BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : HEALTH CARE BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog HEALTH CARE , Health Diet Informer 13 Jan 2014 ybaciki health care AGRICULTURE , Plant an olive tree 6 Jun 2011 onesypa agriculture We have come up to a special program for You – unique in the World – in which you become the owner of one or more olive trees. It's enough to wish, let us know how many trees you'd like to have and the rest is on us.

For You we will:
Prepare land for planting the olive tree. Buy a seedling that gives the best fruit Plant an olive tree. Regularly maintain it every year. Pick the fruits. Make the best olive oil. Take care of the oil for 4 months (that's how much it needs to stand before consummation). Bottle the olive oil into bottles. Send the oil of Your olive on Your home address or if you wish – we will sell it for You and allocate the income of sale on Your account

Here are some examples:
You love olive oil, but the one from the market doesn't seem of good quality to You.
Planting of Your own olive tree in 4-5 years You will enjoy in the finest olive oil (*Olive oil made of olives planted in Croatia is regularly served on the royal court in England)
You want to present something special, something different to a dear person – a memory for a lifetime.
Plant the tree and present the ownership certificate of the olive planted in Croatia. That kind of gift can be compared with giving 4kg of pure gold every year to someone – olive oil = gold

You've got children who need to go to school?
Plant 10 olive trees which we will take care of and after five years You will have safe resources with which Your kids can go to education.
We enable You that the olive oil, which is made of Your olive trees, is sold and the money will be sent on Your account.
There is no such safe fund in which you can be so sure of your income.
You have extra financial resources which you'd like to invest in a profitable job?
Plant a few olive trees. The calculation is very clear – For eg. 10 olive trees You invest 1500 EUR and after 6-7 years You have already returned Your investment and every year You earn at least 400 EUR... and that goes on as long as You want. You can sell the olive tree in every moment (to us or some third person) or gift it.


40 years ago, my father and I went to a walk in the near historical Istrian town. In that exact moment some people were planting olive trees. I was admiring to those people who, with so much love, were preparing holes in the hard red ground in which they were going to plant the olives. Seeing how interested I was of their work they let me plant one tree. Now the tree is big and fertile and my children enjoy while we visit it. I'm not the owner of that tree but with proud, every year I take my sons to visit the tree that I, 40 years ago, have planted with my then small hands.
Inspired by the story in my family, we wanted to offer to all the people the possibility of planting their own olive tree – a symbol of peace, fertility, strength, health and softness. Become a part of our project – planting of 5000 olive trees in Istria – International plantation of olive trees.
You can visit your tree at any time of year, give it some love, photograph Your wealth... Or we can do that for You.
Soon join us in our forum and publish pictures of Your trees which we will send to You once a year – when the trees is in its best.
Visit us on FB ''Plant your olive tree in Croatia'']]>
HEALTH CARE , Non Surgical Face Lift Home Business 4 Dec 2010 jecireb health care
1) Our customers are people interested in looking younger as well as people interested in clearing spotty facial skin. This would of course include teenagers. I reach these people by talking to friends and family.
2) Our competitors are the upper end beauty salons.
3) This business idea is unique because of the fact nobody else is making high end non surgical masks available for small business who may be working from home. The competitive edge is the fact we can charge less than half the prices of beauty salons and still make good profits.

4) The business can be promoted by using posters and leaflets as well as talking to as many people as possible.

5) My experience in this type of business is 25 years in the health industry.

6) The cost of starting this business which includes the equipment setup charge is just £1000. There is a low monthly rental for the equipment.

The Daily Mail - a national UK newspaper has recently written an article on the product we use.

More details can be found on our website.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Veterinary medical equipment distributors needed 2 Jan 2010 lukykyf health care
HEALTH CARE , Medical Billing 15 Oct 2009 lamecyl health care HEALTH CARE , Toilet paper making machine needed 7 Jul 2009 fogagun health care I need a good machine; it can either be new or used one as long as it is in good condition.
I intend to first supply the local market here in Uganda then I can think about getting distributors country in neighbouring countries.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Manicure and Pedicure Implements 14 Jun 2009 cuvyrat health care
Beauty tools work wonders and look after a person’s skin and its proper maintenance has never been an easy task.

Here are 10 reasons why beauty tools are very important for our body:

1. They make your skin healthier and enhance your beauty.

2. It makes you look clean, refreshed and youthful.

3. They are responsible for skin care and do effective cleaning.

4. They polish up your look, it will make your skin glow.

5. Perfect for your complexion and even out your skin tone.

6. Clean up blocked skin pores and dress up a naked face.

7. It brings back your beauty charm.

8. It fights against skin aging; conceal those tiny blemishes and dark spots on your skin.

9. Remove flaws from the various parts of the body.

10. Compliment the look you’re going for and make a statement of its own.]]>
IT , Offshore development company in India looking for partner 7 May 2009 ojudafe IT
We are experts in the following technologies:
- .NET
- Handheld / PDA
- Javascript
- Project Management
- Website Design

We have a good exposure to the following business domains:
- Travel
- Retail (Sourcing, Tendering and Auctioning)
- Health Care (Public Health)]]>
HEALTH CARE , Refresh love life, limit erectile dysfunction medicine 7 Apr 2009 udaleby health care HEALTH CARE , Manage your injury through online expert physio guidance 13 Feb 2009 moderator health care
Physiobench, a UK family managed business established in 2008 offers personalised injury self-management programme comprising exercises and expert advice from choose physiotherapists can help to treat most of the injuries. All 7 physiotherapists available on the website specialize on various fields of expertise and have many years of experience in private practice, hospital or sports settings.

New articles published each month provide advise how to avoid and self-diagnose some common injuries. Patients can start by browsing those articles addressing numerous injury types. Personalized help begins by completing a 10-minute online assessment. Once complete, that tool connects them with selected physiotherapists. Patients can choose which physiotherapist they would like to treat them, and a response is guaranteed within three working days.]]>
NETWORKING , Personalized health, utility and shopping company in India 30 Jan 2009 kogepuf networking
The company provides following services:-
1). Health Care, Utility, Personalizes and Shopping Services
2). Vacation Voucher for seven nights and eight days in 4000 + resorts across 45 countries
3). The member and his family are covered by Mediclaim cover for Rs. 200,000/-
(Covers pre (upto30days) and post (upto 60days) Hospitalization expenses)
4). Enjoy cashless hospitalization in more the 2500 network hospital across India
5). Maternity benefit up to Rs15000/-
6). Policy covers each family member as defined above against accidental death for Rs. 1,00,000 only
7). Policy will cover the household of the purchaser against burglary, fire and earthquake etc for Rs. 1,50,000/-
8). Get 25% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed in our Unique stores.
9). Get 10% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed on our Care House Website.

. First of all you need to realize that setting big goals on the onset is not something that would keep you motivated. In the beginning you must start with short-term goals. When you achieve these goals one by one then your confidence would increase and as you progress step by step you would be slowly moving towards the bigger goals.

· Believe in whatever you are selling or promoting. This is an essential ingredient of success. If you are able to believe yourself upon whatever you stand for then it becomes easier to make the other person understand the same.

· Be persistent in your efforts, to persuade other people into buying your products or opting for the services that you are promoting. Believe in the power of persistent diligent efforts, they do pay off in the end.

· You must not be dissuaded by anything that comes in between and stay focused upon your goal. Think; what is the basic idea? How you want to convey it? Who are the audience? What all you need to include in your presentation that would influence the audience? Resolving all these would help you package and market your idea.

· Visualize your presentation in your mind and think up of possible queries and problems that might arise. This way you would be able to prepare yourself for what is about to come. Through this technique of visualization you would be good at problem solving and almost half way to success path.

· Organize your work in a good manner as it helps in exuding a positive image. You need to be disciplined and have good organization skills to project the right idea in the right manner to people.

· Understanding the motivating factor is one more important step towards achieving success with MLM. You need to realize what motivates people, so that you would motivate your down-line members and other people into joining the MLM.

Its your turn to get the key to your dreams…and life time of happiness… and be part of a select few to know the secret. Move on us with the revolution and experience the ultimate opportunity.]]>
NETWORKING , Business Opportunity and Ideas in India 18 Dec 2008 kogepuf networking
We provide you the best network business opportunity for making more money without any hassles. Our Network Marketing is our advantage service to the members who want to earn profits and avail great offers without any barrier in between. As soon as you become a member in our chain of network marketing you would be provided with special customer privileges that are exclusively meant for our members that to be very first time in India.

An Opportunity of Availing 7 nights/8days holiday package across 4000 locations in 45 countries including India by paying nominal booking and maintenance charges. Discount vouchers redeemable at selected retail stores across 40 cities in India and health insurance and health services. Membership of the care house and the chance to utilize those services at a discount with the support of the centralized helpline number.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Dead Sea salted water pools franchisee 14 Nov 2008 panalif health care We offer a unique business opportunity in wellness world.
Our business opportunity has a fast return of investment for a much-demanded service.
We had developed special bath and small pools able to carry the salted and heavy genuine Dead Sea water. This water contains more then 30% of salts and minerals allow the end-user to really float on them.1 hour of floating is equal to some sleeping hours – and gives the user an unusual relaxation treatment.
This unique water combination is also known world wide for its unusual advantage for health – body care and skin care.
So what we do give you in our opportunity is a very demanded service that attracts many peoples to come to the original Dead Sea – but now this can be at your own town and in just a fraction of it's real cost.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Looking For Exclusive Distributor of Geneva Award Product 8 Nov 2008 ovoryke health care The body hygiene floatation spray uses a revolutionary award winning floatation technology to thoroughly remove body odor and eliminate bacteria, while dispersing darkening pigmentation caused by germs and sweat for a cleaner, whitening effect.
The product embraces an environmentally friendly and hygienic concept. Feels like water, but dries 4 times faster. No aluminum, no oils, no fragrance, no alcohol, no coloring and stain free.
The product is simple to use. Towel dry after bathing, spray on underarm area and spread evenly with hands. It can also be sprayed directly on open wounds, on clean feet and socks or underwear or applied with a pad to acne / pimples with visible results in 24 hours. It will assist patients who are disabled and unable to bathe regularly. It works for up to 3 days, even if a shower is not possible.
It was a scientific breakthrough. It cures body odor, works on acne, eczema, athletes’ foot, cold sores, sting bites and itchiness.
The product has been awarded 29th Geneva International Invention and New Technique of Switzerland Award and 3rd Global Excellent Product Golden Rim Award. Our company has been certified as GMP manufacturer and had implemented a quality system complying with ISO 9001-2000.

HEALTH CARE , Entrepreneurs Wanted Nutritional Cleansing System 1 Jun 2008 ijywede health care Clean away your toxins within your body and feel great, higher energy level, drink less coffee and feel awake for the whole day! Have unlimited energy after cleansing.
Lose fat and feel great!]]>
HEALTH CARE , Psychomotor Feedback System for Quitting Smoking 4 Feb 2008 ilerefa health care The system provides strong psychomotor feedback and very tangible indication, "feel" of the progress and remaining "distance".
The system appeals to a various areas of neocortex and significantly increase a person will to stay the course and finally quit smoking.
The system includes a simple kit and very simple instructions how to use the kit. The kit can be built with materials available in every household in less then 15 minutes.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Equipment for professional massage therapists 20 Oct 2007 vogikef health care ]]> HEALTH CARE , Antivirus – a cap to protect against needle infections 3 Jul 2007 moderator health care The Danish designer Han Pham found a simple, cheap and easy solution utilizing old cola or beer cans to dispose needles and specially developed lid to safely seal them. One click and the can is permanently sealed. The snap-lock seals the two parts together without using glue or tools. The ’collar’ of the cap is protecting the user during the needle separation process. The insertion hole is designed to separate needle and syringe at the point of use. No finger can pass through the opening. Universal warning texts and symbols on the cap are designed to prevent children and illiterates from touching the container. This way each can securely contains 150-200 used needless.
Antivirus – a cap to protect segregates and isolates the used needle securely inside the can. Thereby, it prevents the practice of re-using infectious needles. Antivirus helps health care workers and poor people in low income countries to a life without diseases. Therefore, the product is based on an empty beverage can – a highly distributed product that is available all over the world. To exploit an existing resource, a waste product, and turn it into an object that saves peoples lives, is a unique and sustainable idea.]]>
HEALTH CARE , Breast Check Kit saves lives and earns money 18 May 2007 kilimoj health care
This business opportunity is available to anyone who has enthusiasm and commitment - more importantly, you have a product which can actually help save lives.

The passion, concept and mission behind the patented Breast Check Kit is truly an opportunity to save lives and make money on a global basis from a nominal initial investment.

This amazing product works like a magnifying glass for your fingertips, enhancing your sense of touch and has the potential to save thousands of lives. It is totally unique and every woman in the world needs it.]]>
COSMETICS , Looking for distributors for Aloe Vera gel products 3 May 2007 bunasiv cosmetics