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We are pleased to introduce a new feature to your account.

World Map location of Business-Idea's visitors

On a world map you can see the geographical location and time (GMT -8 hours) of last 20 visitors. The map scale bar (slider) has 17 levels from street-level to global. The map is regularly updated once per hour.

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Posting statistic and success factors ratings

This new function is accessible from any posting view. Check this posting for an example.

A) The posting visiting statistic allows you to learn how many visitors have viewed the posting and where they came from.

B) The success factors rating shows ratings of 9 fundamental conditions that are considered necessary for turning an idea into a real and successful business.
The success factors displayed are:

  1. The posting author knows who are the customers
  2. The posting author knows who are the competitors
  3. The posting author knows what is his/her competitive edge (what is unique).
  4. The posting author knows how to promote the business
  5. The posting author has experience in this type of business
  6. The posting author is aware about estimate on how much it will cost to start the business
  7. The posting author is ready to commit assets/equity to start the business
  8. Business idea feasibility in general
  9. Business plan and idea presentation

You are welcome as well to provide your own assessment of above mentioned success factors for any posting in the Forum.

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