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Coin operated mobile phone charger vending machines

Boost profits with the newest UK vending product. (UK ONLY !)

The coin-operated mobile phone charger is already successfully installed in hundreds of locations worldwide, providing a unique service to the public and a source of revenue for site providers. The coin-operated mobile charger can be quickly and easily installed in any business premises.

The charger offers a unique revenue opportunity for a vast range of businesses - from airports to pubs, from universities to health clubs; virtually any location where there is a high footfall, creating a large number of potential users.

The mobile phone market is a billion pound industry, and the launch of new generation mobile phones with cameras and video, means the battery life of todays mobile phone is becoming noticeably shorter. One of the most annoying things that can happen to a mobile phone user is a flat battery, particularly at inconvenient times when access to a standard charger isn't possible. The coin-operated mobile phone chargers are designed to solve this problem.

The charger operates like a vending machine; all a user has to do is plug the mobile phone into one of the ten adapters and insert a coin, the phone will then be given a micro-pulse fast charge in just 10 minutes! Note: The charger is designed to provide an emergency top-up - extending talk time for a few hours. It does not bring a mobile from 'dead' to fully charged (full bars) in just 10 mins! It is, of course, possible to continue charging the mobile by inserting more money.

This compact and lightweight product is designed to cater for the growing number of mobile phone users worldwide. The charger can charge up to 10 different mobile phones simultaneously. It will extend low mobile phone talk time, provide battery charging, and also sanitise the mobile phone using ultra-violet light!


Install the charger on your own business premises and gain revenue from customers who wish to top-up their mobile charge. Or why not establish your own mobile charger vending machine round with the mobile phone charger! The charger also has an illuminated space on the front, into which you can insert any advertising graphic, which can enable you to generate additional revenue!

Charger details

Chargers accepts £1 coins. (Each charge costs £1). Charging lasts 10 minutes.

Machine Measurements: 290mm◊200mm◊516mm

Net Weight: 5Kg

We are UK distributors for the coin-operated mobile chargers. We do not require you buy in bulk, however there is a minimum purchase of 2 chargers. This allows you to test the market in your area at a low cost. Each machine is £120 each, plus £15 postage to the UK. If you require additional pictures or info, please contact us.


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RSS subscription options and collection of favourites

At the bottom of all Forum pages there are now new book marking and RSS feed subscrition options:

  1. that provides an online collection of favorites that can be shared with others.
  2. FeedBurner that makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers.
  3. standard RSS feed.

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