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We're pleased to introduce a new feature to your account.

Get a map with location of BUSINESS-IDEAs members and business in Postings

The feature displays location of any member as well as of any business from the Posting on a world map.
Click on any Posting in the Forum to see how it works. In the Posing view, click the national flag next to the name of the posting author or the national flag or name of the world region next to the 'Location of Business' label.

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Get information about other members and than decide to contact them

You can learn useful information about any BUSINESS-IDEA member you might consider contacting in order to make business with him.
Information like age, gender, education, business ownership, New User date, date of last visit and login, number of postings, posting popularity and feedbacks from other members are available free of charge.

Moreover you can as well learn how many times the member has contacted other members and how many times other members have contacted him. Similarly, you can learn how many contact attempts the member has made and how many other members have attempted to contact him.

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New customer support introduced

The new interactive customer support lists all answers for most frequent questions. The feature also allows to contact our customer support team with any questions, which are not yet listed in the support database.

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