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Interactive Internet ad for common products

A new research by Dynamic Logic MarketNorms confirms that interactive ads increase brand awareness to a greater extent than non-interactive ones. Consumers exposed to interactive ads felt more favourably towards the brand than when exposed to a non-interactive ad, and intent to purchase was significantly higher.

We found an excellent example of an interactive ad on the Internet for such a common product as tomato ketchup is. The ad banner entices visitors to grow up their own virtual tomato plant and win various prizes if they succeed.
The ad is in fact an online game that requires users to login regularly to take care of their virtual tomato plant.

The users have to:

  • water and fertilize their plant regularly. Too little or too much is bad.
  • show their affection playing music and writing nice words to the their tomato plant.
  • provide magic grow codes that can be found on Beauvais tomato ketchup bottles. (Of course the users have to buy the bottles to get the code).
  • harvest the big and nice tomatoes at right time to allow other tomatoes to grow up.

The winners are those who harvest most tomatoes per week, month and a whole promotion period. The participants can win a prize up to 700EUR.

The tomato game is an excellent simple tool how to increase awareness of the product in a funny natural way. The same concept can be applied to many other common products that can be found on the shells of supermarkets around the world.

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