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RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Italian Mediterrnean Restaurant In Kolkata 11 Mar 2009 ijavane restaurants bars hotels
1) My customers are the diners seeking a international qualty Italian and Mediterrnean restaurant experience and I can reach them by operating Mozzarella Restaurant in heart of Kolkata City

2) My competitors are I feel a basic restuarnt called Fire and Ice

3) My idea is unique because of quality of menu, pricing, unique design, international standard service and the competitive edge is many resturantuers dont have the global experirence I have. I practice using produce of farms within 100 miles and use latest technology of CRM

4) I want to promote the business by Pr and word of mouth

5) My experience in this type of business is over 15 years

6)I estimate that it will cost 205,000 EUR to start the business.

7) I am ready to commit 123,000EUR to start my new business.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , A music place that begs to differ 4 Mar 2009 yfebela restaurants bars hotels
1) My customers are people who love to listen to music, those who play music commercially and those who love to just hang around and jam with their friends or alone (try out different instruments). At present these 3 categories of people don't have a place to mingle with each other or to network or to showcase their talent to a captive audience. I intend to reach them by opening up a place which will give those who love to just sit and jam a place to do just that; those who want to perform in front of an audience a place to do just that; and those who love to listen to music or to the first two categories of people jamming, a place to do just that! Plus there will be food and drinks to go with all of the above.

2) Competitors - At present this concept has not hit off in India. There are a few places, which have tried to implement this concept (but in bits and pieces). They have tried to copy paste the 'open mic' concept from other countries, but, in the process have forgotten that a place has to provide an end-to-end solution to a music buff! For this concept ... there are no competitors yet in India.

3) My idea is unique because I am giving budding artists a place to showcase their talent (they might have to book their slots to perform on a given day), I am also giving those who love to listen to music a chance to experience live and recorded music (only rock, jazz, blues) and those who love to play (but not to an audience) a chance to try out different instruments that will be provided by us (source them from a store like Furtados, allow them to brand my place in turn. Any enquiries coming in for any instrument will be directed to them with us getting some commission). Also people get to use / experience instruments that they might never get a chance to use in their entire lifetime. When a person is going to think of music, he is going to think of this place! I will be selling experience and not a service or a product. Later on the place can become a brand in itself, people from music fraternity might start frequenting the place to look for upcoming talent, etc.

4) I want to promote the business by firstly seeing how many people think the concept is good. I do have a few partners but am looking for funding, hence, working on a business model these days.

6) The costing should not be much, only renting the place might be an obstacle. Else it is a low cost concept.

If anyone is familiar with India / Maharashtra / Pune ... he will know how good this concept is. People here are crazy about good food and good music and they will go to any length to be at a place like this! ]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Environments and climates theme restaurants 27 Feb 2009 larabof restaurants bars hotels
1) My customers are people looking for home away from home, climate away from climate, environment away from climate and reaching people in this case is not difficult at all.

2) My competitors are none. As no restaurants as far as I know have multiple themes or themes based on climatic changes.

3) My idea is unique because of it's freshness and the competitive edge is that I'm the only one to think in this area.

4) I want to promote the business by satisfying the customers

5) My experience in this type of business is nil.

6) Full analysis of the budget is left. And I'm a student with hardworking capabilities with commitment. Thats half done to the investment.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Partner to establish German-French cuisine in New Zealand 15 Oct 2008 upygasa restaurants bars hotels It is our wish to execute a successful and steady business model along with you which is one step ahead of the competition, appeals 100% to the customer and sticks to its own principles.

It’s our aim to establish German-French cuisine in New Zealand and to offer our customers high quality taste experiences; not only typical products from Germany and France already familiar, but also lesser known and especially self-created delicacies.

We would like to start with a combination of a bakery, confectionery, bistro and delivery/catering service (geographically we are not bound to one special city in NZ). Later on we could become an affiliate of a restaurant. Our whole product range would be available for take-aways as well as eating-in at the bistro.
New Zealand, especially big towns like Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, is littered with cafes and restaurants, but where’s the diversity, where are the highlights, where is the quality?
You find Asian snack bars, fast food, sandwich and kebab stores and lots of cafés on every corner. But doesn’t a metropolitan city like Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington offer more than that? Much more?
You have to look closely to find a real French “boulangerie” or a real German baker.
It’s the same with bistros and catering services. Customers actually desire something like that. If we just listen to the local people, our chances of success would be over the top.
People don’t want the 1000th Asian snack bar, the 1000th fast food store, and they don’t want the 1000th sandwich store either. They are tired of all that and are yelling for something different.
Handmade products full of love, not mass-produced stuff--that is what people are looking for.

And all of this in a warm, harmonious and pleasant guest-orientedd atmosphere. What always counts is:
what you sell, how you sell and where you sell.
This means that the location is very important as well. And right here is where we see a massive deficit because the first impression, as it is known to count, usually comes from the interior.

The delivery service side is another important branch of our business as we see it. Apart from pizza home delivery services, there is hardly any competition for other types of cuisine in the Christchurch region. We believe that the potential for a catering service with home delivery is huge.
A breakfast home delivery service would offer a highlight in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, given the overall lack of competition in business and corporate catering or dinner home delivery sector.

New Zealand is the perfect platform for our business plans because there are many factors speaking for this kind of business, particularly in NZ.
Most importantly, the lack of specialization is big, although there seems to be a surplus of businesses in the catering trade.
What the customer wants is variety, selection, above all, good quality.
It makes sense in all respects that we just name the main aspects of our business at this point. We are glad to discuss our plans in detail during a personal meeting with you.

We are certainly open for all kinds of changes, additions and rearrangements to our plan. We are also happy to consider other locations within New Zealand, aside from Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , New Fresh Seafood grill Restaurant Chain Concept 23 Mar 2008 kibokon restaurants bars hotels RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , 50's style restaurant and Hot Rod shop 5 Jan 2008 lygudom restaurants bars hotels RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Investors wanted for restaurant and nightclub 28 Aug 2007 ojycufy restaurants bars hotels
Now the perfect premises has been found on the main walking shopping street, that never sleeps. With all the national and international retail stores and shopping malls. There is over 50.000 people in the day time passing by the premises, this area is known to be the best commecial part of the whole of Copenhagen City and Denmark, so a more perfect location can not be found for a concept like this.

This concept is bulletproof and will be a success with a high investment income to our investors now and in the future.

Please be so kind to concact me for more information and a business plan.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon in the near future.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Supplying entertainment staff on lease / hire basis 7 Aug 2007 afaceki restaurants bars hotels Technically there are no competitors, ability to supply different kinds of entertaining artists through single contract.

This business can be started with only an office and a staff of few people, and rigorous marketing and networking efforts can make this business worth doing.

I have a conceptual business plan, only at the stage of implementation the owner needs to work and that too just for recruiting right people with right background. And the business shall run on its own with only very less interference needed.

NO obligations to provide employee benefits to employees and also no liability issues coming in picture. In most of the countries taxation shall be same as a service provider, which is normally around 10 to 15% and even this can be avoided or reduced.

The investor should be possibly from entertainment industry or any service industry. And if you expect just to invest and make profits on people and your money working for you, while developing a brand name in market - this is a right choice for you.

To give an idea of amount of investment needed: Need to hire 1 management level employee, a marketing team ( size based on size of the region/city - team of 3 people is enough for a city to the size of Berlin, Germany), 2 talent scouts for arranging artists )]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Ice cream shop in the Europe's largest shopping centre 28 Jun 2007 rabyfic restaurants bars hotels The size of the shop will be 400 square meters. The web site of the centre is:
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Unique Indian restaurant concept need investors 2 Jan 2006 legysyc restaurants bars hotels
Restaurant name: Land of Opportunity


1. Common Taste across Restaurant

2. 75% profit revenue

3. Land of Opportunity i.e. all type of services are present in restaurant.

4. Common decoration

5. Restaurant rent and staff money comes from plug-in services.

6. Service you think you can get in this restaurant: cinema ticket, ATM, courier service, etc.

8. Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

9. Free Home delivery

This model will be setup in major cities across India ( minimum two in each metropolitan area ) then franchise will be provided to open as many one in each area.

a. Common taste across every restaurant.
b. Service will provide staff and restaurant 50% revenue
c. Common look, unique restaurant ( competition with American restaurant )
d. No other competition

a. Good investment
b. Time to create model
c. Food quality should be very high and common across each restaurant
Each restaurant area will be 1600 sq. ft. in major city in metropolitan area, then same replica World Wide.
Project cost is 500.000 Indian rupees (11.500USD) in case of our own restaurant or 300.000 Indian rupees (6.700USD) in case of lease.
Profit 75% after all expenses paid, marketing will be very high
Expected date to complete this project: Sept 2006.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Investor / Partner Needed For Internet Restaurants Directory 13 Sep 2005 legypug restaurants bars hotels Our company plans on implementing and marketing new cost effective services to both our hundreds of thousands business owners and web visitors with the help of a business partner or partners.

Our goal is to provide a forum for restaurants and to assist the public with all their restaurant and food related business needs. Whether your looking for a restaurants phone number, fax number, coupons, menus, gift certificates, make reservations, or even directions, we can provide it, all with the click of a button.

Our services have made it easier for Internet users to locate hundreds of thousands of restaurants on the Internet. With so much information out there on the web, we took the time to combine all these areas thus giving businesses a better chance of being located.

With over 450,000 restaurants listed already, we have become the standard of searching for restaurants on the Internet. By giving more, the company has become the most resourceful, economical and dynamic directory for reaching restaurant goers.


The Company's management believes that Internet will revolutionize the way restaurants do business in the present and near future and is an excellent area to be in the forefront of a growing industry boom.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Delivery service in UK perfect setup 5 Jul 2005 asafisa restaurants bars hotels RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Inexpensive sleeping place 23 Jun 2005 jemepyn restaurants bars hotels RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Hotel strictly for lovers 16 Jun 2005 ybawaca restaurants bars hotels RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Virtual restaurants for online food ordering 21 May 2005 legysyc restaurants bars hotels
Let's one of the Asian / American citizens comes to Ireland, and he is in Dublin 18 area i.e. Cherywood or Cabinteely. He is looking for Italian pasta, he goes to site called "Virtual Restaurants" and enters there his contact detail, he get the list of restaurants, and what food they support.

He places the order to this restaurant by web application, restaurant receive the order by Fax or e-mail. Verify the order by making a phone call to customer and inform about price and delivery option.

Customer get his order execution, and also his history is maintained, like what food he has order, how much he has paid, and what day it was order.

How does it work?
1. Web application (Required)
2. The Restaurants are member of this web application? (We charge this
by yearly basis to make this restaurants as member for our site)
3. No credit card, restaurants take care of order and price.
4. We do the marketing for our site.

What we get?
1. The Application can be placed worldwide (data-base)?
2. Customer goes to any destination he has no problem for food.
3. Restaurants get opportunity to get customer using web application.
4. Restaurants have to manage quality of food because otherwise
customer will not order again because of history and past experience.
5. We have to provide only application support and it should available
24*7 across worldwide.

How we will market?
1. By Media.
2. All airports will have "Hoarding for Virtual restaurants" even the
emigration desk will also have the browser about virtual restaurants.]]>
RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Expanding your business in Nigeria 15 Feb 2005 yvivoby restaurants bars hotels Are you interested in expanding your business in Nigeria?
We can help source for hot spots and assure you of the shortest possible pay back period.

RESTAURANTS BARS HOTELS , Sales partner for online ordering system for restaurants 8 Sep 2004 iwyluso restaurants bars hotels