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We would like to offer cooperation on drop-shipping base using web service (, which will guarantee the availability of the products on your website, you wont have to order anything before your customers will place an order
In that case, once your customers place an order, you let us know about the models and needed quantity, we prepare the order and ship it to you. This way you make business on the difference of buying by the manufacturers wholesale prices from us and the sale price on your website.
We ship the orders from Istanbul by Air Cargo directly from the factories, shipping time 4-7 days. All the models, listed on our website are in-stock, plus we do collection updates for 50-150 new styles every 3-4 days.
Since over 10 years we were indulging our customers with opportunity of shopping for the very best selected items in wholesale from all the increasing majority of Turkish manufacturers.
In the hectic buyers life they did always appreciate our experience and analytical services which were helping them to select best-selling products for their business.

At the moment we represent over 30 Turkish brands in ladies wear in standard and special sizes, including, but not limited to:
Ariyetta, Bella Mondini, Berramore, Bestini, Calypso, Domani, DSN, Es-Co, Fademo, Jaqueline, Joop, Jeremi, Jordi, Kcelc, Kriste Bell, Luisido, Lumiance, Marisis, MCS, Meganite Paris, Miss Milano, Perla Bianca, Pizara, Plaj Bags, Pozz Line, Rosa, Serpil, Siesta, Sirius, Slow Life, Stella, Swass, Vittoria, Womenly, etc.

Shipping cost to Nigeria is 4 USD/kg + 500 naira upon arrival of the goods for the customs clearance, delivery time 4-7 days. The minimal order weight shall be not less then 10 kg.
Regarding the payment options, you may pay your order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), using TT, Money Gram or Western Union.
Your order will be shipping the day we receive payment or payment confirmation receipt ( in the case of bank SWIFT transfer). Upon shipping your order you will receive shipping confirmation with all details of the shipping company, total weight of your order, shipping cost and approximate delivery time.
Represented brands are different by styles, sizing and fabrics used, which makes easier to cover the needs of our customers from over 100 countries around the globe.
The main policy of our company is to stay up to the changing environment and follow the market needs where we can offer our products and the best services possible online on our website Our young team of passionate about what they do professionals will always be delighted to provide the best shopping experience and unconditional customer satisfaction.

If you may have any questions or further information may be required, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

eCommerce Director
Tel: +90 212 519 09 04
and#8232;Fax: +90 212 517 33 90 and#8232;
and#8232;Skype: clupfashion1
Ordu Caddesi and#8232;
Sair Fitnat Sokak No: 8 K: 4 and#8232;
Laleli-Fatih and#8232;
MANUFACTURING , Tissue paper converting machines 2 Jul 2014 larulys manufacturing We supply economically priced equipment for existing plants to increase capacity or to replace obsolete equipment.
CLOTHING , Need Investor for Garments Manufacturing (Denim Project) 13 Mar 2014 obokufe clothing
1) My customers are Ananto Apparels, H andM, Complises etc

2) My competitors are All of Denim manufacturer in Bangladesh

3) My idea is unique because of Now a days Denim is rising sector in Bangladesh and It's Very good demand in all of market

4) I want to promote the business by

5) My experience in this type of business is 1year working experience and I am MBA holder in Apparel Merchandising

6)I estimate that it will cost 150,000 EUR to start the business.

MANUFACTURING , looking for financial partner structure steel manufacturing 13 Aug 2013 okapysy manufacturing Region: Turkey Istanbul
Description: Equal opportunity worldwide
We are looking for financial, investor , business partner in TURKEY Establish new company Structural steel fabrication Steel construction industry serving worldwide project
Construction industry, set up new technology equipment for client steel structure manufacturing
Our operation like example, steel structure stadium, steel structure bridge, steel structure airport terminal, steel structure skyscraper building frame work if you interesting invest do business partnership TURKEY ?

MANUFACTURING , Toilet tissue plant investment opportunity in Nigeria 10 Jan 2013 dusisam manufacturing While the nation's total local production output is till less than 150 million metric tones. The supply gap therefore offers a tremendous opportunity for investors.
AUTOMOTIVE , TEJJ Constant Torque IC Engine 19 Sep 2012 semevik automotive
1) My customers areIC engine manufacturers and I can reach them by...e-mails.

2) My competitors areNONE

3) My idea is unique because of This is the only IC Engine which gives maximum possible torque continuously just like an electric motor and the competitive edge iswork dpne per power stroke of the piston is about 55% more than in existing engines.

4) I want to promote the business bySelling or Licencing my patent.

5) My experience in this type of business isI have invented this engine. No one else has any experience in this new technology.

6)I estimate that it will cost EUR to start the business. 10000 Euros for making a prototype and testing it.

7) I am ready to commit EUR to start my new business. NIL

AUTOMOTIVE , Green Initiative in India - Silicon Sheets for Car's Roofs 22 May 2012 akusavo automotive IT , New tech company looking for investor,$28,000,return $42,000 26 Oct 2011 arawemo IT
Our customers range is the 18 to 30 client base for custom computer sales and all ages for our services.

Our competitors are best buy, office depot, and other local computer repair businesses.

Our business is unique because of all the different services we will offer. We will offer:
a) Computer repair
b) Computer sales
c) Computer manufacturing or "custom computers"
d) Website design
e) Graphic design
f) Video editing
g) Full online store and an ebay store

We will also be adding more services to the list as time goes on.

We are going to promote the business by Google Adwords, the local Peddler shopping paper, and Facebook

Our experience in this type of business is a total of 14 years hands on computer repair between both business partners, and several years experience with all our other services.

It will cost $30,000 to start the business and we are ready to commit $2,000 to start the new business.

We will offer a return of approximately 150% over 5 years, starting 6 months after the business opens its doors.

Thank you for your consideration of investing in VP. ]]>
MANUFACTURING , Do you need a manufacturing assistance in China or Asia 15 Oct 2010 yrokaka manufacturing ENERGY , India based transformer manufacturing company needs partners 2 Aug 2010 esytatu energy IT , Software professionals looking for sales contacts and leads 26 Oct 2009 ubysodu IT
We are especially extensive experience in various areas of operational Domain - various Organizational wide operations e.g. Approval Process, Intranet, Employee Management, Payroll Management, Customer Management, various MIS reporting, Supplier Management etc. We carry vast experience in E-Commerce, Online CC payment integration. We engineer Integration with ERPs (JDE / SAP / Oracle E-Biz / Custom Developed ERPs).

We are specialized in consulting IT Portfolio Management /Assessments. Under this service we carry out a service Augmentation work shop that is an assessment of current IT services alignment with business, availability, Current / immediate IT Services needs, Mid Term and Long Term Planning w.r.t. IT Services / IT capabilities of an organization. We help in designing IT planning, redesigning / reengineering of IT portfolio.

Technologies / Services:
Microsoft Technologies:
and#61630; ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET
and#61630; HTML, DHTML, XML
and#61630; Visual Basic
and#61630; IIS (Web Server)
Java Technologies:
and#61630; Java, J2EE, JSP, Java Beans, Struts
and#61630; Tomcat-Apache, JBoss, Web Logic, Web Sphere
Open Source Technologies:
and#61630; Java, PHP, C, C++ , Unix, Linux
and#61630; Open system based developments
and#61630; SQL Server, Oracle
and#61630; MySQL, Sybase

IT Offerings
and#61630; Bespoke Application Development
and#61630; Application Customization – Integration
and#61630; Application Migration, Maintenance and Support
Consulting Services:
and#61630; IT Portfolio Management consulting
and#61630; Project Management Consulting
and#61630; Technology Consulting

Business Domains:
and#61630; Telecom
and#61630; Retail - Logistics
and#61630; BFSI
and#61630; Travel, Transportation, Hotel and Hospitality
and#61630; Manufacturing
and#61630; Healthcare - Pharmacy
and#61630; Education]]>
ENTERTAINMENT , Home movie rental 24 Oct 2009 nucitel entertainment The general idea is of a company providing set-top-boxes with movie rental at home. In the STB (set-top-box) you have a listing of movies, when you select a movie to watch you are charged a small fee ( like 2$ ) and you can watch the movie. We could even provide tv-shows and tv-series. The requirements are: a manufacturer of STB's, a database with movies and a good internet service.]]> COSMETICS , Free Partnership Opportunity for Natural ethical skincare 6 Oct 2009 ekicago cosmetics
We are offering you the opportunity to make up to 30% commission on the sale of our products by referring your customers, members of your group or simply your friends and family to our website.

Once you have decided to join our partnership program, you contact us for registration which is absolutely FREE. We will register your details on our database of partners and we will create your PARTNERSHIP CODE and send it to you by email.

In order to earn money, all you have to do is send information about our website to your mailing list or promote us on your website or social networking sites or other groups you belong to. You can decide to promote a particular product of your choice which you think will be interesting to your contacts or just our site address. If you send regular messages to your mailing list/contacts. How many times you do this is up to you. The most important information you will send to them in your message is your PARTNERSHIP CODE.
Your partnership code is also the promotional code for your readers. When they make a purchase from our website and key in your code, it will automatically earn you 25% commission on the total value of their purchase (postage not included). It will also give then up to 15% off the value of their purchase. Every body gains!

Veronica, who works in a bank in the City, has a large number of friends that she keeps in touch with on a regular basis. She is looking to earn extra money without stress. She signs up for the Partnership program and she gets her partnership code which is VERO. She emails 30 of her friends in her contact list and her facebook network and tells them about the range of lovely shea body butters in various fragrances (her favourite range). She also tells them that when they purchase from us, they should type in their DISCOUNT Code which is VERO.
15 of her friends visit our website that week and purchase the body butters as well as the other lovely products there. Each person spends an average of £20 including their 15% discount code. The total value of their purchase is £300. We then pays Veronica 25% commission on £300 which is £75.
From one email , she has earned £75. If she sends out emails to all her numerous friends on a weekly basis and recommend our products, she will be earning herself a nice tidy sum every month from the comfort of her desk.

In order to qualify, you need to have a mailing list of people you contact on a regular basis. This can be your face book friends, your family, your email contacts, your fans etc. As long as you have up to 10 people you contact on a regular basis, you can participate.

Your commission is paid on a weekly basis so you do not need to wait till month end to get your money. On the Monday of each week, we will send you a statement of the total number of sales made with your partnership code and the total value of your commission. We will then send you a cheque or we can pay you by paypal.

Charities are offered a 30% commission partnership and 10% discount to the customers they refer.
Businesses and Individuals are offered 25% commission partnership and 15% discount to the customers they refer.
The company has been manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling a natural and fairly traded range of shea butter natural skin care products which includes, body butters, Hope oil, body oils, handmade soap, body scrub, liquid soap, black soap, foot care, lip balms, hair oils and more. Please visit our website today to find out more.]]>
CHEMICALS , Need investor for super phosphate fertilizer production line 12 Sep 2009 viwokaw chemicals
Who we are:
• The Chemical Research Laboratory, specializing in development and manufacturing of fertilizers
• The World's First Inventors of the "Know How" in production of single super phosphate (SSP)
• Located in Uzbekistan (the Research facility) and Kazakhstan (the Production line)
• The Co-Partner of the second largest of its type in Central Asia

What is our "Know How", "Offer", "Guarantee"
• Estimated at USD 5million in the World Market, our "Know How" - is Truly a Revolutionary formula of manufacturing the super phosphate fertilizer (contrary to the old fashion of phosphate production, which enormously becomes costly in each stage of its production, starting from the in-camera maturity, ammonization and drum drying process, whereas our "Know How" formula would save 70% of time spent for product to its full maturity.
• 30 minutes against 3 weeks. Yes, our new invention allows us to produce (SSP) in just 30 minutes, whereas normal time spent would be 2-3 weeks
• The given project has the 100% Profitability expectation – The Guarantee – comes from the demand in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Middle East markets which are covered only 35% of their need.
• Our Financial and Administration departments experts have put together the Technical Work Initiative Chart (the suppliers of main components are validated; equipment and production machines have been contracted; transportation routes (railways leading to Eastern Russia and Kazakhstan) under 'special chemical carriage permit' achieved
• Local Government Authorities agreement has been achieved (both in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
• Scientific part with formula and the details of (available upon further Expression of Interest)
• Manufacturing Plant Area reserved (Kazakhstan)]]>
IT , IT services venture with marketting and promotion vendors 31 Aug 2009 akujoci IT
We work towards providing Quality, Cost Effective, User-friendly and Reliable service to its customers on time and always try to exceed the expectations (beyond the limits). We strongly believe that we can grow by making our customers grow by having our services.

Our customers are based out of India, Canada and USA. We provide 24X7 support for our customers.

What we can do?

We specialize in a broad range of Software application development in Microsoft Technologies with expertise in implementing latest Server products such as Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Microsoft Project Server Applications. Our spectrum of services are as follows.

Information Technology Services:

Software Application Development
Software Application Customization and Integration
Legacy Software Modernization
Web site / Portal Development and Maintenance
Enterprises Content Management
Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

Consulting Services:

Technology Consulting
Business Consulting
Quality Consulting
Process Consulting

To whom we can serve?

Banking, Finance and Insurance
Travel, Transportation and Hospitality
Professional Services – Construction, Legal
MANUFACTURING , CD DVD manufacturing in Ethiopia 20 Apr 2009 yfadami manufacturing I have got a lot of overwhelming response from IT professionals in the country and they are ready to invest handsome amount. But if the capital required is too big then we will have to give our plans and dreams.]]> FURNITURE , Outdoor furniture company needs working capital 28 Mar 2009 dugakej furniture We are capable of producing new items not yet introduced into the furniture and decor industry such as collapsable barbeque islands, collapsible kitchen counters with stone tops, separable fibreglass religious relics for outdoor yards, etc.
We would like to develop new items, which are not yet in the furniture and decor industry. It should be cheap but quality and needed in the market.]]>
AGRICULTURE , Multiple business activities can be started at our farm 6 Feb 2009 etojulu agriculture
1. Horticulture
2. Livestock Farming
3. Agriculture based products manufacturing
4. Residential school or Aayurvedic research institute or Nature cure center
5. Biomass Energy production
6. Real Estate]]>
IT , High quality, low cost outsourcing options in IT from India 27 Oct 2008 ojuvero IT BEVERAGES , What's next after deciding on new beverage type 16 Sep 2008 lilewyr beverages