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The concept:

There are myriad of businesses taking place worldwide daily. Most of them are well established and conducted in a rather routine fashion. The communication between units carrying out the business takes place through well-established information channels, which are well protected from others. It is in nobody’s interest to share precious information and business knowledge with potential competitors. However the well established businesses today were once mere business ideas of the their founders who saw a business potential where others did not.
Similarly today there are myriad of businesses, which are to be first discovered by people willing to try new ideas or challenge old assumptions.

Here we can offer you our service.
Many new businesses rely on information exchange between person who gets the idea and can see the potential in certain circumstances or situations and person who has the ability to make the idea comes true either by providing resources or another crucial information.
At the beginning the information channels have to be widely spread giving as many people as possible chance to communicate with each other. Later, when communication channels are established, the people involved in the information exchange become to be increasingly unwilling to share information with strangers and potential future competitors.
Therefore, we provide a possibility to establish direct communication between those people who start to consider each other as future businesses partners.

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Basic introductory information:

A) Looking for business ideas, partners and investors

Look for business ideas Contact the author Turn the idea into a real business Provide feedback
Find idea in the Forum Contact the author of the idea and find out if he can become your business partner Brainstorm the idea with your business partner and try to turn it into a real business Provide feedback about your business partner

You can contact the member you have selected to continue communication with directly when you start to consider that you have enough information from the Forum and you don’t wish to share your information exchange with others anymore. The contact information can be available for free, half Credit or 1 Credit depending on the posting the author published. Learn more who pays for contact information.

B) Publishing business ideas in order to find business partners or investors

Publish your business idea Wait until somebody contacts you Turn the business idea into a real business Provide feedback
Publish your idea with or without business plan in the Forum Wait until somebody contacts you to become your business partner Brainstorm the idea with your business partner and try to turn it into a real business Provide feedback about your business partner

Who pays for contact?

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Usage rules:

You can review any posting in the Forum free of charge and without login.
You have to login when you want to make your own business idea posting, contact other BUSINESS IDEAS Forum member or read his detailed business plan. In order to do that you need to create your user account.
You have to pay a small fee or use Credits to contact other member or to provide your contact information in your posting free of charge.

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Posting rules:

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