BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : EDUCATION BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog EDUCATION , Behind the Wheel Training 11 Jun 2015 unodiku education EDUCATION , Looking for Partner for a personalized learning opportunity 12 May 2014 cadubef education It is about personalized learning by focusing on Point of Learning Analytic's
Gamification of Mathematics
Personalized report of students performance which is shared with the parents on weekly basis.
Teacher -parent interaction which helps in identifying and bridging the gap.

Who can do it:

Whoever is interested to do business and you can do it from your current work with spare time or
if someone staying at home they can do it in their free time. Don't ignore any simple idea thinking
it may not work, just give a try you never know.

High Level Simple Business Model:

Running the partner learning center wherein complete service support would be provided for which we will be training and will be proving the necessary modules.

Revenue Model:

You get paid for sourcing/ registrations based on agreed terms and conditions from the entire deal. This could be the alternative source of income for you. It would be a revenue share, 80% goes to you as a partner and 20% goes to us.

What kind of service/support you can provide:

Hardware support.
Tutor /coordinator support.
Backend support / Training and marketing support will be provided by us to make sure the business scales.

I have just listed few ideas here, whatever is possible and whatever is required,
We will work on it and we will see if it can be done.

General Terms and Conditions:

You are responsible for handling all your local clients request, accounts. The business must comply all national and international regulations, tax law and whatever is legally applicable and General
Terms and Conditions as it applies to each and every business.

If you are interested in the above proposal please write to me at Mayank @]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Innovative job portal 17 Dec 2012 kavilos consulting services We bridge this gap. We provide various services at one place like it will be a Training Portal , Placement Portal, Career Guidance Portal and A Facilitator For Job Seekers and Recruiters. Also we will be partnering with leading Education portal to provide services to School and College students.
We have the capability, knowledge and potential to take this projects to heights that will only seem a dream as of now.

EDUCATION , Humanities and Social Sciences Courses 15 Jun 2011 ronijyk education We wish to expand into Education in the Humanities and the Social Sciences fields, and want to make a start by offering in India Book Publishing Courses that have been tested and proven elsewhere in the world by our prospective partner.
We envisage a full-length Course that will include Copyediting, Proofreading, Publishing, Marketing, etc.
Though we would like to start with Book Publishing, we are open to offering other Courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences, such as Paralegal, Social Work or Psychology Courses. Our preference is to start with one or at most two Courses on a pilot basis. Depending on the success of the Course(s), we will take a call on ramping up co-operation with the partner to offer a wider range of Courses.
If you are interested in a long-term, mutually beneficial tie-up with an upcoming Education business in India that is interested in providing off-beat Courses, we look forward to hearing from you.]]>
AGRICULTURE , Plant an olive tree 6 Jun 2011 onesypa agriculture We have come up to a special program for You – unique in the World – in which you become the owner of one or more olive trees. It's enough to wish, let us know how many trees you'd like to have and the rest is on us.

For You we will:
Prepare land for planting the olive tree. Buy a seedling that gives the best fruit Plant an olive tree. Regularly maintain it every year. Pick the fruits. Make the best olive oil. Take care of the oil for 4 months (that's how much it needs to stand before consummation). Bottle the olive oil into bottles. Send the oil of Your olive on Your home address or if you wish – we will sell it for You and allocate the income of sale on Your account

Here are some examples:
You love olive oil, but the one from the market doesn't seem of good quality to You.
Planting of Your own olive tree in 4-5 years You will enjoy in the finest olive oil (*Olive oil made of olives planted in Croatia is regularly served on the royal court in England)
You want to present something special, something different to a dear person – a memory for a lifetime.
Plant the tree and present the ownership certificate of the olive planted in Croatia. That kind of gift can be compared with giving 4kg of pure gold every year to someone – olive oil = gold

You've got children who need to go to school?
Plant 10 olive trees which we will take care of and after five years You will have safe resources with which Your kids can go to education.
We enable You that the olive oil, which is made of Your olive trees, is sold and the money will be sent on Your account.
There is no such safe fund in which you can be so sure of your income.
You have extra financial resources which you'd like to invest in a profitable job?
Plant a few olive trees. The calculation is very clear – For eg. 10 olive trees You invest 1500 EUR and after 6-7 years You have already returned Your investment and every year You earn at least 400 EUR... and that goes on as long as You want. You can sell the olive tree in every moment (to us or some third person) or gift it.


40 years ago, my father and I went to a walk in the near historical Istrian town. In that exact moment some people were planting olive trees. I was admiring to those people who, with so much love, were preparing holes in the hard red ground in which they were going to plant the olives. Seeing how interested I was of their work they let me plant one tree. Now the tree is big and fertile and my children enjoy while we visit it. I'm not the owner of that tree but with proud, every year I take my sons to visit the tree that I, 40 years ago, have planted with my then small hands.
Inspired by the story in my family, we wanted to offer to all the people the possibility of planting their own olive tree – a symbol of peace, fertility, strength, health and softness. Become a part of our project – planting of 5000 olive trees in Istria – International plantation of olive trees.
You can visit your tree at any time of year, give it some love, photograph Your wealth... Or we can do that for You.
Soon join us in our forum and publish pictures of Your trees which we will send to You once a year – when the trees is in its best.
Visit us on FB ''Plant your olive tree in Croatia'']]>
EDUCATION , Centralized school system 7 Feb 2011 ecuvumy education Student login :- Where he interacts with school and other students, he can view previous years question papers and can send doubts to teacher whose response is not limited to his school only, any teacher of concerned subject can help him out
Teacher login:- Here teacher communicates to his/her student and can also post his/her resume for application in another school

Administration:- This login helps the school to maintain its balance sheet and other expenses report, there is SMS communication to parents and other such features online performance card

Parents: This interface is for parents to pay the fee online and view his kid performance online

The plan has the flexibility to go free of charge since it is web based.]]>
FINANCIAL SERVICES , Looking for an investor to invest 50,000$ in trading account 18 Jan 2011 sukimam financial services I’ve managed his 2 million dollar buying power account. with my guidance have made his portfolio over 280,000 in a 2 months’ timeframe. This was a mix of some day trading but mostly overnight longer term swing trading.
Due to difficulty of working with family, my brother that is a excessive micromanager has left me no choice to part from him as the difficulty of working with him has become too much to bare. We have dissolved our partnership on good terms but can no longer work with each other, there were no loses on each of our parts as this business model consisted of this, he was to supply the education and capital needed to succeed in day trading and I was there to devote my time by leaving my regular career as a computer systems engineer and live and breathe and educate myself professionally in the market for the past 3 1/2 years. It was a fair deal.
Please note in order to be a professional day trader it takes a minimum of 3 years before you can consistently make money in the market. I have put this time in and have succeeded. Before parting with my brother I was making consistent gains in my day trading account for about three months, which was separate from the long term swing trade I managed which took about 3 months to make 280,000.
FINANCIAL SERVICES , Finance available for business opputunities 21 Feb 2010 omicici financial services ]]> ELECTRONICS , Individuals Needed As Electronic Marketers / Distributors 5 Jan 2010 onadosa electronics
If you enjoy working in sales, distribution, marketing and accounting, our company could be the what you are looking for. With initiative and drive, you will have the chance to take broad responsibilities and make profit for yourself.

We are seeking motivated and energetic candidates to join our team.

As a Sales Executive you will be engaged in world wide sales of our merchandise. To hold this position we expect you to have excellent technical and commercial education and relevant experience.

As an account officer you will be engaged in worldwide handling of clients transaction. To hold this position we expect you to have relevant experience in cash handling and not younger than 18 years of age.

As a distribution manager you will be engaged in scheduled mailings of few sample products from time to time and send correspondences.]]>
IT , Software professionals looking for sales contacts and leads 26 Oct 2009 ubysodu IT
We are especially extensive experience in various areas of operational Domain - various Organizational wide operations e.g. Approval Process, Intranet, Employee Management, Payroll Management, Customer Management, various MIS reporting, Supplier Management etc. We carry vast experience in E-Commerce, Online CC payment integration. We engineer Integration with ERPs (JDE / SAP / Oracle E-Biz / Custom Developed ERPs).

We are specialized in consulting IT Portfolio Management /Assessments. Under this service we carry out a service Augmentation work shop that is an assessment of current IT services alignment with business, availability, Current / immediate IT Services needs, Mid Term and Long Term Planning w.r.t. IT Services / IT capabilities of an organization. We help in designing IT planning, redesigning / reengineering of IT portfolio.

Technologies / Services:
Microsoft Technologies:
and#61630; ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET
and#61630; HTML, DHTML, XML
and#61630; Visual Basic
and#61630; IIS (Web Server)
Java Technologies:
and#61630; Java, J2EE, JSP, Java Beans, Struts
and#61630; Tomcat-Apache, JBoss, Web Logic, Web Sphere
Open Source Technologies:
and#61630; Java, PHP, C, C++ , Unix, Linux
and#61630; Open system based developments
and#61630; SQL Server, Oracle
and#61630; MySQL, Sybase

IT Offerings
and#61630; Bespoke Application Development
and#61630; Application Customization – Integration
and#61630; Application Migration, Maintenance and Support
Consulting Services:
and#61630; IT Portfolio Management consulting
and#61630; Project Management Consulting
and#61630; Technology Consulting

Business Domains:
and#61630; Telecom
and#61630; Retail - Logistics
and#61630; BFSI
and#61630; Travel, Transportation, Hotel and Hospitality
and#61630; Manufacturing
and#61630; Healthcare - Pharmacy
and#61630; Education]]>
EDUCATION , Live Project Training in JAVA, Live Project Training in PHP, 22 Sep 2009 butijek education IT , IT services venture with marketting and promotion vendors 31 Aug 2009 akujoci IT
We work towards providing Quality, Cost Effective, User-friendly and Reliable service to its customers on time and always try to exceed the expectations (beyond the limits). We strongly believe that we can grow by making our customers grow by having our services.

Our customers are based out of India, Canada and USA. We provide 24X7 support for our customers.

What we can do?

We specialize in a broad range of Software application development in Microsoft Technologies with expertise in implementing latest Server products such as Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Microsoft Project Server Applications. Our spectrum of services are as follows.

Information Technology Services:

Software Application Development
Software Application Customization and Integration
Legacy Software Modernization
Web site / Portal Development and Maintenance
Enterprises Content Management
Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

Consulting Services:

Technology Consulting
Business Consulting
Quality Consulting
Process Consulting

To whom we can serve?

Banking, Finance and Insurance
Travel, Transportation and Hospitality
Professional Services – Construction, Legal
EDUCATION , Virtual learning company needs distributors and investors 11 Jul 2009 isotawa education
We’ve invested time in understanding the economics of the downturn effect and the financial benefits for our clients.

Our clients are achieving objectives; increased student and staff productivity, reduced administration and staff training costs, enhanced administrational services and operational flexibility for staff and executives.]]>
FINANCIAL SERVICES , FOREX for Personal and Business Investments / Education 5 May 2009 kumucoj financial services
We are a start up company offering Equity Management and referrals for self directed traders. Also, to perpetuate the profitability of the customer, We offer educational services and a support system for self directed trader.

FOREX is the largest market in the world, trading around the clock. We are looking to break into Central / South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia / India.]]>
EDUCATION , Educational portal in India needs associates / partners 26 Feb 2009 wymelus education EDUCATION , Seeking Resellers of Education Software 29 Dec 2008 yjusebu education
Our E-learning is dedicated to bringing e-learning solution for users. With over years of investigations in e-learning authoring tools, our company has professional software for fulfilling the requirements of trainers / tutors / teachers. Our products have been widely used as the ideal choice for creating multi-media integrated, easy-to-learn and robust Web-based / SCORM Compatible courseware. They also have been OFFICIALLY tested by ADL Co-Lab (SCORM Adopters).

We believe that resellers are entitled to be rewarded for their hard works, therefore, we offer the following benefits for them:

• Real time sales-tracking report.
• High Commissions for each deal (Negotiable: the more sales that have been achieved, the higher commission rate we offer).
• Flexible licensing (Academic license, license upgrade and site license, etc).
• We would like to discuss further details with whom may have interest in it.]]>
IT , Traning Institute for Oracle Databases 21 Jul 2008 notutak IT I have more then 6 year of experience in Oracle Database and Oracle Application Domain.
I am planning to open an Oracle Database and Application training institute in Delhi (India) and providing Class room training. I am planning to get afflicted with some Indian university (help me to find one) for providing graduate and postgraduate course.
Our DBA Training Course is designed to help students handle the demanding management challenges facing businesses today. The curriculum is designed to give students the advanced knowledge, skills, and practical, experience-based education necessary to accelerate their careers in senior position in Data Base Administration.
I also plan to make this a leader in the market. This is a beautiful business because the resources are unlimited here. I have planned to implement this concept in Delhi (India) first and then spread the wings across the globe.
I will start my Oracle DBA Training Institute from small capital only.]]>
EDUCATION , Looking for partner to start education agency 28 Nov 2007 ymilaji education CONSULTING SERVICES , Market research 7 Aug 2007 afaceki consulting services
I have already worked for few companies in the field of Fresh fruit and Vegetable business, Logistics - Demand and supply side of Logistics market in India and a relative comparison with developed markets like Germany, Analysis of online education market, analysis of importing commodities from African countries like Madagascar.]]>
EDUCATION , Education through multimedia animation 2 Jul 2007 apurefy education
Material can be sold in all Libraries, Music shops, Supermarkets….or even in Schools if we follow schools regulations.

Lately I have produced voice, music and amusing flash animation stories. An educative CD teaching Elementary Arabic Speaking sold in selected libraries in Beirut and is selling fairly well in all Virgin shops in Lebanon.]]>