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What is the product?
Armvoire is arm hose for the enhancement of ladies upper arms as a new vogue accessory in the contemporary era of body shape wear. Armvoire focuses on controlling flabby arms and underarms. The arm hose has multiple applications and formats. A key feature for the first version of this product is that the fabric for the arms and underarms is sheer so that the arms and underarms appear close to the skin colour of the wearer, in the same way that panty hose beautifies the legs of women. Moreover just as panty hose slenderises the legs of women Armvoire will also slenderise the arms of women. Subsequent formats of this arm hose will include amongst others, fish net, lace, and a variety of colours and patterns. Lastly Armvoire masks skin blemishes in the arms, and improves the appearance of muscle tone.

The best way to explain the need for this product is to look closely at the fashion trends of bygone years. Years ago most women wore long skirts and blouses with long sleeves. The purpose then was to cover up as much of the body as possible. When brassieres and corsets became available women were able to show off their slim waists and well-supported busts. Then along came leg stockings held up either by garters or suspenders. These accessories gave women the choice of showing off their smooth slenderised legs. Skirts and dresses became shorter but the skirts were still gathered or pleated and long enough to cover the tops of stockings as well as cover any garters or suspenders. When panty hose was invented women could wear slim tight-fitting skirts or dresses, as there was no longer any need to hide garters or suspenders.

The evolution is obvious, fashion and design continue to expose more of the female body than ever. Following the same logic there is a demand to provide the same benefits to the upper body as was provided for the lower body. The shape wear available today can slim your stomach, midriff, thighs and shape or give your bottom a lift. Dresses are sleeveless, off-shoulder, and halter tops. This partial uncovering, so to speak, began with increasingly shorter sleeves until what was left was merely an arm hole. Moreover the straps of the dress became narrower resulting in what was referred to as the spaghetti strap. Finally the straps disappeared altogether and brassiere designers were forced to adapt to the fashion trends. Strapless bra's were vogue and became commonplace. Torsos became more exposed in some fashion designs. Upper and side portions of the breast and arms are exposed for everyone to see. One only has to look at the fashion magazines to understand this trend in exposure. There are attempts out there to support and enhance these strategic areas of the upper body but for some reason these products are not readily available in retail stores. On the internet there are a variety of these products attempting to address the cosmetic issues of these areas. However in my opinion they do not enhance the arms in the most glamorous way possible. A search via Google Patent Search has revealed that within the last ten years there are two patents with designs similar to my own, however I believe there are significant differences between our design and the patented designs. With this in mind we have completed a provisional patent application and have a patent pending on our design. While fashion has been evolving the physical shape of women has changed dramatically. One only has to watch movies from the fifties or sixties to see the difference between women of that era and today's women. Modern women generally have a larger bone structure than women of the fifties, moreover some modern women have gained a tremendous amount of weight. Regardless of these issues it is a fact that women of all shapes and sizes still wish to look attractive and glamorous. Fashion designers have attempted to compensate for the changes in the size of women by designing loose-flowing designs. Unfortunately in some cases the reverse effect has happened - some designs actually made women look larger!

We have been thinking about our design and analysing its merits for at least four years. We have refined the design having made several prototypes and on each prototype we improved the product. There is substantial detail on the final design of the undergarment, the types of fabric used, as well as how the item is put together. We have asked friends and family if they have a problem with flabby arms and underarms. With the exception of our daughters we did not let on to others that we were developing this product. We found out that there are a large number of women, young and old, who have this problem. For most women loss of muscle tone begins around 25 years of age. If exercise is not a regular part of a woman's lifestyle muscle wasting will continue into senior years. The older you become the more prominent the problem. Moreover some women develop warts and blemishes. Other women may have medical issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Our product will help women to mask and beautify their arms, regardless of the cause, without the fear of exposing their arm issue. In the course of the surveys mentioned above most women admitted that they would love to have an undergarment to slenderise and glamorise their arms. To cover up some women told us that they simply wear a long-sleeve blouse or shawl to cover up their arms. Unfortunately these measures although covering the arms, are not as effective and beautifying as the solution which our product offers.

Armvoire may be worn with any dress in which the bra straps are covered by the dress. The item cannot be worn with dresses having spaghetti straps or with off-shoulder dresses where the wearer has a strapless bra as these garments would expose the undergarment.

We sincerely believe women all over the world will love to add our product to their body shape wear collection. Armvoire has the potential to become a standard part of every women's beautifying accessories. We have a Patent Pending on our design!

INTERNET , The idea of earning on bag in the system 2 Mar 2014 inevomo Internet
Essence of the idea - the creators of Bitcoin made sure to earn good money after their system will become popular for creating a number of administrative accounts in

The principle of operation of these accounts is very simple - they allow you to create new Bitcoins quite original way. Sending one of these accounts, some amount of money for an hour you get back double the amount . Funny?

He found a couple of these accounts and now earns a lot of money. At first I did not believe it and decided to try small amounts - and sent 0.000001. An hour later I got back 0.000002. Then I sent 0.000002 ..... and received 0.000004 . I decided to try to double the entire bill and sent 9.1120005 ... and voila - got 18.224001

I sit now and I think that perhaps it's time to dismissal from work )))
At the same time decided to share the find. Here is an account which he found:


I do not know how long it will work, but I think sooner or later it will be removed and the number of Bitcoins that can be created in the world is limited. So who wants to use it as long as possible and write if you know other bugs of the system.
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Promote your business by means of printed messages 6 Feb 2014 lofegym advertising marketing
Dear Sir / Madam,

E-business become less and less effective as there are too much information floating around and people simply don't have time to dig out from the emails, social media, instant messaging etc...

Most worth mentioning is that the decision makers in China do not use the electronic message as often as those younger generation and most of them only understand Chinese. They only read the printed media.

Technically speaking, it becomes more and more expensive if you want to be stand out in the mountains of information that keep coming in minute, in second, even in millisecond.

It is especially true in China where over 1.5 billion people reside and over billions of internet, mobile users live. And they are sending out messages daily, in minutes, in seconds etc... And only those with no decision power at all who read those messages, not the decision makers.

Therefore, the traditional marketing methods become more effective and less expensive in comparison with the electronic methods nowadays.

So here is our opportunity:

I can send out the printed message to the physical addresses where the potential clients are located for the company with a plan for the China market.

We can liaison together to form a partnership and share the expense and profit.

The print media can be name as the Western Opportunities. I have a data base of over million addresses and contact information that can be used in this business.

As the email is less effective so I would recommend to mail out your promotion material in printed copy to the potential clients.

I can created a mail list directly mail to the other potential individuals (I am not offering the list. I only mail the brochures on their behalf at a fee).

I have collected as many as over 1,000,000 VIP contact list (I can hand pick the most relevant persons to mail out for the clients).

To begin with, I charge US$ 2.00 each address for handling plus the cost of the brochure, envelop and postage. (The clients can pick 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, addresses with their specific projects then I can search and consolidate the list and mail them out for them)

I am not selling the list as it is through my years of accumulation that is very valuable. I only send out the promotion through the listing for our clients.

I think this is an effective way to approach the Chinese market for any kind of business. I trust this is a practical way for their business promotion in addition to their regular marketing plans.

I can send you a screen shot of my computer, in which you can find that I have almost 2 GB of file in my search 2 folders and there are over 40 folders in my computer.

I have served over 20 companies to develop the Chinese market in the past 10 years. For each of the companies I have served I have to develop a contact list of tens of thousands of companies / persons in charge in order to generate the possible clients.

Actually, I market my services using the contact list I have accumulated in the past almost 10 years. For the foreign companies I can use email as to make foreign contacts through phone call, fax, and mail are very expensive.

For the Chinese domestic contacts it is much cheaper to make contacts through mails, phone, and fax. In those three communication methods, mail is the most inexpensive method.

Instant messaging is also very fast, but it only reaches those young people with no decision power. Occasionally, I also use the instant messaging for market research purpose.

The clients can use me as a local contact person too. And we can discuss a reasonable fee for this service too depended on the work load and requirements.

My potential customer data base is of high quality as it is through my personal research over a time of 10 years. And I have also reserved the best contacts that I actually made through in the separate files in different categories.

I don't sell the list, but I can use the list to generate the leads for the clients.

If there are enough clients, I can publish a regular magazine and they can place their advertisement in the magazine and sent out through the selected list I generated from my database.

I am thinking to entitle the magazine as "the America Opportunities". The magazine has to be a printed version as they will be sent out to the decision makers who only use to the printed media.

What do you think?

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Haiqing (Oliver)
NETWORKING , Innovative Ideas 31 Oct 2013 bylymaf networking
1) My customers are: anyone, who is interested in discussing innovative ideas. I can reach them through my website world wide.

2) My competitors are: similar websites and internet social networks

3) My idea is unique because we are trying to combine social networking with posting of new ideas in basically every areas of life while collecting no personal information on the participants

4) I want to promote the business by attracting more members and through discussion of interesting, serious, innovative and useful topics as for local communities and for world wide audience

5) My experience in this type of business is just several months

6)I estimate that it will cost 200,000 EUR to further develop the website as we have already started it.

7) I have already commiitted funds and time and started the business.

8) Contact at:
NETWORKING , Local Business Directories 6 Aug 2013 bulinaf networking Technology is changing day by day. In every industry work style is changing. It is positive and good sign. We should be really very thankful to internet which connects whole world. What a technology if a person is sitting in America and if he wants to talk to second person who is in Australia, then can chat with the help of Skype. No doubt when there was no internet or local directory website, then also people use to do business. But due to the excess competitors in the market every businessman has to plan some extra ordinary strategies.
The extra ordinary strategies are mentioned below.
• Official and personal electronic mail
• Local newspaper ads
• Ads in Local magazine
• Hoardings, banners, pamphlets, standy, road shows
• Social networking websites like twitter, face book, orkut, you tube
• Presentation in hotels for interaction with different people.
• Distributing small gifts to different people for awareness of your business like note pads, diaries, ball pen, DVD’s etc.
• Hiring a top most celebrity to promote business services.
No doubt the above mention points are very genuine and very effective for any business. But a small businessman or a new player which is going to enter in the market cannot afford above mention points because for any promotion excess of dollars are required which is not any easy job for small businessmen. So they prefer local directory websites which is very effective and friendly to use. There are many paid as well as free directory websites which are very easily available in internet.
So local directories are the best friend especially for small businessmen who will never provide false statement. There are many things that we use to search in directory websites like schools ,colleges , coaching centers , malls ,hotels , restaurant, multiplex , cinemas , chiropractor , hospitals , limousine service , cab service , carpenter , plumber , electrician etc. There was a time when people used to search above mentioned services in yellow pages or dear ones, but today we can prefer local business directory which it is very effective, accurate, genuine, truthful and best.
INTERNET , Code writers to eliminate the fake 12 Apr 2013 ynykavi Internet INTERNET , Web Horoscopes 15 Jan 2013 otasate Internet
Recently, I scoped out a wire-frame and supporting concept for a new way to deliver your daily horoscope on the web.]]>
INTERNET , Looking for someone to continue HTTP proxy business 11 Oct 2012 vedofup Internet HTTP proxy is a gateway to web sites. By using proxy one can hide his IP address and anonymously login from IP address of the proxy. Hiding/changing original IP address can be needed for

•Anonymous web surfing
•Posting spam
•Access web site if one's IP address is blocked

There are many websites which offer HTTP proxies distributed over the world. Problem with these proxies is that their IP addresses can be easily blacklisted by web sites. The distributed proxy (DP) software runs on client's PC behind firewall. It can be considered as reverse HTTP proxy. Requests to web sites go via IP address of distributed proxy.
This open source project can be used to start a business in internet. The business idea is to deploy central server and distribute thousands of DP's over the world and sell these proxies to end users at very low price. End users will be able to choose thousands of IPs. Cost of such proxy is supposed to be very small compared to "normal" HTTP proxies based on one central server. Written in C#, it supports HTTP and HTTPS. Data is stored in MySQL database.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Seeking investor and partner for modern escort service 17 May 2012 ytinidi entertainment
We will use the power of internet to offer customer more options/services, even when they are travelling from state to state, or country to country, they can use our service whenever/where ever they require an escort or assistant, the customer will feel the sense of security when they go through our service.]]>
INTERNET , Affordable Internet for deprived communities in Africa 7 Feb 2012 ytiwyla Internet What will make this idea stand tall it's it uniqueness of providing affordable internet facility for the deprived as well as providing employment for the youth.
We are soliciting for funds from corporate institutions and all those companies that are interested in partnering with us
I have been running entrepreneurial program for two years and economic background will also help to push this agenda forward.
It will cost about $3000 or donations of computers from corporate bodies.
I am ready to commit time and personal funds to make it a reality.]]>
COMMUNICATION , Mobile Apps for Businesses 1 Feb 2012 osivoty communication
1) My customers are business owners who have a website, who may advertise and who want to grow their business… and I can reach them by...push messages, qr codes, in the mobile app stores such as Itunes and Android and Blackberry

2) My competitors are…mobile websites which are totally different

3) My idea is unique because almost everyone has a mobile phone … and the competitive edge is…their business is in the customers pocket 24 hours a day

4) I want to promote the business by…forming partnerships with other marketers, sharing the profits, with minimal costs if any to the marketer. This can be done on the internet. The business can see a mock app first, before they buy. Financing available also.

5) My experience in this type of business is…have been doing internet marketing for several years, have websites, am a contributing author on a major site, all available to see online.

6)I can estimate the start up cost. I am looking for contacts and then I will share a commission.

7) I am ready to commit resources. This has already been done.
INTERNET , Worldwide price comparison APP business opportunity 1 Dec 2011 erokobi Internet
Most internet shoopers are interested in saving money online. This product enables you to use a sophisticated price comparison tool that will help you to get the best deals online. It is completely FREE to use and highly recommended.

Some of the best opportunities are right before you! This is one of them. ]]>
ADVERTISING MARKETING , Buy a plot on a virtual planet 29 Nov 2011 karokag advertising marketing website.

What are planet plots?
Through our site you can show your loved one how important is he, how much you love him and want to tell the entire planet.Write down his name or make love message.Thank someone or just congratulate a friend for celebration (birthday, st.Valentine`s, Christmas etc.)
Advertise your business or website, write their name on our planet and they will be seen by everyone. Accessible, easy and original way of advertising.

Who has the idea for the site?
We were on holiday and the idea came from my girlfriend. You should ask her.

How it all began?
When we returned from our holiday, we decided to implement the idea. So we wrote a topic on a forum and started our adventure. We found our man who turned this idea into reality.

How long will it be online?
The planet will exist for at least 2 years, ie at least until 2013.

How can I get a place on the planet?
Choose the place on the planet you like and by clicking with the mouse 2 times you open a window with a form to purchase the place you choose.

How much does it cost?
Some places are cheaper, other more expensive, depending on the region of the plot, but the price is $4 to $31

Who can buy land?
Anyone can buy land by us.

How much plots can I buy?
You can buy as much as u want.

How soon will my plot appear?
Usually it takes us less than 24 hours, but it`s possible that several people buy plots on the same day and it will take some more time to process all requests. Please be patient, you will be surprised how fast we are.

Is this planet real?
No, it`s only on the Internet. We offer you a good idea to invest, you can do many things with your place on our planet.

Why choose us?
-We are the first with such an innovative idea that is fun and original.
-Many people will see your message on our planet.
-We are young and creative and have the desire to do something different and interesting.
-You can participate in our game.

I hope you will like the idea and meanwhile I'm at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.]]>
ENERGY , CleanTech lighting company seeks financial partner 26 Jun 2011 yfisuri energy
We produces virtual distributed lighting control systems including virtual fixtures, dimmers, photo cells, motion cells, and virtual lighting control panels. No analog panels or relays needed. Works with local network or internet and wireless. Unlimited fixture count and comes with built-in protocol with a gateway for existing commutation protocols.

We have identified several key markets for our products such as; public, commercial, and industrial buildings including schools, universities, retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, sports arenas, and military facilities.
In January 2011 GE offered to partner with us in North America and to work in a national partnership for distributing and installing its products using GE.s Energy Service Companies and its huge distribution infrastructure. Today we with our European partner are offering Europe the most efficient lighting control in the world.]]>
INTERNET , Worldwide Online Discount Vouchers Company 18 Jun 2011 ykoceva Internet
2. Major competitor will be Groupon and Living Social.

3. I have a unique marketing concept that I will only share with serious and potential partners.

4. I plan to launch a full scale advertising once I have enough funds.

5. I have done extensive research for target market.

6. My website is already built and paid for. I need experienced and dedicated partners to launch this huge potential business.

7. Why wait? This might be your best investment ever.
INTERNET , Domain names venue with logos, branding looking for partners 6 Apr 2011 belupec Internet INTERNET , Web extension or a new format of knowledge accumulation 31 Mar 2011 pecamel Internet
So we decided to make our project. The main project goal is to make information access easy and unambiguous. It gathers knowledge around original information source in the form of collective blog. Any internet page can be an original source.

All pages are united in a community on the domain principle. All the information the community contains is gathered on the community main page. For example, the community …japan-guide is devoted to Japanese lifestyle.

In each community there is a place for any point of view. There are dimensions for this purpose, where everybody can communicate with a comfortable like-minded persons circle. For example: …apple–apple products users community, …apple or … (the second dimension) - MacOS applications developers community.

All posts can be rated by users according to their benefit, so the users decide if the post is useful. The communities are self-regulated by administrators, who made the main contribution.]]>
TOURISM , Innovative reinvention of photobooth concept for tourist 12 Feb 2011 unycada tourism GIFTWARE , New Flowers Labelling Technology 15 Jan 2011 dunesyv giftware I deal with floristics and once, before the Saint Valentine’s Day I saw the lot of roses with the image of Cupid at my partner’s who supplied the flowers to me. The images looked so naturally as if roses grew with such appearance!

I bought some of them to try and sold them in the very first day. Then I ordered the bigger lot and again everything was sold! And this happened just before the holiday.

The supplier of these flowers is my friend. He told me that his company had sold 50,000 such roses for 2 days. Despite of the price increase for such roses in 1 dollar! I was intrigued and decided to study this matter properly.

The events happened in this way:

With Internet I found several methods to apply images on flowers:

1. American technique Speaking Roses (laser printing, excellent quality, one-colour printing only), franchise and equipment costs near USD 500,000. Too expensive for me.

2. Chinese inkjet printers for direct printing on flowers, full-colour quality, not bad, but still many difficulties. At that time this printer was the only accessible variant for me and I bought it at the price of USD 3,400. The half of a program to operate the printer was in Chinese language. It took almost a week for a programmer to adjust the printer. The print speed is very low - a special gel is to be applied on each bud, one should load flowers in the printer - 3 pieces. It takes 5 - 7 minutes to print three flowers. The flowers are different and one should sort them to get the accurate printing. When a defect occurred, I had to tear off the petal. In such circumstances it was impossible to earn the considerable sum of money.

I went on with search and found the way out.

They say, a problem is a hidden possibility. In my case the problem is not in the possibility to apply images on flowers, but in the labour-intensive, unreliable and unproductive process related to direct printing on flowers. All great things are simple as always!

3. The new technique to apply images on flowers – Flowers Stickers technique using the ordinary inkjet printer has solved all my problems.

Flowers Stickers is an innovation without any analogs. The images are printed on the ultra-thin film specially intended for sticking to petals of natural flowers. One can produce up to 7,000 images per hour. After printing out the image is cut in the contour and stuck to a petal.

The performance is much better than performance of the Chinese printer. The material is imperceptible on a flower - one can see the sharp colorful image only. It sticks firmly but if necessary it can be removed without damage to a flower and apply repeatedly.

The images can be various - as wishes, declarations, greetings with figures, logotypes or photographs.

The producers of flowers, wholesale and retail sellers of flowers, florist-oriented internet shops, advertising companies, companies related to wedding servicing, PR-departments and photo studios are the main clients.

I managed to work with the minor part of this list, though I would like to say that, except for single instances, all the clients who had tried my products once became my regular clients.

The image cost price is tens times lower than for any other method to apply images - approximately USD 0.1 per piece. I sell at the price of USD 0.3 - 0.6 per image; supply them as sheets of A4 size. 120 - 240 images are located in one sheet. On average, USD 50 is gained from each sheet sold. Last month I managed to sell 840 sheets.

I buy the material at the manufacturer. I am not able to sell the volumes he can supply, independently. I offer this idea to those who would like to launch such business. There are no problems with sale, business goes easily, no special knowledge or equipment is required and there is no competition.]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Film/Music Company with proven executives seeks investor 15 Nov 2010 sirytog entertainment
1) My customers are movie and music lovers, I can reach them by utilizing our world -wide distribution deal with the number one music distributor in the world.

2) My competitors are independent movie and music companies.

3) My idea is unique because we have opened up new revenue streams once seen as off limits, and our competitive edge is the fact that our resources and contacts and 20 years in the industry separate us from most of our competitors.

4) I want to promote the business by cutting edge internet marketing.

5) My experience in this type of business is over 20 years working with some of the biggest names in our industry.

6)I estimate that it will cost 1.5 EUR to start the business.

7) I have already ready committed over $400,000 …EUR to start my new business.]]>