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My name is Martin Fodor and I am from project. We plan to expand in European market with our services so we are looking for partners who are interested in cooperation with us.
FRANCHISING , Free Shop concept opened around Malaysia 9 Jun 2010 lewelot franchising A public listed company willing to invest RM300 million to open 1,500 convenience shop around Malaysia, similar to 7-11, Plus, Watson.

The benefit is
-rental (provided)
-renovation (provided)
-electric (provided)
-goods (provided)
-maintenance (provided)
-total sales 10% will be your income
-u choose the location to open (within malaysia)
-no investment, capital and franchise needed

We need to pay
-water bills
-2 x telephone line + stremyx
-insurance about RM1,000 ( deducted from bonus ) include fire disaster, flood disaster, burglary, petty cash ]]>
FRANCHISING , Partner merchants needed around Malaysia 16 May 2009 ymysoky franchising
The benefit is:
- rental (provided)
- renovation (provided)
- electric (provided)
- goods (provided)
- maintenance (provided)
- Total sales 10% will be your income
- You choose the location to open in Malaysia
- No investment, capital and franchise needed

We need to pay:
- water bill
- 2 x telephone lines + STREMYX
- insurance about RM1,000 ( deducted from bonus ) include fire, flood burglary and petty cash.]]>
FRANCHISING , E-Commerce : Private Franchising 19 Jan 2008 alykuna franchising
1) My customers are anyone using day to day basics.

2) My competitors are Other E-Com Portals.

3) My idea is unique because of private franchising and the competitive edge is using the power of Internet and E-Commerce.

4)I estimate that it will cost 158 dollars to start the business.]]>
IT , Need business persons to invest in IT / tourism in India 23 Oct 2006 ijecyro IT If you have any projects or plans to implement in Kerala state, India - an IT / tourism booming sector. We need you that much.

We have a well furnished, 100 sq feet office premises in the heart of city and which can be utilized for all purposes since our current operations are being shifted or need not uses that much space.

So if you have a successful plan in hand and the project you are welcome to share the same as profit share basis or any other condition.
Outsourcing / franchising or any other schemes are welcome. We are not interested in more investment from our side.
We will share all our manpower and infrastructure.]]>
FRANCHISING , Unique global team for earning franchise rights 5 Oct 2006 stavgeor franchising FRANCHISING , Automatic towel, linen and scrub supply business 3 Oct 2006 tubyjub franchising Full-time sales, marketing, advertising and recruiting assistance are available.
Special message for answering machines to have customers leave you their orders.
Factory cost price sheets showing all the items we carry, description, sizes, and colors.
Direct hook-up with the Towel and Uniform factory for fast shipping of your orders.
Complete stocking, billing, and Drop Shipping Service with Monthly Commission Checks.
Your custom postcard and mailing label orders are shipped to you in 7 to 10 days.
You are welcome to use the name American Towels, or any other name you would like.
You can personally buy any merchandise at cost, directly from the factory.]]>
FRANCHISING , Oxy-gasoline torch franchise opportunity 17 Oct 2005 onucowu franchising -Wonderful product, unique selling points
-Huge market, broad applications
-Minimized risk, attractive margin
-Protected territory, fast profit
-Free franchise. No royalty fee
-$20,000 or less investment
-We help you to gain orders]]>
FRANCHISING , Starting a new franchise business in Malaysia 26 Jul 2005 tekanek franchising FRANCHISING , New franchise concept for computer service market 14 Jul 2005 cidalap franchising
Almost overnight, nearly every business and over 55% of all homes (80% of upper-income households) have one or more computers in full use. High demand exists in both the residential and commercial markets for the convenient computer services.]]>
FRANCHISING , Franchise development and marketing 16 May 2005 upalaji franchising SERVICES , Carpet cleaning / future franchise 20 Dec 2004 duravyj services FRANCHISING , Automatic docker for cracker crust 8 Aug 2004 lilopaj franchising I plan to sell the patent, with the new owner having full rights of manufacture and franchising.
FRANCHISING , Quality franchising opportunity 9 Jun 2004 joneman franchising FRANCHISING , Products wanted in South Africa 12 May 2004 utubefy franchising SERVICES , Mobile beauty and style service. 20 Jan 2004 fubebin services DETAILED INFORMATION

-Detailed description of service:

The hairdressing and/or make-up service, hereinafter called service, is provided at the user's home, or else in the office, hotel, health unit.
The service is provided and guaranteed, within 1 to 4 hours from booking and is available between 9 am and 10 pm from Tuesday to Saturday non-stop, with Sunday service option by booking for Weddings and ceremonies in general.
The Service is provided by auto smart operators, complete with global service accessories (hair/makeup), computerised payment by Debit Card, Credit Card and prepaid cards and issuing of payment receipt. Specific agreements have been made for operators to be trained at stylist, managerial and behavioural level by a Company in the Multinational sector.
The above operators will be organised on a rotation basis. Every 15 days, they will be assigned a different area from among those available in their towns and cities so as to avoid, as much as possible, all types of client/operator attachment. For this reason training is identical for all operators and upgrading is regular.

-Reference structures:

The reference structures for performing the service are:
- Incoming call centre (appointments): Computerised call centre structure controlled by software similar to that of taxis, with operators that receive calls and manage appointments with operators in the field.
-Public centres The public centres in which the service will develop have been pinpointed in densely populated cities (Milan, Rome,Florence,Bologna,Verona,Palermo etc.) and all other cities with similar characteristics. In these cities, the conditions exist that have created the strong demand for this service.
-Local hairdressing salons: Besides providing the above service to private clients, it will also be offered, through affiliation (yearly subscription) to salons in the cities where the service is available Two types of service will be provided to these salons, Basic Subscription, on-site service, to salon clients that the salon itself cannot deal with for various reasons. The service will be provided according to weekly booking and the salon itself will receive a small commission. This will enable the salon not to lose client fidelity and to cash in, albeit to a small extent, on business it would have in any case lost.
Gold subscription, besides the Basic Subscription service, at the salon's request, with at least 20 days notice, the supply will be guaranteed of a number of operators for hairdressing and makeup duties only, on the salon premises. This is a supply contract service, with all-inclusive price, designed to meet the immediate needs of the salon in terms of staff, during busy work periods, existing staff on maternity leave, illnesses, etc.

- User basin and service target: Target clients are:
- Private persons at their homes
- Hotels to upgrade services to clients
-Health Units, to provide patients with a courteous, image-promoting service
-Hairdressers' salons, to provide a home service to their clients and temps to cover the working requirements of the salon itself.
With the Hotels, Health Units and Hairdressers, yearly subscriptions or supply contracts will be made, while for private persons, pre-paid debit cards will be issued (with possible discounts) in order to ensure a regular ongoing service.
The user basin thus becomes huge. Estimates are that 300 to 450 services will be provided in each city (all operators and all facilities). Calculating an average of 22 workdays, services over the monthly period could reach 6,000 to 9,000 per city, at an average price of L. 40,000 (gross) which, net of costs, would be around 15/17,000.

-Reasons behind the project
The reasons that prompted me to create this project are based on personal experience in the industry (about 27 years), experience acquired in other European countries and in the USA. In Italy, I realised that due to lack of time, travel and parking problems, changes in lifestyle and women's fashions, visits to hairdressing salons for styling (setting) only has dropped by almost 80%. Today women go to salons almost exclusively for more technical services like cutting, perms, etc. What is more, considering all hair product manufacturers have for some years now been building up an alternative "D.I.Y." market, in view of the strong daily demand for services (from the industry as a whole), and considering that concealed home labour is strongly on the upsurge, it would appear that an enormous potential niche market exists. Unfortunately, there are no precise statistics for this service as it is innovative and non-existent on the market, but taking a look at the statistics in general, we can see how many activities such as catering, maintenance services and all services focused on upgrading the social aspects of our lives are undergoing strong growth.

-Organisational contacts with hairdressing salons
As far as this point is concerned, we can say that:
Contacts with hairdressing salons have been made in a very superficial way and only to find out whether there was any interest in taking part or using such a service. No more in-depth contacts were made in view of the innovativeness and secrecy of a project like this, which could even be copied by competitors, but the feedback tended to be all positive.

- Operating-staff recruitment, Selection and Training
The project envisages two types of staff - operating staff and call centre staff.
With respect to the recruitment of operating staff (hairdresser/make-up artists), we decided to use at least 2 temp companies, which will deal with recruitment and initial selection through forms to be analysed by our organisation, and involve specialised companies and publications, as well as hairdressing salons themselves, by means of ads, because the majority of people looking for work go straight to the salons, and also advertise on TV and Internet.
The call centre staff on the other hand will be recruited and trained by specialised companies, in conjunction with our company, which will supply the management software to the call centre.
Operating staff recruitment, selection and training will be organised as follows:
1st recruitment stage (through the above-listed channels) by means of information forms
2nd recruitment stage involving an audition and written test
3rd recruitment stage. Candidates that pass the 2nd stage will be called to take a practical test to determine their basic skills.
4th stage. The recruits who pass the 3rd stage will undergo training in the company taking part in the project.
Training will be organised as follows:
a) at least 8 weeks initial training focusing on the following issues:
1) styling and technique training for hairdressing and makeup
2) behavioural training according to the logic and aims of the project to create client fidelity and PR skills
3) technical training to manage job payment tools and service regulation methods.
4) training on how to achieve and maintain standards of personal appearance.
Every 4 months, the operating personnel will attend a workshop lasting 2 weekends, to update all types of training.

-Competitive price guarantee
The guarantees for keeping prices competitive are considered on the basis of these factors:
-service management costs 60% below those of a hairdresser's salon, but with the same service price.
-elimination of fixed costs like light, water, rent, dead times
- extremely high profit margin on service compared to traditional salon and therefore with the possibility of the service price remaining competitive for a long time
- high number of daily services as the project policy is to take the service to the home and not bring the client to the salon for the service.
These are quite definitely the fundamental points that will enable us to be competitive on the market. We should then also consider that the market is devoid of solutions of this type and consequently there will be no competition, at least for the first 3 years. When any serious competition starts, our market will already be consolidated and will have covered all the areas.

- Car, software tools and organisation
To organise the service in the area, the following tools and spaces will be used:
1) Auto Smart (1 per operator) possibility of renting with parent company (contract) for 2 years.
2) supply of technical equipment for performing hairdressing/makeup service, possibility of contract at cost prices or free of charge with company involved in the project
3) supply to area operators of POS instruments and issuing of portable receipts (leading company contacted)
4) supply of uniforms and accessories to area operators
5) supply of radio to area operators to connect up with operating centre
6) supply of call centre management software and communication system with area operators.(contacted software development company 118)
7) supply of necessary hardware
The spaces needed for the project are:
1) Call centre premises, 80/100 sq m including in suburban area
2) Possible area for recovery of vehicles (in same call centre area) or consider possibility of leaving vehicle with operator.

-Organisation of service
For private individuals, hotel and health complexes, the service is organised within the area in the following way:
1) call from user
2) request of user details and fixing of appointment
3) availability check, per area and per operator
4) command sent to operator
For hairdressing salons (basic subscription - client service only):
1) Collection of appointments by salon, at least 4/5 days ahead
2) notification of these to operating centre
3) development by centre of work plan, checking of availability and notification to area operator
For the supply to the salon of temporary personnel at salon's address (gold subscription)
1) Request of personnel made to centre with at least 15 days notice (excepting urgencies)
2) Execution of supply contract
3) Training of operating team
4) Sending of operating team to salon for requested period of time

- Effect on service price of increase in petrol, insurance and accessory costs
For normal project management costs, a price increase has been contemplated according to general cost increases, bearing in mind that the relation between average general cost increases in our industry and net returns today enables us to change the price of services every year by on average 5/8 %, but sometimes, due to greater effect on fidelity, this increase can also be made on a two-year basis.
So far as variable costs like petrol and insurance, etc., are concerned, in order to offset the numerous changes which would create chaos in the ongoing management of the service prices, and consequently, would negatively affect fidelity and confuse client/organisation relations, a team of 3 sponsors to be created to ensure curbing of such costs in exchange for exposure on vehicles.

-Request and use of capital for project development and support
The funds required to develop and support the project have been estimated in around 5 billion lire, equal to USD 2.5 million. These can be found in two ways:
1) Total amount
2) Part in money and part in human resources (operating team, Marketing, Management, Legal, Administrative and Development)
In the first case (total amount) to be used in the following way:
1) Top level advertising campaign
2) Supply (purchase or rental) of all necessary material
3)Acquisition of operating team (team management)
4) Establishment of company, formalities, licences, purchase of premises
5)Investments for development of other premises (1/2 per year up to 5)
6)Investments for the development in Italy through franchising
These are the major points as regards the use of the funds. In the second case, procedures will be the same, but obviously the establishment of team management would be eliminated.

FRANCHISING , New exciting products in South Africa needed 11 Nov 2003 kynoguc franchising ADVERTISING MARKETING , Seeking partner for sports advertising 11 Nov 2003 cotukis advertising marketing 1) Saving money
2) Beginning or maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.
We are ready for full roll-out after acquiring the relationships needed to begin. Once, we are a success in our pilot location we will begin implementation in other regions and franchising.]]>
FRANCHISING , Products or services suitable for franchising 27 Oct 2003 soguvym franchising CONSTRUCTION , Reach for the stars ceiling 3 Jul 2003 MYoung construction