BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : CONSULTING SERVICES BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog IT , Software company looking for outsourcing partner / projects 18 Mar 2017 efurito IT We are looking for company / companies / sales persons who is interested in selling our services.

Recently, we have successfully developed from scratch such systems as trading/matching platform, CRM, insurance platform and content management system. We have proved experience in building custom dashboards, work with tons of data and different data bases. To add, we've built product/services management systems, including accounting. Our reach experience perfectly fit for customers who want to authomate their business or bring great ideas to life.

Why choose us? Because complex can be simple. Keeping that in mind, we deliver results to our clients, bringing the best technologies into their ideas.

We offer:
- professional attitude;
- custom solution from scratch that meets all your requirements and exceeds all your expectations;
- clean code and documentation;
- meeting deadlines;
- communication;
- asap availability to cover any loads;
- support and consulting.

Our process is effective and straightforward:
1. Collect requirements.
2. Build clickable prototype and design.
3. Development.
4. Testing.
5. Launch.
6. Support.

We are looking forward to work with you and help achieve your goals.
Our knowledge - your advantage.

Thank you.]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Working with foreign businesses in Vietnam 9 Mar 2016 bacopyr consulting services
My job here is to help you to find information, people, places, resources and to give you ideas, for you to make great decisions/selections.

CONSULTING SERVICES , Search and contact with business partners worldwide 11 Aug 2014 ylynile consulting services CONSULTING SERVICES , Innovative job portal 17 Dec 2012 kavilos consulting services We bridge this gap. We provide various services at one place like it will be a Training Portal , Placement Portal, Career Guidance Portal and A Facilitator For Job Seekers and Recruiters. Also we will be partnering with leading Education portal to provide services to School and College students.
We have the capability, knowledge and potential to take this projects to heights that will only seem a dream as of now.

CONSULTING SERVICES , Competitors Research:All Reasons Why Small Business Needs it 1 Oct 2012 ijoludi consulting services
1) Compile a list of your competitors and then answer the following questions: Where are my competitors (Online? Down the street? Abroad?)? Where do they sell? What do they sell? How do their price their product? Do they offer discounts? How profitable are they? How do their profit margins compare to the industry average? What is their branding or marketing strategy? What are their overhead costs? How are they staffed?

2) Get connected to your trade association. While this won't give you competitive information on specific companies, it will help you get a sense of your industry's best practices, industry standards and data on industry revenues.

3) Set up a Google search alert to track online mentions of your key competitors. Track Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to keep up on what your competitors are doing and try to automate this process as much as possible.

4) Assess where your competition is weak and then do something about it!
But how can a start-up follow Lesonsky’s advice without spending a fortune in research? The answer, as always these days, can easily be found online: small business owners can now find Companies House information at and get to know everything about their competition and suppliers alike. This service, which offers financial and legal data about more than 8 million UK businesses, is now easily the go-to option to do much of the legwork involved in keeping on top of the competition.
CONSULTING SERVICES , Dissolve The Box and Reposition Management 15 Jan 2012 jipafyw consulting services
Coping mechanisms are on the decline
Growth is under tremendous pressure
People are yet to express their inner intelligence
Organizational culture lacks fertility to unlock real value
Decision makers fail to see deeper, wider and faster into situations

Most individuals and organizations across the globe think traditionally “from the box” and keep struggling. Some who presently lead do so by thinking differently. They “think outside of the box” to innovate, compete and grow smartly. New management and leadership styles and different strategies have added value to the traditional organizations. But the big question is - Is it enough for tomorrow’s leaders and enterprises?
Let’s understand through this famous case:
If you ask a thief to “think outside of the box” what will be the effect? Probably he steals better than before to become a better thief by manipulates things even better (as he continues to think from the platform of the thief only).
But if the same person “Dissolves his box” he realizes he is not really a thief and at the same time he also gets the designing intelligence to reposition himself.
It’s not just an incremental but a radical or a structural shift.
It’s the same with us or with organizations around us. When we think outside of the box we are able to think outside of only the superficial boxes. Our deeper boxes still dictate. We still respond from our limited, polluted and infected mental images or self-understanding which are picked up as we grow. When we think outside of the box we only move further in that earlier chosen direction caused by deeper boxes, just like the thief who could only become a better thief.
It’s time for individuals and organizations to “Dissolve the Box and Reposition” to lead the hot, crowded and the dynamic flat world.

At this juncture one must answer the core question.
Are you “really free”?
The response of business and political leaders, professionals, scientists, students, homemakers, entrepreneurs and farmers from different parts of the world coupled with our own experience made us strongly believe that the inner intelligence of individuals and organizations has not been able to express itself as we are boxed.
What is more surprising is that our mental traps are limiting, infecting and polluting everything we do. We are not “really free” and so we have no or very little choice. We respond through “stereotyped thoughts” which come automatically and compulsively. Our decisions, strategies and execution capabilities therefore have inherent designing limitations. This has lead to companies failing, economies sinking and families breaking.
Thinking outside of the box is not enough as the box still remains the reference point. This only allows us to think out of some of the superficial boxes just like majority of the present day leaders. We still continue to respond from our “deeper traps” which are actually holding us back from really growing. This is guiding us for a very narrow growth, restricting to only a few aspects; and unfortunately these aspects are also infected.
It’s time to take the Universal leap.
Dissolve the box completely and reposition to lead the hot, crowded and the dynamic flat world. This will make the objectives, strategies and processes more integrated with the Universal Intelligence which has created and which manages the entire Universe. They’ll get the designing capabilities to incorporate finer, intelligent and relevant aspects or variables into their existing decisions, plans and execution processes. ]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Business partners wanted for government projects in Nigeria 5 Jan 2011 bofidaw consulting services
What we are looking for is someone who can put together a few good business proposals that we can use to harness some of these contacts at our disposal.

We are particularly looking for people who have foreign experience of how a particular project have been executed abroad and who can put a template of it together to implement/execute in Nigeria.

Example of some of the project we are looking to work on include but not limited to:

1) A proposal on putting together a private airport in a state in Nigeria similar to those to be found throughout Europe like in Germany, England and a host of other countries
2) A proposal on putting together a rail/overground train service in a particular city in Nigeria as a test case similar to that to be found in Croydon England.
3) A proposal on putting together a housing estate on a piece of land that is to be assigned to us by a by a particular state in Nigeria.
4) A proposal for the distribution of Energy (electricity) in Nigeria.
5) A proposal on how to run a waste management/rubbish recycling operation in a few states in the country.
6) A proposal on building a toll road (with license to collect toll for 30 years ) in a particular state in Nigeria.]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Procurement and expense reduction business model solutions 7 Jul 2010 simutik consulting services We develop supply management initiatives that directly impact your bottom line. The result is a significant reduction in total cost of ownership and improved processes.
We are experts at developing procurement and expense reduction solutions for any product, service, or expense that a business is in need of. Once we find a procurement program that we feel meets your needs, we'll confer with the customer to discuss our findings and options. Upon client approval, we'll begin the program and so the item, service, or expense may be procured and the savings realized.
Many companies and agencies either find it difficult to obtain the procurement solutions that they need or they simply don't have the manpower, skill or time to find it on their own. That's where we come in. Our years of experience has taught us how to find solutions to even the most difficult and perplexing procurement issues. We're experts when it comes to expense reduction strategies and purchasing solutions.]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Interested to expanding your business to Philippines market? 18 Jun 2010 anipuru consulting services CONSULTING SERVICES , Test your market first! 4 May 2010 belunob consulting services
It is easy to find an idea and to get some good feeback from the family circle but what is the reality? Are your potential customers ready to buy? At what price?
Quantitative research can help you to figure it out.

Good luck]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Marketing and Business Consulting 19 Feb 2010 ecilawo consulting services IT , Business Plan for IT outsourcing 13 Feb 2010 ojadago IT
We offer Software Product Development, Custom Application Development and Maintenance (CADM), Web Development and Design and Consulting Services to our valuable clients. Having worked on various domains such as Banking and Finance, Marine Research, Point Of Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) etc we have expertise in technologies like Microsoft .Net and Borland Delphi.

We focus on meeting every need of the client - functionality, quality, and affordability.
We emphasise on efficient project management, which ensures that your project is handled carefully and delivered on time. With our hardworking, skilled resources and commitment to deliver - you really can expect the best.]]>
IT , Looking for a software outsourcing partner 24 Nov 2009 widinud IT We provide end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology with the focus on new ways of business, combining IT innovation and adoption. Being a leading offshore IT consulting, services, offshore web design, and business process outsourcing organization that envisions and instigates the adoption of the flexible business practices we enable companies to operate more efficiently with higher value additions. We provide IT solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.
We are here not only to execute your outsourcing projects but also to ensure your venture fulfils your business goals.]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Start business in Kuwait 8 Nov 2009 owovoje consulting services Kuwaiti law does not allow direct foreign investment. You need Kuwaiti to get you in with all licenses.

I can get you all licenses you need for your business and market and project study.]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , We help you to penetrate the Algerian market 28 Oct 2009 rurucyw consulting services - Helping to find interested Algerian customers and business partners,
- Arranging and coordinating business meetings with interested Algerian companies,
- Conducting market research,
- Preparing promotional materials in Arabic / French languages and distributing them in a very targeted manner,
- Acting as a de facto Algerian business coordinators.
IT , Software professionals looking for sales contacts and leads 26 Oct 2009 ubysodu IT
We are especially extensive experience in various areas of operational Domain - various Organizational wide operations e.g. Approval Process, Intranet, Employee Management, Payroll Management, Customer Management, various MIS reporting, Supplier Management etc. We carry vast experience in E-Commerce, Online CC payment integration. We engineer Integration with ERPs (JDE / SAP / Oracle E-Biz / Custom Developed ERPs).

We are specialized in consulting IT Portfolio Management /Assessments. Under this service we carry out a service Augmentation work shop that is an assessment of current IT services alignment with business, availability, Current / immediate IT Services needs, Mid Term and Long Term Planning w.r.t. IT Services / IT capabilities of an organization. We help in designing IT planning, redesigning / reengineering of IT portfolio.

Technologies / Services:
Microsoft Technologies:
and#61630; ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET
and#61630; HTML, DHTML, XML
and#61630; Visual Basic
and#61630; IIS (Web Server)
Java Technologies:
and#61630; Java, J2EE, JSP, Java Beans, Struts
and#61630; Tomcat-Apache, JBoss, Web Logic, Web Sphere
Open Source Technologies:
and#61630; Java, PHP, C, C++ , Unix, Linux
and#61630; Open system based developments
and#61630; SQL Server, Oracle
and#61630; MySQL, Sybase

IT Offerings
and#61630; Bespoke Application Development
and#61630; Application Customization – Integration
and#61630; Application Migration, Maintenance and Support
Consulting Services:
and#61630; IT Portfolio Management consulting
and#61630; Project Management Consulting
and#61630; Technology Consulting

Business Domains:
and#61630; Telecom
and#61630; Retail - Logistics
and#61630; BFSI
and#61630; Travel, Transportation, Hotel and Hospitality
and#61630; Manufacturing
and#61630; Healthcare - Pharmacy
and#61630; Education]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , We help you to penetrate the Russian market 14 Oct 2009 vabevap consulting services - Helping to find interested Russian customers and business partners,
- Arranging and coordinating business meetings with interested Russian companies,
- Conducting market research,
- Preparing promotional materials in Russian language and distributing them in a very targeted manner,
- Developing, hosting and optimizing websites in Russian language,
- Acting as a de facto Russian business coordinators.
IT , IT services venture with marketting and promotion vendors 31 Aug 2009 akujoci IT
We work towards providing Quality, Cost Effective, User-friendly and Reliable service to its customers on time and always try to exceed the expectations (beyond the limits). We strongly believe that we can grow by making our customers grow by having our services.

Our customers are based out of India, Canada and USA. We provide 24X7 support for our customers.

What we can do?

We specialize in a broad range of Software application development in Microsoft Technologies with expertise in implementing latest Server products such as Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Microsoft Project Server Applications. Our spectrum of services are as follows.

Information Technology Services:

Software Application Development
Software Application Customization and Integration
Legacy Software Modernization
Web site / Portal Development and Maintenance
Enterprises Content Management
Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

Consulting Services:

Technology Consulting
Business Consulting
Quality Consulting
Process Consulting

To whom we can serve?

Banking, Finance and Insurance
Travel, Transportation and Hospitality
Professional Services – Construction, Legal
IT , High End IT consulting at Low cost from India 24 Aug 2009 ojuvero IT
Another area of specialisation is setting up of a startup company or an ODC/Captive for an organisation who want to setup their shop in India, to provide offshore services to their clients. I have high level of contacts in the central and few state governments of India.
CONSULTING SERVICES , Mastermind personal development concept 11 Aug 2009 usicepy consulting services * Are you prepared to make 2009 the best year of your career and life ?
* Would an affordable coaching/mastermind solution be helpful ?

Welcome to my mastermind group.

This interactive, progressive, and dynamic program is one of the most uniquely results-oriented and exciting mastermind products I’ve ever offered. My monthly group is about execution, progression, intensity, interaction, and it gives you the unique opportunity to be a continuing part of my inner circle.

* Monthly 2 hour call
* Recordings of each call will be archived
(Available for replay and/or download)
* Monthly Audio Interviews with Film Experts]]>