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1. Our customers are shipping companies and power stations
2. Several brands using false marketing and deliver less efficiency than what they state.
3. More than 20 years of experience from wear and tear in engines and moving parts in need of maintenance and certificates from engine manufacturers.
4. We are in dire need of Salesmen with experience and know how regarding shipping and transportation furthermore technical expertise.
5. More than 20 years of development and refining of our products adding to the fact that government have start to take notice of the Global Environment issue. Our oil additives for internal combustion engine system oil and for the cylinder lubrication can help a vessel at sea to lower its fuel consumption as well as reduce the black smoke emissions.
6. All our current Sales Representatives have their own individual agreements with us taken in mutual discussions.
7. We are willing to discuss this privately if the right person finds this idea interesting.]]>
PETROCHEMICAL , Partners for Fuel Saving Additive needed 17 Sep 2006 diritat petrochemical 2. More specifically MPG-CAPS™ create a catalytic micro-coating on the combustion chamber surfaces; resulting in improved combustion efficiency and lower harmful exhaust emissions.
3. The FFI MPG-CAPS are in reality a “combustion chamber treatment” as opposed to a “fuel additive” or “fuel treatment”.

The technology utilized in the MPG-CAPS was developed to provide and maintain the catalytic active surface on combustion-exposed parts of an internal combustion engine (such as the fire deck, valve faces and piston faces) so that combustion efficiency is improved and harmful exhaust emissions are reduced. The technology is particularly applicable to improving
combustion in "green" engines, such as engines that are new, recently rebuilt, or that have low operating hours.
The improved combustion is achieved in a conventional gasoline and diesel fuelled internal combustion engines from the following two (2) steps:

Step A: The initial step of applying to the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine a substrate layer of high thermal inertia. This initial step is performed by adding a substrate
precursor (the MPG-CAP™) to the combustion chamber during engine operation to create the micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber surfaces. Use 2 MPG-CAPS™ per 12-22 gallons (tank full) of fuel initially. And;

Step B: The “ongoing” step of continuing to provide the material to create the sacrificial catalytic coating on the combustion chamber. This catalytic surface is of the type active in carbon
particulate and hydrocarbon oxidation at a surface temperature of at least 450 degree C.
Continue using 1 MPG-CAP™ per each 12-22 gallons (tank full) and enjoys the 7-14% fuel savings.
Step B is actually a way to maintain a dosage of the catalyst precursor on a continuous basis during engine operation. Thus, catalytic activity is substantially continuously maintained, and the vehicle will continue to garner the benefits of the technology by increased mileage and lower emissions.
If you stop using the MPG-CAPS™, the coating will slowly disappear and the benefits will cease.]]>
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In this manner extending engine and parts life, mileage and fuel economy, system efficiency, emission reduction and energy conservation.