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Shared Paid Posting introduced.

Authors publishing their business ideas can now choose to publish a Shared Paid Posting. The Shared Paid Posting is a posting with contact information available for 0,5 Credit. It costs both the posting author and the person requesting the contact information 0,5 Credit. The advantage from Paid Posting is that the posting author gets only relevant contacts requests.
Learn your chances of finding the right business partner while publishing Free, Paid or Shared Paid Posting.
It is possible as well to convert an existing Free or Paid Posting to a Shared Paid Posting at the Posting Management page.
Learn more about Free, Shared Paid and Paid Posting.

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Learn your odds of finding suitable business partner.

You can learn what are your odds of finding suitable business partner when providing 5,10,20,40 or 60 free of charge views of your contact information in your Paid Posting. The feature calculates the probabilities from the feedbacks scores provided by the BUSINESS-IDEAs members who have contacted their potential business partners and tried to make a business with them.

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Turning business ideas into real business.

At testimonials you can learn how many of all business ideas from the Forum have materialized into a real business.
This free of charge feature can indicate what might be your success rate in turning your business idea into your new business while using Business-Idea services.

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