladies Fashion and Teenager Fashion. These brands are well known in their home countries and are highly profitable. Our clients do their own designing, manufacturing and retailing (in their own retail chains). Besides selling them in their home countries, their products are also distributed overseas to countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, South East Asia countries and other countries.]]> EDUCATION , Educational banners for early education centers and homes 6 Aug 2005 parynep education CLOTHING , Manufacturer of Women Knitwear looking for business partners 27 Jun 2005 erikene clothing We are located in Bulgaria.
Our staff provides hand-knitted sweaters, vests, cardigans, with accessories as sequins, stones and so on. We offer crochet clothing.
Our constant innovation of new products is the responsibility of our designer to create our own styles and designs. Every season, our designer and salesman keep up in touch with the pace of world fashion in Europe and USA.
We also established a knitting workshop with numerous workers and suitable equipment to offer prompt samples.
Quality is very important to us! Every step of the production process follows strict quality control procedures.
Additionally, custom service on all of our products is available and we are happy to work with clients to produce garments according to their specific requirements.
We are sure that our high quality products, excellent service, and competitive prices will attract more and more customer appreciation.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Exporting cheap products from the Philippines 25 Apr 2005 pimilis wholesale and retail CLOTHING , Online clothing shopping site in Philippines 31 Mar 2005 pimilis clothing CLOTHING , Customized children clothes - make your children happy 3 Mar 2005 igivomi clothing SERVICES , Logistic services, order fulfillment, remarketing 28 Feb 2005 lukumam services
Whether you are a small, medium or big scale manufacturer or are dealing with jewelry or consumer electronics / clothing items provider, I could be help to you. I have an established channels to market your items for millions online consumers and a smart software business / marketing solution to cater your needs.]]>