BUSINESS IDEAS Forum : WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog en Copyright 2018 daily 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 BUSINESS IDEAS Forum BUSINESS IDEAS Forum Posting Blog WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Zorbing Ball Soccer Zorb Ball Football Bubble Bumper Human 22 May 2017 kanyfun wholesale and retail Quality PVC or TPU material
Size of diameter 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m etc
Carton meas. 30x20x15cm, 60x40x30cm, 60x45x30cm etc
Gross weight 8-18kgs

Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited is specializing in Zorb Ball, Zorbing Ball, Human Hamster Ball, Sphereing, Zorb Ball for Sale, Body Zorb, Bumper Ball, Bubble Ball, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football, Walking Ball, Water Walker, Water Roller, Pool, Zorbing Ramp, Race Track, Water Slide, Water Park Toys, Inflatable Bouncer, Bounce House, Bouncy Castle etc. Vano Inflatables is a Quality Zorb Ball Manufacturer

Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited
Contact: Mr. Joe | Phone: +86-20-2209-8070
Address: 3rd Building, Shijing Industrial Zone, Baiyun, Guangzhou, China |]]>
CONSULTING SERVICES , Working with foreign businesses in Vietnam 9 Mar 2016 bacopyr consulting services
My job here is to help you to find information, people, places, resources and to give you ideas, for you to make great decisions/selections.

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Looking forward to business partners with ideas/products 26 Jan 2016 idegamy wholesale and retail WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Starting vending machine business 17 Aug 2013 ulabulo wholesale and retail Many of them think how to make money without any skills, and without significant planning or preparation? There are enormous easy ways to get money in simple ways.
If you rent any property of yours then you can make money easily. One of the best option is to make money easy in online. There are many sources to income in easy ways. Finding ways how to make money realistically and consistently is a big concern in present economic conditions.
There are lot of legitimate processes to make money easy. One of the best is getting a vending machine business by which you can make money easy.
Because as in today's busy world people are busier by the day, demand for fast foods and many products and looking for the machines which supplies all these products instantly.
To know about more details visit "routescalper"]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Importing from China -the Easiest and the Least Risky Way 17 Apr 2013 ewudive wholesale and retail
Dropshipping some items firstly to test the market.
New arrivals are good for reselling. Post some of them on Ebay.

Phase 2
Now that you know which items are good for your market, you can be confident to import those items in bulk order to get discount and to save shipping fee.
Order those items in one order and get several pieces for each of them.
Combining multiple orders into the same shipment has great advantages:
Firstly, it greatly reduces your shipping price per item.
Second, you can delivery very fast to your domestic customers.
Third, you get discount prices.
Now you can list those items on both Ebay and Amazon.

(*) Phase 3
Now you are ready to setup your own e-commerce website:
Focus on one field only is the easiest way to be successful. For example, spy devices.

For better explaining, let's say:
A :items that you imported and stored in your home, which you get from the previous combining shipment method.
B: items that are stored in wholesaler's warehouse that offers you dropshipping.
Now list A on your website, Amazon, ebay.
List as many kinds of B as you can on your website.
Pick some of B and list them on eBay to test the market.
After you get the sell feedback, you can get more A.
Congratulations! You are now successfully in China importing business via the easiest and the least risky way.]]>
ELECTRONICS , Computer seller 5 Feb 2013 apefary electronics GIFTWARE , New Flowers Labelling Technology 15 Jan 2011 dunesyv giftware I deal with floristics and once, before the Saint Valentine’s Day I saw the lot of roses with the image of Cupid at my partner’s who supplied the flowers to me. The images looked so naturally as if roses grew with such appearance!

I bought some of them to try and sold them in the very first day. Then I ordered the bigger lot and again everything was sold! And this happened just before the holiday.

The supplier of these flowers is my friend. He told me that his company had sold 50,000 such roses for 2 days. Despite of the price increase for such roses in 1 dollar! I was intrigued and decided to study this matter properly.

The events happened in this way:

With Internet I found several methods to apply images on flowers:

1. American technique Speaking Roses (laser printing, excellent quality, one-colour printing only), franchise and equipment costs near USD 500,000. Too expensive for me.

2. Chinese inkjet printers for direct printing on flowers, full-colour quality, not bad, but still many difficulties. At that time this printer was the only accessible variant for me and I bought it at the price of USD 3,400. The half of a program to operate the printer was in Chinese language. It took almost a week for a programmer to adjust the printer. The print speed is very low - a special gel is to be applied on each bud, one should load flowers in the printer - 3 pieces. It takes 5 - 7 minutes to print three flowers. The flowers are different and one should sort them to get the accurate printing. When a defect occurred, I had to tear off the petal. In such circumstances it was impossible to earn the considerable sum of money.

I went on with search and found the way out.

They say, a problem is a hidden possibility. In my case the problem is not in the possibility to apply images on flowers, but in the labour-intensive, unreliable and unproductive process related to direct printing on flowers. All great things are simple as always!

3. The new technique to apply images on flowers – Flowers Stickers technique using the ordinary inkjet printer has solved all my problems.

Flowers Stickers is an innovation without any analogs. The images are printed on the ultra-thin film specially intended for sticking to petals of natural flowers. One can produce up to 7,000 images per hour. After printing out the image is cut in the contour and stuck to a petal.

The performance is much better than performance of the Chinese printer. The material is imperceptible on a flower - one can see the sharp colorful image only. It sticks firmly but if necessary it can be removed without damage to a flower and apply repeatedly.

The images can be various - as wishes, declarations, greetings with figures, logotypes or photographs.

The producers of flowers, wholesale and retail sellers of flowers, florist-oriented internet shops, advertising companies, companies related to wedding servicing, PR-departments and photo studios are the main clients.

I managed to work with the minor part of this list, though I would like to say that, except for single instances, all the clients who had tried my products once became my regular clients.

The image cost price is tens times lower than for any other method to apply images - approximately USD 0.1 per piece. I sell at the price of USD 0.3 - 0.6 per image; supply them as sheets of A4 size. 120 - 240 images are located in one sheet. On average, USD 50 is gained from each sheet sold. Last month I managed to sell 840 sheets.

I buy the material at the manufacturer. I am not able to sell the volumes he can supply, independently. I offer this idea to those who would like to launch such business. There are no problems with sale, business goes easily, no special knowledge or equipment is required and there is no competition.]]>
GIFTWARE , DIY painted resin sculpture hobby shop 1 Dec 2009 ylijica giftware WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Business partners in the USA needed 23 Nov 2009 evucimi wholesale and retail Lots of goods cost in Ukraine higher than in the rest of the world (mobile phones, PCs, car parts, etc.) so why don’t we earn?

1) My customers are in Ukraine and I can reach them personally or by mail

2) My competitors are: It depends on what kind of goods we are to sell to.

3) My idea is unique because I want to find partners who will supply me goods with a retail price and low shipping costs.

4) The competitive edge is that I know what goods are best-selling in Ukraine. I can communicate with people, know the traditions and mentality of the people.

5) My experience in this type of business is selling some car parts

It may be different goods such as mobile phones, PCs, car parts, scents, wear, shoes, accessories, etc.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Work from home eco-friendly daily essentials in Singapore 2 Sep 2009 fopiroc wholesale and retail NETWORKING , Online b2b platform helps you to boost your business 20 Jan 2009 gytepys networking Of course business has changed over the years…It is no more like storing product, waiting for customer or the retailer who will come at your doorstep asking for product requirement. Today Business has involved values added service, for their customers. Because of good salesmanship, Negation skills, Modern-day marketing skills and tools, any businessman can understand consumer behavior. Along with Recourses like Money, manpower, transportation, warehouse today business has now created a unique link between manufacturers to end-user suppler. These are the basic requirement of every businessman that he must have for their business and product promotion.
Product which is available at retail outlet has involvement of manufacturer, Wholesale Distributor, dealer, retailer and consumer for the product. The distributor is a key in the supply chain that starts with the manufacturer and ends at the customer. Distributor plays the important roll of “pushing” the product from the manufacture to the retailer and that turn into makes money. Distributor works at Business-to business level, where in he interacts with the retailer and not the end customer but this can be no excuse for a distributor to plead ignorance when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. This is because, in the end, he is supplying products for the consumer, whose buying habits could make or break his business. Thus, ensuring visibility of his products at the retail outlets is also his concern. “Only that product sells that is visible”.

And visibility of product can be done without having involvement of wholesale distributor, dealer and retailer through internet, because consumer used to deal online for their requirement. Consumer can get all information and product detail available online. We are offering online Business-to business portal, for their business and product promotion. We connect global buyers with Indian suppliers – with a single click away from one’s computer. We provide information of all Indian suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors worldwide. Our Online Trade Shows – An effective and big platform for trading. A unique way for communication for traders. We make trading easy and of course free registration. All traders, buyers, suppliers can participate and make trading globally, because of their easy and quick availability.
To expand company’s profit, products and the business services, no one require spending a lot of time and money anymore. At the end of the day business is always for profit.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Looking for Business Name for DIY Bride retail shop 26 Sep 2007 ronapaj wholesale and retail
I will offer products in the areas of Decor for the DIY Bride who wants to personalize her Wedding Reception without the Services of a Wedding Planner, Seasonal decor like Christmas, Halloween Kids Costumes, Easter and Decor products in Spring or Summer theme and as a third decoration for Kids Rooms like Bookends i.e.]]>
GIFTWARE , Silver jewellery with semi precious stone and handicrafts 11 Sep 2007 fewyfep giftware WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , I am looking for new products improving life 25 Aug 2007 tecetur wholesale and retail I mainly deal with new technology products. ]]> WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Online Sales - Vegetables and Grocery 10 Aug 2007 obeloti wholesale and retail
Given an option for online shopping of daily use good quality grocery, vegetables, fish / meat / mutton / chicken etc., with free delivery to their house / office in city limits.

Payment online / cash on delivery.

Ordering with day and time to be received. (Orders for any day to be taken)

Option to be given to return the goods if not good / bad quality material.

I would be happy to buy online vegetables and get delivery at office or home directly at preferable time.

If a business with this Idea having central warehouse with many delivery boys can do well.

If I had huge funds, I would definitely invest in this sort of shopping specially in Metros initially and other cities later. This will have no competition in the beginning but will effect big malls like Bigbazar, Spinach, Foodland Fresh, etc.

This idea can be used to start business of some FMCG organisation.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Seek distributors or overseas partner for Vietnamese Market 25 Feb 2007 tunelin wholesale and retail Here is some information about Vietnamese market for your reference.]]> WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , 2 Executive Directors needed for FMCG business in Singapore 30 Oct 2006 lecubiv wholesale and retail WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Quality spices, perfumes, rice, pulses and ayurvedic medicine 22 Aug 2006 pawugiv wholesale and retail
We in India can help to export these products to global people.]]>
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , Seek distributors/overseas partners for Singapore Market 6 Aug 2006 mimucom wholesale and retail WHOLESALE AND RETAIL , UK distributor looking for new innovative products 8 May 2006 urapype wholesale and retail