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ENTERTAINMENT , New Concept Adult Nightclub Opportunity 8 May 2014 uropoti entertainment Serious Inquiries ONLY.
Proof of funds and NDA required.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , ISO Investor/Partner for a Zumba and Pole Dancing Studio 31 Aug 2012 ulufake entertainment

Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.

Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world's largest -- and most successful -- dance-fitness program with more than 14 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries.

There is a Zumba Instructor training in Round Rock and it is SOLD OUT, which speaks to the interest and demand for this program. I lived in Houston where tons of places to go for Zumba and Pole Dancing every night of the week. They're offered in all major cities but not Austin. The gyms here will at best, offer Zumba 2x a week and Pole Dancing is mostly on a out call Bachelorette Party biz model.

Every since the Sheila Kelley's was on Oprah showing women how to discover their sensual power and have the best body of their life pole dancing S Factor and Pole Dancing is a huge craze too!
Sheila Kelley is the global femme leader, author, and originator of pole dance fitness and feminine movement for the empowerment of women. She is an esteemed actress, filmmaker, dancer, and a passionate voice for the advancement of women in the world.

There are a ton of Celebrities that have joined both of these fitness crazes! We need a place to express ourselves and get into shape in a judgment free studio just for women. There are professional instructors out there, they are teaching out of gyms and dance studio's a couple times a week.. Women need a place to go every day to get out of the boring workout routine and have a blast getting in touch with their sensual side while getting into amazing shape!

Finding a studio, professional instructors and very minimal equipment is the easy part. I am seeking a financial investor to fund and make this the most successful studio just for women.

Let me hear from you! ]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Seeking investor and partner for modern escort service 17 May 2012 ytinidi entertainment
We will use the power of internet to offer customer more options/services, even when they are travelling from state to state, or country to country, they can use our service whenever/where ever they require an escort or assistant, the customer will feel the sense of security when they go through our service.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , New reality show for the American TV 11 Jan 2012 unusyle entertainment
It is our intention to produce a visually and emotionally-engaging web series that dashes the negative stereotypes associated with web series medium in general.

The first season will be released in 13 episodes, approximately 30min each in length, and will be shown on MyLifetime channel (USA) and also released on DVD. ]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Dance Heads Recording- High Demand Ahead 2 Nov 2011 biretuc entertainment
The business idea that we would like to introduce you to is associated with a largely unsatisfied demand. You certainly noticed how much people strive to be the center of attention and to be admired by others. The same desire applies to business owners. They too want their companies and products to be noticed and appreciated. The lack of attention and admiration is equal to failure. This deficit creates unhappiness in people and makes companies go bankrupt.

There is a whole line of businesses that are highly successful just because they help to implement these strong aspirations of people. Such businesses include manufacturers of fashion apparel, accessories, and even popular social networks. But the demand in those industries is huge! The product we want to tell you about attracts a lot of attention. That product is the Dance Heads studios, where anyone can record their own funny video in 5 minutes, while completely changing their usual image. This incredible transformation, like magic, evokes a storm of positive emotions and admiration from the audience.

Guests of our booths later show their Dance Heads videos to their friends and upload them on Facebook and YouTube, which multiplies the attention to them tenfold. The Dance Heads studio can be used by individual guests or a company, since we can create customized corporate videos. “For an hour, the booth was surrounded by a crowd of people and everyone wanted to record their video,” said John LeGuen, the owner of four Dance Heads studios.

Dance Heads is essentially a fully operating business that does not have analogues. It is a large, world-famous booth chain, whose product is successfully used for guests at holiday events, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, as well as theme parks and entertainment centers.

Every Dance Heads partner receives:

• Training and training manuals for the booth
• Software updates
• New videos and songs
• Promotion materials for the business
• Technical and administrative support from the professionals of the Central Dance Heads office

Our company takes good care of its partners, which is why along with technical support and educational programs you will receive information based on successful business experience, which will help you to maximize your profits. How to do business correctly? Where to use your studios? How to find loyal customers? How to choose a good location for your studios? How to make more money? All of this information and more will help you to thrive in this unique business.

Want to learn more?
Join our team!]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Childrens Hottest New Entertainment Property 10 May 2011 kepajam entertainment Our safety and well being educational programs are very different from the many that are out there because ours actually work to help save children. This is not us saying this but the moms, dads, educators and authorities who have seen what we have accomplished over the many years. ]]> ENTERTAINMENT , Erotic web entertainment 17 Mar 2011 uvidyjy entertainment The website should provide a high level product for worldwide market.
Unfortunately I have no experience in this sector and probably not know all the correct terminology to explain the situation.
But what I know is where and how to get beautiful Lithuanian girls to work for adult industry for a reasonable price. You can Google for Lithuanian girls and see how good they are.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , UEFA Euro 2012 15 Feb 2011 rygabyp entertainment I am willing to help you in business development in Poland at UEFA Euro 2012.]]> ENTERTAINMENT , Film/Music Company with proven executives seeks investor 15 Nov 2010 sirytog entertainment
1) My customers are movie and music lovers, I can reach them by utilizing our world -wide distribution deal with the number one music distributor in the world.

2) My competitors are independent movie and music companies.

3) My idea is unique because we have opened up new revenue streams once seen as off limits, and our competitive edge is the fact that our resources and contacts and 20 years in the industry separate us from most of our competitors.

4) I want to promote the business by cutting edge internet marketing.

5) My experience in this type of business is over 20 years working with some of the biggest names in our industry.

6)I estimate that it will cost 1.5 EUR to start the business.

7) I have already ready committed over $400,000 …EUR to start my new business.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Online Fantasy Betting Site 8 Jun 2010 ilituly entertainment The game will be very attractive because it is skilled based and connected to real life football, with so many millions of football followers it is guaranteed to be a success.

I have 11 years experience in the online gaming industry.
I have a full Business Plan, if interested.]]>
INTERNET , Unique website shortcuts technology needs investors 23 May 2010 pigedot Internet
Main strength of company is that we can provide search engine to non-English individuals and illiterate persons who want to operate computers and Internet. We have strong faith that our technology has the potential to match the market leaders if we get into a partnership with a high acumen marketing and software company. We have a new concept of business. Our new invention has the potential to earn huge money and can bring the revolution in the search engines. Our investment opportunity is best from other investment opportunities. We have new marketing concepts. Investors can take huge benefits from new discoveries by our entrepreneurs. Our business idea will make a new Microsoft in near future. Good entrepreneur ideas makes history. Good business opportunities come once in a life time. A link of business planning

The main share holders are not selling all the shares of the company because they believe that it will be a big hit in near future as it has a unique keyboard angle theory and shortcuts concepts, which will bring a revolution in search engine technology. The calculation is that 1 share of will be 20,000 INR or 450US$ after five years. And for future development of the company they want to bring investment through 5000 shares. Today's price of 1 share is 2000 INR (45US$).
Why you should invest with us?

Key Points:
Your investment can have multifold growth.
Good opportunity comes rare in life.
We are leaders of technology for non English individuals.
Recession free business.
We are a company having world wide reputation and our ranking is increasing day by day.
This concept has tendency to grab the customer base of Gaming websites, Videos, web search engines etc.
Growth of internet world in future will generate extra income for our company.
Conceptually we can generate income matching to the income of Google. Our income can cross Google's income with in a very short span after getting a suitable business partner.

Select quantity of shares:

New business plan

1. 85% net users are surfing Internet for entertainment only. 35% of the world still think that computer's and Internet surfing is only for literate. But our company has the potential to change the mind set of this section of people.

Let's take an example:-

Suppose a young guy wants to surf gaming sites on the Internet. Now he can open directly different gaming sites without remembering their long difficult names through our easy shortcut angle theory. e.g. mmjjnn Ctrl+enter, nnhhbb Ctrl+Enter,, etc.
See our previous posting at:
Unique website shortcuts technology needs investors
(Opposed A Angle for Games)
Ideas for business

2. 35% are illiterates in this world. Maximum illiterates are poor. But 10 % illiterates wants to enjoy the cyber world. If they will operate with our technique then they will be very comfortable with it.

3. This method will be grab 50% net users out of 23% current internet surfers because of it's simple and easy use.

4. It will get 100% illiterate and non English users and it will also get a suitable share of literate users because only our company can provide this facility for net users.

5. has 60,000,000 visits per day and earning of is 2 Billion US$ per month. 23% of the world is surfing net. ( has 55,000,000 visits and has 50,000,000 visits per day). Value of 1% of Google is not less than 2 billion US$. Total visits of top 100 websites are 1000,000,000 per day.

6. If we can get only 3.3% of the total net users and will get visits up to 143,400,000 per day. According to this data, our company will get 143*0.033 = 47.6 Million US$ per year.

7. Any other company can't copy this technique because this is domain based technology. It has been booked all angles like The company has been booked all domains of 'Angle Theory'.

8. By all this value of 1% of the company will 47.619 Million US$ after having a suitable business partner. Now we can tell that value of the company's 1% is at present 4.7 Million US$.

9. We can get these numbers as we have a full business and marketing plan. We need only 1 Million US$ to 10 Million US$ for marketing and development of this product.

Video presentation: innovative business idea for smart businessman pdf presentation: innovative business idea for smart businessman

We specified some strong key points associated with our concept, now if you still do not grab this opportunity of our company. Can you give us only 1 excuse for not investing?]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Journal for reviewing city entertainment possibilities 27 Mar 2010 rykavyr advertising marketing ENTERTAINMENT , Hotel and theme park start ups look for investment or sale 14 Mar 2010 ywojufe entertainment Industry focus varies but includes 4 levels of real estate, hotels / resorts investment banks, miniaturized Disney level theme and water park and lots more. I'm based in Vancouver, Canada.]]> FINANCIAL SERVICES , Finance available for business opputunities 21 Feb 2010 omicici financial services ]]> ENTERTAINMENT , New magnetic Table Soccer game 2 Jan 2010 jybabaj entertainment As we know, this year 2010 is year of FIFA world cup, football year is coming!
Now I have a 100% new invention of table soccer, which is very different from the traditional rod style. Its magnetic control of player movement provides very authentic simulation of the real soccer game.
The patented game is production already.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Adult Web Entertainment - Erotic niche content 5 Nov 2009 ecijody entertainment Know-how, equipment, models, technical structure are already active. Business content place in Switzerland, UK / Spain / East Europe. Unfortunately I have no experience in the financial sector and probably not know all the correct terminology to explain the situation. Thanks for your attention and I hope to receive some information from you.]]> ENTERTAINMENT , Home movie rental 24 Oct 2009 nucitel entertainment The general idea is of a company providing set-top-boxes with movie rental at home. In the STB (set-top-box) you have a listing of movies, when you select a movie to watch you are charged a small fee ( like 2$ ) and you can watch the movie. We could even provide tv-shows and tv-series. The requirements are: a manufacturer of STB's, a database with movies and a good internet service.]]> ENTERTAINMENT , Practice studios for musicians 15 Oct 2009 igegydu entertainment I have 20 Years of experience in event management and production. I began as a lighting designer for both TV and live shows in Pakistan and then eventually started my own event management company with in-house technical support. We became the true “one-stop shop” for the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

My company provided our clients with creative as well as technical and logistic support and equipment rental; for instance, some clients came to us looking for expertise about their event’s concept, while others rented equipments and services. Events that we did ranged from private parties, TV shoots, state events, promotional activities, product launching ceremonies, fashion shows, concerts of 100 to 50,000 live audiences to commercial exhibitions.

All was going well until I became an extortion target by and extremist organization and had to leave country with family. The escape cost me a great deal and I nearly lost everything.

When moved to USA and settled in Fairfax VA, it was a question of survival so I took on any job available. I started working as a car sales person at local dealership did well for two years and became a finance manager for the same dealership.

I kept exploring the possibilities around me for the desire to go back into the business I loved and was good at, remained within me.

The Idea!
I did some research and found out that there is a great need and huge potential for a business model, which is, based on the need of amateur (or even professional) musicians and singers producers etc. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of musicians/ singers/ bands/ recorders/editors, etc. who are looking for a place where they can gather, practice, jam, record, edit and feel free make as much noise as they want without the fear of disturbing households or neighbors.

The idea is to basically provide a place called “practice studios”. The studio would be a small sound proof room with basic set of band instruments such as drums, keyboard, guitar and bass guitar equipped with sound system available for per hour rental, $60 per hour.

At the same facility we will have additional equipment or facilities like additional gadgets, processors or editing rooms available, since we will already have traffic present at the business we can make extra money. Front portion of the facility will offer rental/production services such as stage, light, sound, set/backdrop, multimedia projection etc. for small to large events and in and out door venues.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Jackson thriller executive signed funders needed 29 Aug 2009 nacokaw entertainment