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I like to layout some big business concept for your kind perusal please.
1) www.IndianFamilyHistory.Com and www.786Family.Com : A social family networking website containing following details:
a. Family Members : Profile, Photo and Video Album, Educational and Professional details etc
b. Families connections: Inter-cast or external-cast all relations among the families
c. Family background
d. Family history
e. Privacy
f. Family Tree and Family Chart : downloadable multilevel and various plant type options
g. Share Events
h. Future events and videos for future dates
i. Matrimony services : It will be 99.99% correct Matrimony services with root factors
j. Astrology services
k. And many more
2) www.LifetimeFreeCash.Com and www.LifetimeFreeRecharge.Com : An e-commerce website with innovative concept of free cash for lifetime on every purchase or reference. Full concept may be furnished later stage.

3) : Indian Payment Gateway; payment gateway service is a huge demanding business.

4) www.HelloFarmaish.Com and .in : A online shopping portal with contemporary trendz, it may cover the gap between online local search engine services and online shopping services. Full concept will be disclosed later stage.
Kindly spare few times for a physical meeting to explain concept please. Basically, we need financial support to run any or all business.
Vishal Kumar
New Delhi, India

CONSULTING SERVICES , Working with foreign businesses in Vietnam 9 Mar 2016 bacopyr consulting services
My job here is to help you to find information, people, places, resources and to give you ideas, for you to make great decisions/selections.

NETWORKING , New Revolution in Social Media 19 Jan 2014 mafuvoj networking
I need to get in touch with serious people who is interested in this business idea]]>
NETWORKING , Innovative Ideas 31 Oct 2013 bylymaf networking
1) My customers are: anyone, who is interested in discussing innovative ideas. I can reach them through my website world wide.

2) My competitors are: similar websites and internet social networks

3) My idea is unique because we are trying to combine social networking with posting of new ideas in basically every areas of life while collecting no personal information on the participants

4) I want to promote the business by attracting more members and through discussion of interesting, serious, innovative and useful topics as for local communities and for world wide audience

5) My experience in this type of business is just several months

6)I estimate that it will cost 200,000 EUR to further develop the website as we have already started it.

7) I have already commiitted funds and time and started the business.

8) Contact at:
NETWORKING , Local Business Directories 6 Aug 2013 bulinaf networking Technology is changing day by day. In every industry work style is changing. It is positive and good sign. We should be really very thankful to internet which connects whole world. What a technology if a person is sitting in America and if he wants to talk to second person who is in Australia, then can chat with the help of Skype. No doubt when there was no internet or local directory website, then also people use to do business. But due to the excess competitors in the market every businessman has to plan some extra ordinary strategies.
The extra ordinary strategies are mentioned below.
Official and personal electronic mail
Local newspaper ads
Ads in Local magazine
Hoardings, banners, pamphlets, standy, road shows
Social networking websites like twitter, face book, orkut, you tube
Presentation in hotels for interaction with different people.
Distributing small gifts to different people for awareness of your business like note pads, diaries, ball pen, DVDs etc.
Hiring a top most celebrity to promote business services.
No doubt the above mention points are very genuine and very effective for any business. But a small businessman or a new player which is going to enter in the market cannot afford above mention points because for any promotion excess of dollars are required which is not any easy job for small businessmen. So they prefer local directory websites which is very effective and friendly to use. There are many paid as well as free directory websites which are very easily available in internet.
So local directories are the best friend especially for small businessmen who will never provide false statement. There are many things that we use to search in directory websites like schools ,colleges , coaching centers , malls ,hotels , restaurant, multiplex , cinemas , chiropractor , hospitals , limousine service , cab service , carpenter , plumber , electrician etc. There was a time when people used to search above mentioned services in yellow pages or dear ones, but today we can prefer local business directory which it is very effective, accurate, genuine, truthful and best.
NETWORKING , Social network for anybody interested in or producing music 14 Nov 2011 gigyfod networking NETWORKING , Own a business simply by buying real paying customers 5 Aug 2011 jatytod networking
This company is not a typical network marketing company, because you have the option of buying actual customers (not leads). You will receive commissions from all current and future purchases (lifetime) by these customers, generating passive income for you.

This company advertises on TV and other media to generate sales, attracting viewers to make their first purchase by offering attractive discounts. You can purchase these customers and of course the lifetime commissions these customers will generate for you.

You do not have to ship anything to these customers as the company will be doing all shipments. You also do not have to answer any queries from these customers as this company provides 24/7 phone support.

This company will also mail a glossy journal to these customers as you sit back and relax. This company continues to offer a 60 day special offer value for money for a few of their best selling product. This company will offer various incentives that will attract these customers to continue purchasing products, using offers that will give customers value for money if these customers go on autoship. For those of you who are not familiar with the term autoship, it means ship products to these customers automatically every month.

If you are interested in this turnkey company, you can contact me and I will give you all the information you require.

You will also be paid when these customers you purchased decide to become affiliates and buy their own customers and so on. This is where it gets real exciting.]]>
NETWORKING , Anyone interested in pooling resources and do business? 2 Jun 2011 jefogup networking
We can share ideas on business opportunity. Or we can share expertise and start up a new business.

Or, we can even simply pool resources (like money) to start or buy on business we foresee will be successful. BUT if we ever decide to pool money, we will start with something really small. As an idea, perhaps purchasing a dead e-commerce site that we can foresee the potential in it. Or we hire programmer to build the idea we are confidence of the potential etc.]]>
NETWORKING , Sell hot items you have sitting around your house 29 Mar 2011 abekibe networking You may have one or more of these items sitting around your house and may be able to pick up a few bucks by selling it. The service is basically going to give you, on average, one way you can make money from home every work day. While I don’t think you’ll get rich from these ideas (which isn’t the purpose of this site; the goal is to help you make a few extra dollars every month), you will be able to get a wealth of ideas about “little things” you can do to earn some money from home.
There is a small monthly fee associated with the site (less than $10) and you can quit at any time if it’s not for you. Payments are also made via PayPal, so you can log in to your account and cancel at any time, too. You are in complete control of your membership. But even the free report can give you some ideas, both for things you can do to potentially earn a bit of cash from your home as well as a “taste” of what awaits in the membership site.
I think the site is a great idea. It’s realistic, practical, and can help just about anybody make a bit of extra cash because the primary focus is selling stuff you can easily get. It is also possible to purchase a license so that you can sell memberships to the site.]]>
NETWORKING , Job Search Website Business needs funding 5 Jan 2011 sutusep networking
Users using the new features will be charged, the charges will be less compared to other existing job search websites that only offer basis services, the new features will enable the website to have long term or permanent attachment with all Jobseekers and Employers, this will allow the business to grow bigger and more rapidly. Future development plans are put in place to ensure that the website/business continue to perform at its best.

So, what are the new features, to put it for you to understand briefly, and not to disclose the full details of the contents, they are as follows:
1. Any Employers, even the unregistered ones, will be able to access the Jobseeker's resume.
2. Employers and Jobseekers can seal the employment deal almost instataneously, provided Employers are satisfied with jobseeker's experience and ................
3. The website offers access from all countries' jobseekers and Employers in the world by................
4. jobseeker will be able to plan his/her career on the website .......................
5. and many more.................

If you interested and want to know more, please contact me, I welcome interested party to invest in this business, the new ideas are also for sale if the price is right, all ideas will be fully disclosed upon agreement by both parties.]]>
INTERNET , Anyone and everyone able to create and publish music 8 Oct 2010 egamuje Internet
Imaging if making music was made possible to everyone without any specific knowledge by a simple web based environment. It will allow anyone to create brand new, modify existing and promote new music ideas. It will be so intuitive you will be able to create a completed distribution ready result, by thinking how you feel, and just pressing a few buttons. The system will start you off and will then ask you a number of questions to guide you through the creation process. The process might allow you to modify other peoples ideas or pre-modify them for you so there is now infringement issues etc. It will finally master the creation for you. It will then interface to existing social networking systems to promote and distribute the idea. It will charge the user at the point where the user is happy with his idea and ready to promote it. The system will automatically do this. There is potential to liaise with normal download sites with proper royalties. Once network of people is developed, the template of ideas will be practically infinite. There will be a mechanism by which every download will be promoted to generate more downloads etc. Perhaps a new music genre called Netmusic etc

I know there is not much detail here but I would like to share this with someone and brainstorm through.
Marketing ideas will also be welcome. ]]>
NETWORKING , Investment for global marketplace and business network 4 Aug 2010 lufuloc networking The unique feature of the Project is the given possibility for his participants to form not only actually the global database of businesses with their goods, investments, tenders and the aggregate of other parameters but also all concomitant reference business information which constitutes descriptions of one or another business that promotes flexibility and scaleableness of the Project.

The Project is also directed for help in establishment and maintenance of partner relations between businesses and organization of business networks.]]>
FINANCIAL SERVICES , Debt Relief, Credit Repair, IRS Tax business opportunity 19 Jul 2010 iwokiva financial services
Powered by Support – What sets us apart is our support for our agents. With weekly email newsletters, daily webinars on topics such as marketing, advertising, social networking, debt industry knowledge and more.

Marketing 3 Financial Services
*Debt Settlement
*IRS Tax Debt
*Credit Repair

It is a unique marketing opportunity, where we encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being.
There will only be ONE Verified Direct representative per town / city. ]]>
COSMETICS , Free Partnership Opportunity for Natural ethical skincare 6 Oct 2009 ekicago cosmetics
We are offering you the opportunity to make up to 30% commission on the sale of our products by referring your customers, members of your group or simply your friends and family to our website.

Once you have decided to join our partnership program, you contact us for registration which is absolutely FREE. We will register your details on our database of partners and we will create your PARTNERSHIP CODE and send it to you by email.

In order to earn money, all you have to do is send information about our website to your mailing list or promote us on your website or social networking sites or other groups you belong to. You can decide to promote a particular product of your choice which you think will be interesting to your contacts or just our site address. If you send regular messages to your mailing list/contacts. How many times you do this is up to you. The most important information you will send to them in your message is your PARTNERSHIP CODE.
Your partnership code is also the promotional code for your readers. When they make a purchase from our website and key in your code, it will automatically earn you 25% commission on the total value of their purchase (postage not included). It will also give then up to 15% off the value of their purchase. Every body gains!

Veronica, who works in a bank in the City, has a large number of friends that she keeps in touch with on a regular basis. She is looking to earn extra money without stress. She signs up for the Partnership program and she gets her partnership code which is VERO. She emails 30 of her friends in her contact list and her facebook network and tells them about the range of lovely shea body butters in various fragrances (her favourite range). She also tells them that when they purchase from us, they should type in their DISCOUNT Code which is VERO.
15 of her friends visit our website that week and purchase the body butters as well as the other lovely products there. Each person spends an average of £20 including their 15% discount code. The total value of their purchase is £300. We then pays Veronica 25% commission on £300 which is £75.
From one email , she has earned £75. If she sends out emails to all her numerous friends on a weekly basis and recommend our products, she will be earning herself a nice tidy sum every month from the comfort of her desk.

In order to qualify, you need to have a mailing list of people you contact on a regular basis. This can be your face book friends, your family, your email contacts, your fans etc. As long as you have up to 10 people you contact on a regular basis, you can participate.

Your commission is paid on a weekly basis so you do not need to wait till month end to get your money. On the Monday of each week, we will send you a statement of the total number of sales made with your partnership code and the total value of your commission. We will then send you a cheque or we can pay you by paypal.

Charities are offered a 30% commission partnership and 10% discount to the customers they refer.
Businesses and Individuals are offered 25% commission partnership and 15% discount to the customers they refer.
The company has been manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling a natural and fairly traded range of shea butter natural skin care products which includes, body butters, Hope oil, body oils, handmade soap, body scrub, liquid soap, black soap, foot care, lip balms, hair oils and more. Please visit our website today to find out more.]]>
NETWORKING , Looking for Entrepreneurs to share their stories 19 Aug 2009 pijinam networking NETWORKING , Business and Social Networking Platform 20 Jul 2009 oganero networking
PLUS...your page has tools for email blasts and SMS marketing, drip marketing, lead generation, sales leads, pay-per-click, SEO Marketing, and the company has its own direct mail house and product fulfillment facility all interfaced with your business page.]]>
NETWORKING , Personalized health, utility and shopping company in India 30 Jan 2009 kogepuf networking
The company provides following services:-
1). Health Care, Utility, Personalizes and Shopping Services
2). Vacation Voucher for seven nights and eight days in 4000 + resorts across 45 countries
3). The member and his family are covered by Mediclaim cover for Rs. 200,000/-
(Covers pre (upto30days) and post (upto 60days) Hospitalization expenses)
4). Enjoy cashless hospitalization in more the 2500 network hospital across India
5). Maternity benefit up to Rs15000/-
6). Policy covers each family member as defined above against accidental death for Rs. 1,00,000 only
7). Policy will cover the household of the purchaser against burglary, fire and earthquake etc for Rs. 1,50,000/-
8). Get 25% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed in our Unique stores.
9). Get 10% discount vouchers, which can be redeemed on our Care House Website.

. First of all you need to realize that setting big goals on the onset is not something that would keep you motivated. In the beginning you must start with short-term goals. When you achieve these goals one by one then your confidence would increase and as you progress step by step you would be slowly moving towards the bigger goals.

· Believe in whatever you are selling or promoting. This is an essential ingredient of success. If you are able to believe yourself upon whatever you stand for then it becomes easier to make the other person understand the same.

· Be persistent in your efforts, to persuade other people into buying your products or opting for the services that you are promoting. Believe in the power of persistent diligent efforts, they do pay off in the end.

· You must not be dissuaded by anything that comes in between and stay focused upon your goal. Think; what is the basic idea? How you want to convey it? Who are the audience? What all you need to include in your presentation that would influence the audience? Resolving all these would help you package and market your idea.

· Visualize your presentation in your mind and think up of possible queries and problems that might arise. This way you would be able to prepare yourself for what is about to come. Through this technique of visualization you would be good at problem solving and almost half way to success path.

· Organize your work in a good manner as it helps in exuding a positive image. You need to be disciplined and have good organization skills to project the right idea in the right manner to people.

· Understanding the motivating factor is one more important step towards achieving success with MLM. You need to realize what motivates people, so that you would motivate your down-line members and other people into joining the MLM.

Its your turn to get the key to your dreams…and life time of happiness… and be part of a select few to know the secret. Move on us with the revolution and experience the ultimate opportunity.]]>
NETWORKING , Online b2b platform helps you to boost your business 20 Jan 2009 gytepys networking Of course business has changed over the years…It is no more like storing product, waiting for customer or the retailer who will come at your doorstep asking for product requirement. Today Business has involved values added service, for their customers. Because of good salesmanship, Negation skills, Modern-day marketing skills and tools, any businessman can understand consumer behavior. Along with Recourses like Money, manpower, transportation, warehouse today business has now created a unique link between manufacturers to end-user suppler. These are the basic requirement of every businessman that he must have for their business and product promotion.
Product which is available at retail outlet has involvement of manufacturer, Wholesale Distributor, dealer, retailer and consumer for the product. The distributor is a key in the supply chain that starts with the manufacturer and ends at the customer. Distributor plays the important roll of “pushing” the product from the manufacture to the retailer and that turn into makes money. Distributor works at Business-to business level, where in he interacts with the retailer and not the end customer but this can be no excuse for a distributor to plead ignorance when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. This is because, in the end, he is supplying products for the consumer, whose buying habits could make or break his business. Thus, ensuring visibility of his products at the retail outlets is also his concern. “Only that product sells that is visible”.

And visibility of product can be done without having involvement of wholesale distributor, dealer and retailer through internet, because consumer used to deal online for their requirement. Consumer can get all information and product detail available online. We are offering online Business-to business portal, for their business and product promotion. We connect global buyers with Indian suppliers – with a single click away from one’s computer. We provide information of all Indian suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors worldwide. Our Online Trade Shows – An effective and big platform for trading. A unique way for communication for traders. We make trading easy and of course free registration. All traders, buyers, suppliers can participate and make trading globally, because of their easy and quick availability.
To expand company’s profit, products and the business services, no one require spending a lot of time and money anymore. At the end of the day business is always for profit.]]>
NETWORKING , Business Opportunity and Ideas in India 18 Dec 2008 kogepuf networking
We provide you the best network business opportunity for making more money without any hassles. Our Network Marketing is our advantage service to the members who want to earn profits and avail great offers without any barrier in between. As soon as you become a member in our chain of network marketing you would be provided with special customer privileges that are exclusively meant for our members that to be very first time in India.

An Opportunity of Availing 7 nights/8days holiday package across 4000 locations in 45 countries including India by paying nominal booking and maintenance charges. Discount vouchers redeemable at selected retail stores across 40 cities in India and health insurance and health services. Membership of the care house and the chance to utilize those services at a discount with the support of the centralized helpline number.]]>
NETWORKING , Private label senior dating site at no cost 9 Dec 2008 vypibed networking
We can set up for you a Dating Site for Senior Single at no cost if you have strong interest in work-at-home business. You can pick the name for the Senior dating site, and own the domain and brand. We take care of all the backend and engineering work.

You don't have to worry that no one exists at your Senior dating site at the beginning. Your site will share millions of quality profiles with other Senior sites we have already set up. Your users can immediately contact hundreds of thousands of other users once they register at your Senior dating site.

You can earn money if you have users registering with or without becoming a payment member.]]>