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We are pleased to introduce a new feature to your account.

feeds are available from all Forum pages

RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content. Some of the biggest names on the web now offer content using RSS feeds:

For you it means that you can subscribe for new business ideas postings complying your search criteria without using your Email address and receiving Posting Alerts Emails.
The feed is placed at the bottom of each BUSINESS-IDEA's Forum page.

  1. Open the Forum.
  2. Use ->Expression Search<- as an example to search for cosmetics.
  3. Click the feed at the bottom of the search result page to get the RSS feed.
  4. Copy the feed link to your feed reader.

The feeds are placed on all pages including any search results pages of the Forum and Directory.

The result feeds are referring only to business ideas posting without comments. Depending on the type of search, there can be up to 20 most recent search result feeds or any number results less than one month old feeds.

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Possibility to change your login User Name

Until now it was not possible to choose your own Login User Name. You User Name was the same as your name in the Forum. From now on it is possible to choose your own Login User Name. The names used in the Forum stay the same as there are and are assigned to each user during registration.

Change your Login User Name now.

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Adjust text size for whole BUSINESS-IDEA web site

Press the adjust font size sign on the menu bar of each page to switch between large and small text size.

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